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Light is an element capable of giving us relaxation, possibilities to work, study and do our activities, but also changing its intensity can help us to relax and spend a special moment. Here we will show you all about dimmers, including the best ones on the market.

If you love to change the intensity and colour of the light in your rooms, there is nothing better than having a dimmer. Dimmers give you that possibility, replacing the simple on/off switch. There is a wide variety of dimmers on the market and that is why we want to help you choose the best one.

Looking for the best product review? You have that and more. Our aim is to help you make the best possible purchase and that’s why we offer you news, technical details, advantages and disadvantages, product variants, purchasing criteria and, of course, user reviews on our platform.


  • The dimmer is an electronic device or appliance that replaces conventional light switches and its magic happens when it is able to graduate or modify the intensity of the light. Nowadays, they can also create games with the lights and change the colours of the lights.
  • There are two types of dimmers: Traditional dimmers are usually installed in place of switches, connecting them to the power lines. The second type is the LED dimmer, which modifies this type of bulbs in a splendid way, through different connections.
  • Want to make the best purchase? Use our buying factors to help you get the best dimmer at home. Some of these criteria are: the uses, the style or presentation of the dimmers, the configuration options they have and the types of bulbs you can use with them.

The best Dimmer: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Our buying guide section will let you know all the details, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the dimmer variants. The buying guide will help you to make the best possible decision the next time you are about to purchase this product, “knowledge is power”.

Give your room a special touch with a few touches to your dimmer. (Photo: Aleksandr Davydov / 123RF)

What is a dimmer and what are its advantages?

A dimmer is an appliance or device that helps to regulate the intensity of light through the setting of the electricity current. With the advancement of technology, these electrical devices are not only used for dimming, but also for changing the colour of the light. The latter dimmers are more expensive.

Dimmers or dimmers are used for indoor areas of the house, office, bars and others, but they are also used to give a distinctive touch to outdoor areas. Certainly, using different light intensities can give you a different feeling, whether for work or complete relaxation.

Although most dimmers are for switching on and off switches, some are dedicated to dim the light of table or floor lamps. If you want to know more about these devices, such as their advantages and disadvantages, read our review.

  • They dim the light
  • They give a unique look to the rooms
  • They are compatible with dimmable bulbs
  • Some bulbs do not work with the dimmer
  • Some require professional installation

Traditional or LED dimmer – what should you look out for?

Not all dimmers are the same, in fact, there are two types and each one works with different bulbs, as well as having different configurable effects. Before you make your purchase, it is best to get to know them so you can buy the one that will really work for you.

Traditional. The traditional dimmer is the one that modifies the voltage of the light in order to adjust it. These are usually installed and linked directly to the light bulb connection. This dimmer works with incandescent or halogen bulbs that can be dimmed.

LED. One of the wonders of smart homes and smart spaces is the lighting, dimmers give the user the ability to modify the light to another level. You can change the brightness, intensity, colours and even create an all-day configuration. It is often compatible with smart devices.

Traditional LED
Installation Will require electrical knowledge Easy to install
Bulb types Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent LED
Power consumption Medium Low
Price Low Medium

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different dimmer models

The buying criteria ensure that you make a good purchase, as these are the factors that can differentiate a good dimmer from a bad one. When you are about to pay a few bucks for a product, you want your money to be spent on something of high quality and as long lasting as possible. That’s why this section will help you.

  • Uses
  • Bulb type
  • Style or presentation
  • Configuration options


There is nothing like having a dimmer that you can use for what you need it for, so the first and one of the most important purchasing factors are the uses you can put this electrical device to. Before buying a dimmer, think about the function it will serve in your indoor or outdoor environments.

Home, if you are looking to dim the light in your house or flat you can do so with both types of dimmer. Of course, one is more expensive than the other, while the other works in a simple way. If you want to dim white/yellow light you can use traditional dimmers. If you prefer something more colourful and different use the LED.

Outdoors, white and yellow lights are nice for outdoor lighting but there is nothing like being able to change the light from intensity to colour. For this reason you can use both types of dimmer but we recommend you to have LED lights as they are also able to save a lot of energy.

Lamps, are you looking to dim your lamps? There are traditional cord dimmers where you just plug the plug of your lamp into the dimmer and the dimmer into a wall socket. If you only want to change the intensity on your lamps without changing the intensity on the rest of your bulbs, this is the perfect option for you.

Type of bulb

There are several types of bulbs, some of which are dimmable in their simplest form, while others must be modified or manufactured specifically to be dimmable. Not all bulbs work with traditional dimmers and LEDs only work for the latest bulbs.

Incandescents, the cheapest and most common bulbs, are perfect for traditional dimmers as they are open to changes in electrical current. If you want to have a special light without spending a lot of money, they are special for you, but they have been somewhat relegated to new technologies.

Halogen, they light up like incandescent bulbs as they use similar W, however, they do not usually get on well with current changes so they are, for the most part, incompatible with a dimmer. However, there are halogen bulbs that have been modified to work with this device, in other words they can be dimmed.

Fluorescent, although it may seem otherwise, these bulbs are not, by nature, a good choice for dimming or dimming as they use a fairly low voltage. Despite this, some manufacturers have endeavoured to make them dimmable to meet user demand.

LED, undoubtedly the bulbs of the moment, with a neat, colourful, energy saving and highly configurable light, LEDs are perfect for use with the newest dimmers on the market. They are a great option for environments that want to be able to dim absolutely everything and for intelligent spaces.

Style or presentation

There are different styles of dimmers, each of which matches the décor of your room or the way you can operate the buttons to dim the light. Before you make your purchase, think about which one is the best looking, the one that matches or the one that gives you the best feeling.

Thread, some of the dimmers, especially the traditional ones, come in the form of a thread that when you turn it from one side to the other, it will modify the intensity of the light. The feeling in your fingers is cool, and it flows with the direction of the light. The circular devices look quite stylish although some of them go unnoticed.

Lever, this dimmer is shaped like a small lever that slides vertically or horizontally. As it goes up or sideways it increases the intensity of the light and vice versa it will go down. Those who love control knobs are sure to love this style of dimmer.

Switch, yes, there are dimmers that prefer to keep things conventional and maintain the look and feel of a regular light switch, only they will modify the lighting, not just turn the lights on or off.

Remote control, forget about going to a specific wall to adjust the lighting in your rooms, with the remote control style dimmer you can mount and dismount your dimmer wherever you want. You can even change the lights in rooms far away from where you are. Typical of LED dimmers.

Configuration options

Imagine a product that offers you a good lighting gradation, it becomes totally awesome and certainly a few bucks well spent. Now, in addition to this, assume that this product has so many configuration options that you can literally do anything you want with it. This is another buying factor.

Brightness, some dimmers offer you the option to modify not only the intensity of the light, but also the brightness of the light. This setting is possible when we are talking about LED bulbs, as these are the ones that have a feature like brightness.

Colours, do you prefer blue at night, an orange light in the morning? You can configure these details on the latest models. You can even make these colours interchange to create a kind of disc in your home. Don’t miss out on all the options that a dimmer gives you.

Program a day, you can set your dimmer to perform a specific programming with the light, a set of lights. Whether you want less or more intense light in the morning, change the colour at midday or lower the intensity and brightness at night, some products provide this great mode.

“I bought the Volteck ones on Amazon, they arrived the next day and they were perfect. Also, they look great. Easy installation, well assembled. I like these with buttons to know on/off. I 100% RECOMMEND” Luis Garcia.

(Featured image photo: Padung Chukaew / 123RF)