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Thank you for finding your way to our guide. A desk pad can have many functions. It can brighten up your somewhat dull looking desk by adding some colour. It can protect your desk from scratches and it doesn’t matter what material it’s made of. A desk pad doesn’t even have to be for your desk.

There are desk pads that can be used as coasters for your chair, because over time the area under your chair will look very worn. Have you ever noticed that you can write better with pens when the paper is on a pad? In this guide, we will tell you about the different desk pads that are available and their various functions.


  • Desk pads can be bought in different sizes, colours and material. You can even design one yourself. With “do-it-yourself″ instructions from YouTube videos, this endeavour is easy.
  • A desk pad is not just to beautify your desk. It can be quick before your beautiful desk no longer looks the same as the first day you bought it. Warped with slight scratches and ink marks. A desk pad can be helpful against these unsightly features.
  • We have selected six desk pads for you in our guide. We have made our selection based on the different materials of the desk pads and their functions.

The Best Desk Pad: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for desk pads

It is important for you to choose a desk pad that can last a little longer. So when buying a desk pad, you need to look at different aspects like:

In the following sections, we will explain the listed purchase criteria in more detail, so that you can make a good choice when making your purchase.


Today, the material variety of desk pads is large. Many manufacturers attach great importance to the fact that their products are biodegradable. Desk pads are made from these materials:

Leather varieties: Real leather, imitation leather, cowhide nappa. Plastic variants: Foil, PVC, vinyl, plastic Fibrous materials: Wood pulp, recovered paper pulp, cellulose and recycled paper Linseed oil: linoleum Aluminium: Anodised aluminium Cellular rubber: Natural rubber


The size of your desk pad should be individually adapted to your desk. You should know in advance how much space you usually need. You can calculate this based on the number of devices you need at your desk.


Your new desk pad should last as long as possible. Well-made materials can be good for your wallet and the environment. To find out if your desk pad is of high quality, it should have the following features:

  1. Slip resistance
  2. 100% recyclable
  3. UV-resistant
  4. Waterproof
  5. Easy to clean


A desk pad doesn’t just have to have a function, as you’ve learned by now in our guide. You should look for a desk pad that does at least three things well. For example, you can write on it, it is non-slip and it also has a secondary advantage, such as a calendar or waterproof material.

Easy to maintain

You should be able to get your desk pad clean with little effort. By little effort, we mean that you should only need a flannel with warm water to clean it. Of course, there are also desk pads that are suitable for the washing machine.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about desk pads answered in detail

Desk pads can be found in every area, whether in the office or for personal use. Desk pads are very popular because they can provide more comfort. We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions about desk pads and answered them for you.

Who is a desk pad suitable for?

As you know by now, desk pads are versatile. Desk pads can be found in many workplaces, but also at home when you do your home office. Desk pads are not only for the office, you can also buy them for your children. They can be very handy for crafts and painting activities.

What other types of desk pads are there?

There are shops that can offer you the opportunity to design your own desk pad. If you have your own company, you can have your company’s logo printed on the desk pad. The same goes for your favourite motifs, from family, pets and nature pictures.

How big should a desk pad be?

The size of your desk pad should meet your individual needs. It is easier to find out what size you need if you measure your desk. Make sure you have enough space next to your laptop or keyboard to write on.


A desk mat can bring order and colour to your office. (Image source: Martin Katler/ Unsplash)

There should also be enough space for your cup of tea or coffee. A desk mat with sizes from 60 to 80 cm offers you enough space and you can arrange yourself as you wish.


A desk pad belongs at every table where you work. It protects the material of your desk but also your hands. The hard edges of a desk can quickly cause tired hands. If you have a table with a hard and rough surface, a desk pad is also suitable for this, because it makes writing easier. If you have children and still want to have nice and expensive furniture, a desk pad can be quite helpful.

Image Source: Workperch/ Unsplash