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A beautiful childhood! Full of fantasy stories, princesses, monsters, heroes, full of love and bravery. Both children and adults love to watch such stories and this time Monederosmart will use its magic to show you authentic details about Disney movies, as well as the best ones you can buy.

If you’re in the mood for Disney movies, there are even options to throw off the balcony. With different themes, others not so much, but certainly entertaining and that will teach many values to the little ones and bring nostalgia to the grown-ups. We will help you choose according to your particular interests and tastes.


  • Disney films are among the most iconic in the entire history of cinema and not because they are one of the biggest companies, but because of everything they represent to the adults who grew up with them and the children who now enjoy them. Whether they are classics or not, there is no one who has not seen them.
  • Disney has seen its cinematic crown endangered by big production companies and animation studios that have their own way of telling stories. We are talking about Dreamworks, Laika, and Studio Ghibli. Still, Disney manages to stay strong in the market thanks to its inspiring and joyful films.
  • The format of the disc or video, the theme of the film (classic or not), as well as the presentation and the age of the audience are part of some aspects you should take into account before buying Disney films. If you follow them, you will never regret the purchase you are about to make.

The Best Disney Movies: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Disney films

Although Disney films are aimed at children, adults can enjoy them without any problems. You’re bound to have your favourites, but our aim with this buying guide is to show you things you may not know that can be important when choosing a particular title.

There’s nothing like watching a Disney movie at the cinema. (Photo: Serhii Bobyk/ 123RF)

What is the difference between Disney films and those of other brands?

The classic films made by Disney are mostly aimed at a children’s audience, so they usually choose classics from literature or famous legends to base the plot of their films on. One of the differences between Disney and brands such as Dreamworks, Laika Studio or Ghibli Studio is their gentle humour.

Each character represents values that are promoted through the plot. One thing that is not missing in Disney films is musicals and this is something that sets them apart from their competitors and has earned them several academy awards. Their colourful settings reflect a world where anything is possible.

Movies – Disney Products from other brands
Audience Children (Family) Children, Teenagers and Adults (Family)
Colours and tones Bright and vibrant colours From bright to very dark
Musicals Yes Few
Film quality High High

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Disney films?

The advantages of Disney films could very well be their disadvantages depending on the glass through which you look at them. A fan of musicals is sure to love them, while a fan who doesn’t like to hear a song every 20 minutes may not. However, one big advantage of Disney is that it makes your childhood very happy.

They manage to evoke positive emotions and feelings, as well as show what is right or wrong, so it has an educational purpose. Now, many believe that too much positivity can make children live in a fantasy world, one where everyone is a princess or prince. However, the company has worked to change that.

The filmmaking is of a high standard, with detailed animation, good voice actors and plots adapted to the age group they are trying to enchant. Another feature of Disney is that you can get all kinds of products about their films, things that your children are sure to want.

  • High quality cinematography and detailed animation
  • Fantastic stories where everything can be arranged
  • Original songs
  • Preferred by most children
  • Variety of products or merchandise
  • They can become very childish or white
  • Disney movies and other products are considered expensive
  • The sequels are often not as good as the first ones

Are Disney films and their other franchises the same?

When we hear about Disney films it is normal to think of all the films that are associated with this company, but the truth is that within Disney there are different franchises that work in different studios and with different methods. These include Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilm.

While Disney has its own animation studio, and it is from this studio that we are reviewing the films. For this reason we do not include sagas such as Star Wars, Avengers, The Incredibles, Toy Story and so many others that Disney subsidiaries have made, which are just as popular as the classics.

What you didn’t know about – Disney movies

Want to know everything there is to know about Disney films? In this section you’ll find some fun facts that will not only surprise you, but will also help you make your cinematic choice – you won’t believe them!

Where are Disney films produced?

When it comes to movies, Disney has its animation and production studio (Walt Disney Animation Studios) in Burbank, Los Angeles, California. This is where all the magic that we later see in the movies is born and made. Disney has a subsidiary called DisneyToons Studios in the same state, only in Glendale.

What is the warranty on Disney films, and how can I make it valid?

The warranties on Disney movies and movies in general that you choose to buy in their different formats depend exclusively on the place where you buy them. Some offer a guarantee of days or months. The way to make it valid is to take it to the place where you bought it with your proof of purchase. They will give you a new one or refund your money.

Buying criteria

Choosing a Disney film is a no brainer, whatever the title, you are sure to be entertained. However, there is no denying that there are some that are better than others in all aspects. In order to choose the perfect one, you must follow the following factors or recommendations.


Like all artistic and entertainment expressions, a lot will depend on the theme for us to be interested in it. The same thing happens with Disney films, but in this case you will see two schemes with which this company works.

Classics. One thing that characterises the Disney classics is a princess, a prince and an evil witch/stepmother. Everything revolves around a princess being poisoned, bewitched or having to be rescued by the prince with the help of her friends. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White are some of these films.

Transitional. When Disney was losing its identity, and the classics could not save the company (90s), films came out that would rescue this animation studio with plots where all the characters had to fight against a common evil and save their nation or home, such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Tarzan and others.

Modern. Social changes made Disney films change, leaving princesses and blue princes behind. Now there is a character who fights for her family, her rights, her destiny and her identity. Love is no longer a prince who appears out of nowhere, but someone who accompanies you through thick and thin.

Disc or audiovisual format

The format of Disney films is one of the most decisive aspects when buying a film. You must consider your disc player, as well as the cost and picture quality that these formats provide.

DVD. After leaving the VHS format behind, DVD has become the new movie format, holding from 4.7 GB to 17 GB. With a maximum resolution in PAL format of 720×576 pixels. This is the most economical physical audiovisual format at the time.

DVD players use red lasers with a diameter of approximately 650nm. Because of its limited storage it does not allow recording extra content such as behind the scenes, unless you use an extra disc.

Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray format can store from 25 GB to 128 GB, also guaranteeing maximum video quality. Among the Blu-Ray formats you can find 3D, as well as 1920×1080 and 4k resolution. Of course, this is the most expensive of all the options for watching Disney films.

The Blu-ray player reads the discs with a blue laser with a diameter of 405nm, slower than the previous one, but more accurate. When the discs are original, they usually come with extra content and behind-the-scenes content, thanks to their ample storage space.

Digital. The use of computers and portable devices opened the doors to Disney films in digital format. The only thing the user has to do is download the file or watch it live, which requires a good Internet connection. It is the most economical format.

Amazon offers the digital version of Disney films in qualities ranging from 720p to 4k, including 3D. However, the Disney company plans to launch its own subscription service where you can watch its films.

Disney films are among the most iconic in the history of cinema.
(Photo: belchonock/

Age of the audience

Do you want to buy the film for a 5 year old boy or girl? Is it a teenager who will see this production? The age of the audience, i.e. your age or the age of those who will watch the films with you, is equally important. Not everyone enjoys the same subject matter, not everyone can grasp the messages in the story.

Allchildren can watch Disney films! All films are made for their enjoyment, however, it is normal that some of them do not like them as much because of complex plots. Films such as Atlantis, Treasure Planet or The Hunchback of Notre Dame may not be the most suitable.

Teenagers. Teenagers are looking for more than princesses and prince charming, they need something that connects with them, with technology, with plots they can identify with. Avoid buying classics like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White or Bambi.

Adults. Disney doesn’t have a very dark film that will interest adults at a higher level, but if you are willing to enjoy family films, you will enjoy them. The new ones for their novel plot, as well as the old ones for the nostalgia that comes from watching what was once your childhood.

Product presentation

Saving money and buying an entire collection of Disney films or buying only what you want to watch at the time, is a difficult but necessary decision for a good purchase. Here are the most common product presentations.

Individuals. The most common way to buy Disney movies is to buy them in individual titles Then buy it in the format you prefer. This form is ideal for a small whim or a little one who has been enchanted by certain characters and is sure to be entertained!

Saga collection: Interested in a Disney saga or sequel that you haven’t seen or love? You can buy the saga presentation and save yourself the extra money you would spend if you bought title by title. Films such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Wrecking Ball Ralph, and more can be found in this presentation.

Disney Collection. Only the biggest Disney fans look to buy a full or partial Disney collection. In the markets you can find the latest titles of the decade in collections or even a collection of the classics. Money to spare? Then purchase this type of presentation and never tire of the Disney magic.

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