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Welcome to our big dog bag test 2022. Here we present all the dog bags we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best dog bag for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of when buying a dog bag.


  • A dog carrier is suitable for particularly small and light dogs when your dog can no longer walk.
  • If you want to fly with your dog, your dog carrier must meet certain requirements. However, there are also different designs and models.
  • It is important that your dog bag is stable and offers sufficient carrying comfort. The dog carrier should also not be too small for your dog.

The Best Dog Bag: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a dog bag

Why do I need a dog bag?

If you have a very small dog, it can happen that your pelt-nose can no longer walk on long walks or in everyday life. As an attentive owner, you then carry your dog.

But if your dog is really dirty, you might not necessarily want to carry him. That’s when a dog bag comes in handy.

Dog bags can make everyday life with a (very) small dog easier. If you are out and about in the city and the crowds of people are too much for your dog, you can quickly put him in his dog bag.

This way, your little four-legged friend is protected, but can still follow the events outside the bag.

In a dog bag, a dog is protected but can still take part in everyday life. ( Image source: / Congerdesign)

If your dog is already older or ill, it can no longer run every route without problems. Here, too, you need a dog carrier. This way, you can quickly put your pelt nose in the dog bag and your dog is still with you on every outing without being too strained.

If you like to travel with your dog, a dog bag can be useful.
On the plane, you can take your dog with you into the cabin if your furry friend is transported in an appropriate bag.

In the car, on the other hand, you can securely strap your dog in so that he is protected in the event of an accident and does not run all over the car while driving.

How safe is a dog carrier on a plane or in a car?

A dog carrier is a safer way to travel from A to B with your four-legged friend. In a dog carrier, the dog is protected, has a place to sleep and relax, and cannot run all over the plane or car during the journey.

If you want to travel by plane, make sure you follow the size and weight regulations of your airline. Also find out before you travel which dog bags are allowed by the airline.

There are also special dog bags that are definitely approved by the usual (German) airlines.

If you are travelling by car, you should fasten your dog’s seat belt. In Germany, § 21a of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) makes it compulsory to wear a seat belt for both people and dogs.

How big does a dog bag have to be?

According to vets and dog trainers, a dog bag must be large enough for your dog to lie down and turn around comfortably. In addition, your dog should be able to stand in the dog bag without any problems.

If you want to buy the dog bag in a pet shop, we recommend that you take your dog with you when you buy it. This way you can try out on the spot which dog bag is suitable for your pet.

If you buy your dog bag on the internet, you should try it out at home to see if it is suitable for your dog.

If you like to fly with your dog, you must observe the regulations of the respective airline and the IATA. The IATA – International Air Transportation Association – sets international regulations on the size of dog bags, age of the dog, etc.

Airline Dimensions dog bag (HxWxD) Total weight (bag+dog)
Lufthansa, AirFrance, Austrian Airlines, SwissAirline 55x40x23cm 8kg
Condor, TUIfly 55x40x23cm 6kg
KLM 46x28x24cm 8kg
Iberia 45x35x25cm 8kg
United Airlines 44x30x19cm 6kg
eurowings 40x40x25,5cm 8kg

However, airlines may have their own requirements that you must meet if you want to fly with your dog.

Are there dog bags for several dogs?

If you have more than one dog and don’t want to carry two dog bags, you can buy a special dog bag for several dogs.

  • Only one bag
  • Dogs can be seen
  • Only for very small dogs
  • Restlessness can develop more quickly
  • Heavier load

With the two-place method, each of your dogs has their own area. Through a mesh net, however, your two pets can still see each other and communicate with each other.

However, your two four-legged friends must be among the very small members of their species in a dog carrier designed for two of their kind. In total, your pets must not weigh more than 8kg (i.e. each dog must not weigh more than 4kg).

Are there special dog bags for puppies?

Some manufacturers also offer special dog bags for puppies. These are then especially cosy for your little pelt nose.

But: Puppies develop and grow in the first few weeks almost faster than you can see. So it can quickly happen that your little companion has outgrown the dog bag and you have to buy a new dog bag.

Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you and your preferences.

That’s why many dog owners buy a larger dog bag right from the start, based on the size of a full-grown dog. Then you don’t have to buy a new dog bag every few weeks.

Each new dog carrier means new things for a puppy to discover, but also changes. Puppies are especially sensitive to changes, so you should avoid them as much as possible.

How much does a dog carrier cost?

There is a wide price range between dog bags. Depending on the material, stability and carrying comfort, the cost will vary. The price range is between approx. 17-220€.

Since the safety and health of your dog is one of the main concerns, we thought the price was reasonable. If you want a dog bag from a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton or Burberry, the price will be above 1,000€.

What are the alternatives to the dog bag?

Besides the dog bag, there are several other alternatives that you can use to transport or carry your dog:

Alternative Description
Dog backpack With a dog backpack, you distribute the weight of your dog over both shoulders.
Dog trolley With a dog trolley you pull your dog comfortably behind you and do not burden yourself with the weight of your dog on one or both shoulders.
Dog buggy A dog buggy works like a child’s buggy, except that you push your dog in front of you instead of your child.
Dog (transport) box A dog box is a safe alternative for transporting your dog safely in the car.

Decision: What types of dog bags are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a dog bag for your four-legged darling, you have two alternatives to choose from:

  • Dog carrier
  • Dog carrier with travel bed

The size of your dog, the stability and the carrying comfort are important criteria that you have to consider. In the following section we would like to make your decision easier.

What distinguishes a dog carrier and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Dog carrier bags are available in countless models, designs and from just as many manufacturers. These dog bags are particularly suitable if you want to put your dog in the bag “just for a moment”.

The carrying strap can be flexibly adjusted to your needs. Depending on how close you want your dog to be to you and which position is best for your shoulder, you can adjust the dog bag individually.

  • Quick to use
  • Handy
  • Especially for small and light dogs
  • Protection in crowds
  • One-sided shoulder strain
  • Only for small and light dogs
  • Dog may feel uncomfortable

However, your small four-legged friend should not be too heavy, as a dog carrier with a strap causes one-sided strain. Remember to switch shoulders regularly when carrying your dog and try to load your body evenly.

Most dog carriers are open at the top. There is a risk that your pet could jump out of the bag. To transport your pet optimally, look for a model that you can close with a zip at the top.

Mesh inserts are important for air circulation. The dog bag should also be closed at the top so that your dog cannot jump out of the bag. ( Image source: / GoranH )

Many mesh inserts are also important. This allows air to circulate and your dog doesn’t overheat and gets enough air to breathe.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dog bag with travel bed?

If you travel a lot and don’t want to take a dog bed with you every time, a dog bag with travel bed is suitable for you.

These dog bags are somewhat larger and more comfortable. In addition, these bags can often be closed completely. Thanks to the many mesh inserts, your dog is still guaranteed air circulation.

  • Combination of bed and carrier bag
  • More space
  • Disadvantages
  • Heavier weight
  • Larger and bulkier bag

Dog bags with travel beds can be easily unfolded in your hotel room or holiday flat. This creates a larger area for your dog to lie down and use as a bed and retreat.

With other models, you can fold down the upper part of the dog bag and remove it completely with zips, so that the dog does not feel crowded from above while sleeping.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate dog bags

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate dog bags. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular dog bag is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Size and weight of the dog
  • Design and material
  • Carrying comfort
  • Stability

Size and weight of the dog

Dog carriers are not suitable for every dog. The maximum weight for most bags is 8kg. This is the approximate size and weight of Chihuahua, Maltese, Bolonka Zwetna, Jack Rusell Terrier and Shi Tzu.

Your dog should have enough room in his dog carrier to lie comfortably and turn around. Your dog must also be able to stand upright.

Maximum height (dog) Maximum weight (dog)
approx. 15cm approx. 5-7kg
approx. 20cm approx. 7-10kg

Just try it out yourself when you buy it in a pet shop or at home. This will ensure that your dog is not cramped. A dog carrier should give your dog enough room to move.

Design and material

There is almost as much choice in dog bags as there is in ladies’ handbags. You will find models where you can carry your four-legged darling close to your body in a sling, but also models that look like a luxury handbag.

Most dog carrier bags, but also the dog bags with travel cots, are made of polyester. Polyester can be wiped off quickly and easily with a damp cloth and the bag is clean again.

Dog bags are available in a wide range of materials and designs. Look at your preferences, but also consider what your four-legged friend likes. (Image source: / 7138475)

There are also models made of cotton or microfibre. Depending on the manufacturer, you can even clean the dog bag in the washing machine.

If you decide on a fancy version of the dog bag, you can even buy genuine leather bags for your dog. These dog bags then fall into the section of luxury brands.

If you still want a chic design and high-quality material, you can also opt for a model with artificial leather applications. The design of your dog bag depends on the material.

Carrying comfort

Carrying comfort is an important purchase criterion that concerns you. After all, you need to be able to carry your dog comfortably for a certain amount of time.

Therefore, check whether you can carry the bag without the carrying strap constricting you. Many manufacturers therefore produce shoulder straps or carrying straps made of cotton, so that you also experience a certain comfort when carrying your dog.

Also, the edge of the lying surface should not bump uncomfortably into your side when you move. This can usually be achieved by adjusting the carrying strap.


The bottom of a dog carrier should be straight and stable if possible. After all, your dog needs to be able to lie down and turn around comfortably.

If the bottom is not stable, it can sag when your dog is sitting in the carrier. If the bottom sags, this will have a negative effect on your dog’s health.

Back problems and, in the worst case, slipped discs are possible consequences of an unstable dog bag.

A dog bag should be stable in any case. Otherwise your dog can develop health problems

The dog bag should have strong seams, because these contribute significantly to stability. Whether you buy your luxury dog bag or a dog bag for less money, check the stitching.

The seams should not come apart. The bag should also have a high quality finish to ensure stability.

Facts worth knowing about dog bags

How do I get my dog used to the dog bag?

First of all, your four-legged friend should take his time to get used to the new bag. It is important that you are patient with your dog.

  1. Place the bag on the floor and let your dog sniff it.
  2. Carefully place your dog in the bag. If your dog sits or lies in the bag, reward him with a treat.
  3. If your dog jumps right back out of the bag, be patient and practise with him. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Close the zip and lift the bag. Repeat this step and reward your dog again and again
  5. Carefully place the bag on one shoulder. If your dog stays still, reward him!

Your dog’s favourite blanket or toy canalso convince him that the dog carrier is not a place he should be afraid of.

Is my dog in the dog carrier a free passenger?

With Deutsche Bahn, a small dog can travel free of charge in a dog bag or dog crate. If the dog is too big for such a box, it pays half the fare. However, the dog must then be leashed and wear a muzzle.

If you want to travel by plane, taking dogs with you is not free of charge. The exact prices depend on your airline, route and flight duration.

Can I have my dog bag personalised?

Some manufacturers offer personalised dog bags. You can then have your dog bag decorated with certain patterns, motifs, dates or the name of your furry friend and thus receive an individual model.

Most manufacturers, however, sell standard dog bags, where you have to get creative yourself if you want to personalise your dog bag.

For example, you can write your dog’s name on the bag yourself or decorate it differently according to your wishes.

Can I sew a dog bag myself?

With a sewing machine and a bit of skill, you can sew a dog bag yourself. If you can’t find your own DIY pattern, you can also use a handbag pattern.

However, make sure that the bottom is sturdy enough and water-repellent.

You can find an example of a self-made handbag or travel bag here:

Image source: / Coleur