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Dog biscuits have been around since 1870 and are a very popular snack for dogs. Since their invention, they have been a faithful companion during daily walks or when teaching new tricks. But they can also be used for a dog’s dental and oral care.

Due to the many uses and flavours, there is a wide range of dog biscuits for dog and master to choose from, deciding on the right variety can be a little more complicated here. That’s why we’ve compared different dog biscuits and here’s what you should look out for when buying to find the right variety for your dog.


  • Dog biscuits are a great snack for dogs, but should be treated as such. They do not replace meals and should be fed to the dog in moderation.
  • Dog biscuits differ from each other mainly in flavour and intended use. So every dog owner has the possibility to find the right dog biscuit for his four-legged friend, but it is important to always inform yourself about the ingredients.
  • If you are not sure about the ingredients in dog biscuits, you also have the option of baking them yourself. There are already many recipes and utensils that you can use to create healthy and delicious dog biscuits yourself.

The Best Dog Biscuits: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for dog biscuits

In order to support you in your decision on the topic of dog biscuits, we have summarised the most important purchasing criteria so that you can find the best dog biscuits for your faithful four-legged friend. These criteria are:

Now we will go into the individual points and explain what to look for in the criteria so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Nowadays there are so many different flavours when it comes to dog biscuits. Making the right decision for your own dog can be very difficult. Because even if the dog biscuit has the right ingredients, the dog may not like it and will not eat it.

There are already so many flavour variations on the market, so it is best to let the dog decide what he likes best. However, it is also important to try something new every now and then in order to be able to offer some variety.


An important tip before buying dog biscuits is to check what ingredients are in them. After all, the treats are supposed to be a reward and not a harm to the dog. Substances such as sugar, cereals or preservatives should be contained in small quantities, or preferably not at all.

It is also an advantage for you to know how high the meat content is in contrast to the vegetable content. Here it is also said that there should be a balance. If it does contain cereals, it is important to check which type of cereal it is. Oats, for example, are better tolerated than wheat.

Shelf life

Although dog biscuits are dry and hard, they have a shelf life like any other food. If you buy a large quantity of dog biscuits at once, be sure to check how long they are still good to eat.

This is important so that you don’t give your dog too many if the expiry date is too close. If dog biscuits have an unusually long expiry date, it is usually due to preservatives and other additives.

Intended use

Dog biscuits can be used for training, to reward your four-legged friend, or to help with dental care, for example. Before you decide to buy dog biscuits, you should know what you want to use them for.

Dog biscuits for training are usually small and compact, while dog biscuits for teeth cleaning are larger and also a bit more resistant. There are also dog biscuits that help fight bad breath, these are also different from the other types.

Suitability for dog breed

The right dog biscuits can not only depend on the age of the dog, because sometimes a dog biscuit can also be suitable for the breed of the four-legged friend. There are also many variations from manufacturers here, but it is important that you check with the manufacturer and make sure when buying if the dog biscuits are suitable for your dog.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about dog biscuits answered in detail

In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about dog biscuits, so that you are as well informed as possible when you want to buy dog biscuits for your four-legged friend.

What is a dog biscuit?

Dog biscuits are a tasty snack for dogs. They are nibbles that can either be used for training the dog, or can help to get the dog’s attention during a walk. You can either buy dog biscuits in the shop, or you can bake them yourself and know exactly what healthy ingredients you are mixing in.

The dog biscuit is a great reward for the dog and is considered a tasty snack. It is a great way to get the dog’s attention and also show them affection through the reward. (Image source: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash)

Dog biscuits come in many varieties and flavours, but they are considered more of a supplementary food and should not replace a dog’s diet. It is important to give them to your four-legged friend in limited quantities, as too many dog biscuits can lead to problems such as obesity.

What types of dog biscuits are there?

Since dog biscuits often differ in purpose or flavour, there are already a lot of choices on the market today to meet your four-legged friend’s wishes and needs. As far as flavours are concerned, they range from liver to fish and are often combined with vegetables.

You can also distinguish the type of dog biscuits by their size. If they are dog biscuits that are used for the four-legged friend’s training sessions, they are usually small and compact. If dog biscuits are to be chewed for longer, for example to support dental health, then they are also larger.

How much does a dog biscuit cost?

Since dog biscuits come in so many different varieties and the quantity also varies depending on the product and manufacturer, the price range stretches from cheap to expensive. This table should give you a better idea of the possible prices for dog biscuits:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (2 – 6 €) Product quantity: 500 g
Medium-priced (5 – 10 €) Product quantity: 1 kg
High-priced (15 – 30 €) Gourmet dog biscuits

The type of product you choose depends on many factors. It is important to find out about the ingredients of the dog biscuits when you buy them and how much they come in. Of course, you can also bake dog biscuits yourself, but this takes a lot of time.

What are the ingredients of dog biscuits?

Even though dog biscuits come in many flavours, they are basically made up of three ingredients. These include meat, animal by-products such as liver and lung, and also cereals.

Dog biscuits contain a high proportion of meat because dogs are carnivores by nature. The by-products contained in the snacks are important for vitamins and proteins, they are a very healthy ingredient and often come from slaughtered animals.

Grains are contained in many dog biscuits, even though wheat, for example, is very difficult for the four-legged friend to tolerate. A good alternative to wheat is wholemeal or oats. Other ingredients that should only be contained to a very small extent are sugar and preservatives, but nowadays there are many product variations that do not contain these substances at all.


Dog biscuits are a great way to reward your dog for newly learned tricks. Because of the many flavours and uses, there are dog biscuits to suit every dog. Whether for the daily walk or for distraction at the vet, dog biscuits offer many functions.

In addition to the flavour and the intended use, the ingredients and shelf life of the dog biscuits also play a decisive role. Which dog biscuits you ultimately choose depends on personal preferences and the dog’s tolerance.

(Cover photo: James Lacy / Unsplash)