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The coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on the home. Many people spent more time at home in 2022, which is why they were also forced to redesign their rooms.

So items like decorative bowls are a must-have for many people. A decorative bowl is used for interior decoration and design of the home. The bowls come in different sizes. Some are small while others tend to be huge. Decorative bowls enhance any home décor, serving as the perfect accessory.


  • Decorative bowls are an excellent way to showcase a wide variety of things. They are a real eye-catcher for you and your guests.
  • Decorative bowls are suitable for many purposes. You can store fruit in them, serve food to your guests, decorate them or keep flowers in them. In general, there are many ways to set the scene for your decorative bowl.
  • You can choose the material and colour to suit your personal taste.

The Best Decorative Bowl: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for decorative bowls

In order to choose the right decorative bowl, the following criteria should help you in your decision:

The range of decorative bowls is large, but with the right buying and evaluation criteria, everyone can find the right decorative bowl for their taste and interior style.

Colour / Design

The colours result from the materials. Glass is transparent, metal silver and wood brown. Each decorative bowl can have a different style. So every design is possible. Possible colours for deco bowls would be for example: Silver, gold, white, black, grey, brown, turquoise, pink, rose gold or a variation of different patterns.


With a wide range of shapes, you can find the decorative bowl that suits your style and taste. The most common shapes are oval, rectangular, square, oblong or round.


The material section is self-explanatory. Here we list the most common materials used to make decorative bowls:

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Metal
  • Zinc
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Bronze
  • Marble
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Concrete


Decorative bowls can be bought according to your own taste. You can also decorate them with other elements. In this way, you can personalise and enhance your decorative bowl. There are decorative bowls in plain colours or with flowers, candles, with a stand, for hanging, for indoors or outdoors. In general, the scope for decorating is very large. You can customise your own decorative bowl for every occasion.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about decorative bowls answered in detail

In the following, important questions will be clarified and answered to give you a better insight into the topic. We hope that this will clear up the first question marks in your mind. So let’s get started.

What does a decorative bowl cost?

The prices of decorative bowls vary depending on the material, size and workmanship. Here is a small overview for you:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (7 – 20 €) small diameter, simple design, simple material
Medium-priced (20 – 50 €) medium diameter, more elaborate production, more expensive material
High-priced (from 50 €) noble material, large bowls, high-quality designs, well-known brand

What do I want to use a decorative bowl for?

Decorative bowls are perfect for festive events. For example, if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the table could be decorated with silver or gold decorative bowls. When the autumn months begin, the living room could be enriched with orange, brown or beige decorative bowls. In spring, it could be pink, purple, orange or yellow again. As you can see, you can vary everything and the range of decorative bowls is wide.


The trendy fruit basket in wire design convinces with its simple look. It fits into any interior and can be used in different areas. The basket can be used in the kitchen for fruit or as a bread basket on the breakfast table. KatjaPavlickova/


When it comes to home decoration, everyone’s taste is different. But there’s one thing I’m sure we can all agree on – decorative bowls are a must-have for the living area. Many people also buy them to give as gifts to their loved ones.

Decorative bowls are the perfect accessory and give the living area that certain something extra. Thanks to the wide variety of shapes and colours, everyone can find a decorative bowl that suits their taste.

Image source: KatjaPavlickova/