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We love board games! Do you? We know the answer is yes and we welcome you to ReviewBox with the intention of showing you the best options of one of the most current games that has become the favourite of many: Dixit.

This is a board game for lovers of visual puzzles, which brings together up to 6 players in order to guess cards from narratives or descriptions. This item was released in 2008 and in 2009 won the Game of the Year award in Spain and the Spiel des Jahres in Germany in 2010. Worth a try, isn’t it?

In this space we will show you the versions or formats of Ditix that you can acquire to have the best experience of all, as well as the characteristics that you should take into account to know which of the models is the one that will adapt best to you, your spaces and your company.


  • Dixit is a board game consisting mainly of illustrated cards, which must be guessed by means of clues or clues provided by the participants. The game is won by the player who reaches 30 points at the end.
  • There are 2 types of Dixit models that you can find: the full version of the game and the expansions, which are complementary to the original model. We will explain what you will find in each of them.
  • We know you might be excited to get your Dixit, but wait! Know beforehand the number of players you will be able to include in each version, the amount of time you will spend playing, the language in which the instructions are written and the design preferences you have.

The best Dixit: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Dixit

What do you think of these models? They’re ideal for putting your mind to flight and guessing the clues more accurately every time. But after taking a look at the options on the market, it’s time to describe everything about this game in more detail.

The images created on the Dixit cards are exclusive illustrations that will delight all participants. (Photo: vvoennyy/ 123rf)

What is Dixit and what are its advantages?

Dixit is a board game whose aim is to collect points by guessing cards based on the clue or keyword mentioned by the active player in turn. The game is won by the player who reaches 30 points.

This game brings the whole family and friends together to share in a game in which creativity takes flight. Here are the benefits or advantages of having this product in your home to test the imagination and perception of all members of the family.

  • Easy to play
  • Fast outcome
  • Expansions available
  • Internationally awarded
  • Promotes imagination and creativity
  • Some have instructions in English
  • Cards may become damaged over time

Full Dixit or expansions – what to look out for?

Dixit is an increasingly popular game worldwide and its fame is due to its impressive illustrations and the ease of playing, understanding and sharing it. However, when looking for options you can find full versions or expansions, we tell you about both.

Full version. The full version of the game includes all the elements you will need: board, 84 cards, the game pieces for each player and the number tiles for predictions. You can purchase this version without the need for an expansion, although this would give it more dynamism.

The game comes in a larger box, 28 centimetres high and wide by 6 centimetres deep, so you will need more space to store it. The price will be a little higher than the price of the expansions.

Expansion version. Expansions are used to have a larger number of cards to make your guesses and plays, so you will need to have the full version of the game to get all the other elements you need to play.

It has a much smaller size: 28 centimetres high, 12 centimetres wide and 6 centimetres deep, so it will be much easier to store it while you are not using it. For the same reason, its price is lower and you will be able to find different versions.

Full version Expansion version
You will need the opposite version No Yes
Size 28 cm high and wide and 6 cm deep 28 cm high, 12 cm wide and 6 cm deep
Items included Board, cards, game pieces and counters with numbers Cards
Price Higher Lower

Purchasing Criteria

We’re glad you made it this far! That means your passion for board games is real. That’s why we’re going to tell you what factors you should take into account before choosing the perfect version of Dixit for you.

Number of players

The best thing about board games is the possibility of sharing with other players, so it is important to know the number of people who will join in the fun in order to know which version is the most suitable.

6 players or less. If you think that no more than 6 players will join the game, you can opt for the classic version of Dixit, in which 3 to 6 people will play, as needed. This game will last less than 30 minutes on average, so it is a good option for quick games.

More than 6 players. If the house is full, there is a perfect version: Dixit Odyssey. Up to 12 players can join in and test their creativity, perception and prediction skills. This game can last more than 30 minutes.

Playing time

The second most important thing after starting a game is to be able to finish it, and for that you need time and dedication on your part and on the part of all the players. Take this into account before selecting the perfect model for you.

30 minutes or less. If you are someone who wants to take a break from your day-to-day life with a quick game, the classic Dixit option is the one for you. As it can be played with up to 6 people, the final result is likely to be revealed within 30 minutes.

More than 30 minutes. If you have a full amount of time to invest or want to create a game meeting; the Dixit Odyssey version is the one that will fit the best. So that no one has to wait their turn, this model has 12 pieces so that more people can join in, but at the same time, the game can be extended for longer.


The rules of Dixit are really easy, and it will be enough to get to know them for the first time for them to stick in your mind. If you are a person who has never had contact with this game and you do not know English, it is important that you make sure that the model you are going to acquire has instructions in Spanish.

But because it is a visual game with few written words, knowing the rules in a basic way will be enough to make little difference to the language. You are likely to find models in English, and you will be able to take advantage of certain offers if you have a prior knowledge of English.

With the number tiles you can vote for the card you think was described by the player in turn. There will be as many numbers as there are players at the table. (Photo: vvoennyy / 123rf)

Preferred designs

There are several different models of Dixit expansions, and each of them will feature incredible designs, illustrated with care and dedication. But to give you a clearer idea of the style of each one and to help you choose your favourite, we’ll tell you about it below:

Quest. Children’s style. Bright colours, with a predominance of yellows, blues and reds to symbolise action and movement.

Journey. Dark and mysterious style. Its arts refer to scenes of suspense and secrets to be revealed.

Origins. Pastel tones with prevalence of orange, blue, green and pink. A lot of reference is made to nature and the possibility of storytelling.

Daydreams. Style created with waves and spirals, with prevalence of blues, greens and golds. There is a presence of people, animals and mysterious creatures.

Memories. Bright tones to generate dynamism and positivism. His illustrations are more cheerful and peaceful.

Revelations. Geometric and metallic style. More elements are presented in the same card with bright and energetic colours.

Harmonies. Youthful style that includes pastels and vivid tones. They involve animals and humans to tell a varied story.

(Featured Image Source: Vvoennyy/ 123rf)