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Screwdriving is an activity that all people will need to do at some point in their lives. Today we are going to talk about a tool that can help with this task and that is efficient, reliable and carries the name of a brand that is more than renowned: the DeWalt screwdriver.

Created in 1924, DeWalt has been producing high-quality tools for almost a century! But how to choose your screwdriver from this American company? We have prepared an article with all the specifications, answers and information you may need to make the best possible purchase!


  • DeWalt is a brand that specialises in tools for professional use. For this reason, practically everything it produces boasts extreme quality.
  • Among DeWalt’s main features are a concern for functions and technologies that make users’ lives easier, as well as ergonomics and comfort in handling the tools.
  • You can find DeWalt screwdrivers designed for various uses, all of them of high level. The only drawback of the brand is that prices can be higher than the competition.

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Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best DeWalt screwdriver

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Imagem mostra um homem usando uma parafusadeira DeWalt em um painel solar.

The DeWalt screwdriver is primarily intended for professional use. (Source: Jacqueline Böttcher/

Why is DeWalt the brand name for tools?

Founded in 1924 in the USA, DeWalt has one clear main characteristic: it produces professional tools. Therefore, all its products are of undeniable quality.

Basically everything made by DeWalt is aimed at people who use the tools in their professional life. The technologies are of high level and all existing functions are employed in each model.

With a worldwide presence and great reliability, DeWalt is the ideal choice for your tools if you know you will use them frequently in everyday life and if you need to be sure that they will not let you down.

Did you know that DeWalt came into existence in 1924, due to the invention of the radial arm saw? After creating this tool, Raymond DeWalt founded the company to market it.

Over time, DeWalt began to produce other types of tools, and in 1960 it was sold to Black & Decker. Since then it has been the company responsible for the production of professional tools linked to the giant American company which operates in various segments.

What are the advantages of DeWalt screwdrivers?

As we mentioned, DeWalt makes its tools with professionals in mind. Therefore, all screwdrivers already have the most important functions for performing work quickly, well finished and efficient.

Most DeWalt screwdrivers are equipped with a quick-release chuck

It is rare to find corded DeWalt electric screwdrivers: As it is best for professionals, almost all models are already battery-powered. In addition, most of them also have a quick-release chuck, which makes changing bits or drills quicker.

Speed control, torque, reverse rotation and LED lights for easy aiming appear in DeWalt screwdrivers to a much greater extent than in any other brand.

All these special functions and all this targeting of professionals, of course, comes at a cost. DeWalt screwdrivers are among the most expensive on the market, so it might not be very worthwhile to choose them just for simple home repairs.

DeWalt screwdrivers are durable and resistant, but should the need arise, it is possible to find more than 750 authorised service centres throughout Brazil.

See below the main advantages and disadvantages of DeWalt screwdrivers:

  • Tools for professionals, with very important functions and technologies
  • Models always with high torque and power
  • Extra items are present with great frequency
  • Ergonomics and ease of use of the tools are among the best
  • More than 750 authorized technical assistances throughout Brazil
  • Lack of simpler models and indicated for home repairs
  • Quite high prices

What are the special features of DeWalt screwdrivers?

We have mentioned above that DeWalt screwdrivers are intended for professionals and that they have a lot of special functions and technologies. Nothing like getting to know them better, right?

Of course you will also find these functions in other brands of tools, but unlike DeWalt, it is not the norm.

  • Quick-change chuck: This type of chuck allows bits and drills to be changed with just a manual turn, so there is no need to use a chuck key. It gives speed and practicality to the work.
  • LED targeting: To avoid wrong angles when screwing or to help in dark places, DeWalt tools feature LED targeting.
  • Torque control: Torque is the force applied on the screw when using the tool. To ensure that it is not less or more than necessary, DeWalt always offers an automatic torque control.
  • Instant brake: Occasionally, the screw or the drill bit can “break” the surface on which it is used. In this case, the instant brake is a great feature, making the tool stop and preventing further damage.

Most DeWalt screwdrivers also come with speed control, a safety lock and lithium batteries. All this makes them the most complete on the market!

What are the different types of DeWalt screwdrivers?

DeWalt offers screwdrivers suitable for jobs ranging from those requiring more care and thoroughness to those that are only done with a lot of power. Therefore, we will list which types are available.

  • Mini screwdriver: It usually has lower power and torque values, but great ergonomics. It is recommended for jobs that require great care and thoroughness, such as carpentry, small furniture assembly and handicrafts.
  • Regular screwdriver: This is the most traditional type. It can be efficient for practically all materials and services. The models have great variations in power and torque.
  • Screwdriver and drill: The most sought-after “two-in-one” tools on the market. They perform two extremely useful functions very well, but they are not perfect in either one.
  • Impact screwdriver: Recommended for more complicated surfaces. They are the most expensive and have the most power and torque.

Below is a table with the main specifications of these four types:

Mini screwdriver Common screwdriver Screwdriver and drill Impact screwdriver
Power Up to 10 V Between 15 and 20 V Between 15 and 20 V Above 20 V
Maximum torque Up to 10 Nm Between 20 and 60 Nm Between 20 and 60 Nm Above 70 Nm
Indication Services that require care and thoroughness Common everyday services People who do many common services both with screwdrivers and drills Screws on complicated surfaces and situations

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing a DeWalt screwdriver

Now that you already understand the advantages and benefits that DeWalt can bring you, as well as which type of screwdriver is best for you, let’s talk about some technical issues that can help you at the time of purchase.

Below we explain a little more about each of these chosen criteria:


In screwdrivers, power relates to the speed and ease of performing the screwing. To break through a problematic surface it is necessary that the number is much higher, while there is not much relevance of the number when there will be no resistance.

DeWalt screwdrivers, due to the fact that they are indicated for professional use, are always more powerful than those of other brands within the same categories. By choosing the right brand and type of tool, you will already be sure that you will have a model capable of performing the tasks required.

Imagem mostra um homem trabalhando em um quadro de eletricidade.

More thorough jobs do not require a lot of power. (Source: jarmoluk/


The number of torque being high is not necessarily fundamental. It represents the gradation of force that will be employed by the tool on the surface. But depending on the service to be performed, a miscalculation can lead to problems.

This is because less dense or resistant surfaces do not need a lot of force to be screwed. Thus, a torque that is too high can damage them and cause unnecessary headaches.

The torque specified on DeWalt screwdrivers is always the maximum that can be achieved

The torque indicated in the description of DeWalt screwdrivers is always the maximum that can be achieved. All models have a lever control, which will help you to avoid mistakes.

It is important to use the maximum only on very complicated surfaces that require impact models.


DeWalt specialises in professional tools. Therefore, we can deduce that the brand knows that its screwdrivers will be used repeatedly and not only occasionally in domestic situations.

Therefore, it is important that they are very ergonomic. And, undoubtedly, the brand excels in this matter. The triggers are made of rubber, there is concern with hand positioning and comfort.

Anyway, before buying your DeWalt screwdriver, check if it has good specifications on ergonomics and comfort!

Extra items

When you buy a DeWalt screwdriver, you already spend a considerable amount of money. Therefore, the ideal is that it has extra items which will make its use more practical and will not make new purchases necessary.

The most important thing is that the screwdriver already has a good amount of bits (and drills, if it is also a drill). These pieces are essential for screwing and need to fit correctly to the chosen screws.

A case or bag for storage and transportation also makes your life easier. And there are other items that can be of great value, such as a USB cable, an extra battery and a handle for moving around.

If in doubt between two similar models, always go for the one with more extras!

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