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With a deadbolt, you can effectively protect yourself and your property. The mechanical burglary protection makes it more difficult for burglars to open your flat or house door. There are also suitable deadbolts for windows and other doors.

Attached crosswise to the door, the deadbolt makes it more difficult for burglars to break open the door. When the deadbolt is locked, metal rods extend to the left and right and are anchored in lock cases. These are attached to the side of the door. Due to the large selection, there is a suitable lock for every door and every window.


  • Deadbolts are fixed crosswise to the inside of doors or windows to make them more difficult to open. Thus, when properly installed, they provide perfect burglary protection for your home.
  • When locking, rails are extended on the left and right, which are anchored in the side-mounted lock cases. A lock also makes the deadbolt operable from the outside.
  • There are many different deadbolts. This means that a solution can be found for every requirement. Whether it is a flat door, a metal door or a cellar window – there is always a suitable deadbolt.

The Best Deadbolt: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for deadbolts

When buying a deadbolt, there are a number of aspects to consider. Not every deadbolt is suitable for every door or window. The level of security can also differ between different deadbolts. These are the most important criteria you should consider when buying a deadbolt.

We have briefly summarised the aspects of the individual criteria below.


Deadbolts are designed for specific widths. Since they are fixed across the entire width of the door or window, you must make sure to buy a deadbolt with the corresponding width. The width of a deadbolt can be adjusted by a few millimetres. Depending on the model, this adjustment width can be up to 90 mm. In principle, you can find a suitable deadbolt for all widths.


When you have to decide which deadbolt to buy, you also have to decide whether you need one with or without a lock. The lock determines whether the deadbolt can only be operated from the inside or also from the outside. It also makes the deadbolt more secure. If the deadbolt has no lock, it can only be operated from the inside.

It therefore only provides additional protection when you are at home and can lock it. A lock allows you to lock the deadbolt from the outside as well. This has the advantage that your home is also additionally protected when you are not there. You should also use a deadbolt with a lock for basements and other rooms where the sole purpose is to protect property.

Draw protection

If you have now decided on a deadbolt with lock, a pull protection offers additional security. It prevents burglars from breaking the movable cylinder core and lifting it directly out of the lock. This method is very violent but widely used. With a pull protection fitting, you and your property are additionally protected.

It visibly covers the lock at the front, making it more difficult for burglars to gain access to the cylinder core. Many are already deterred by this and do not even try to break the lock. So a pull guard is an easy but effective way to make your door even more secure.

Fixing location

Not every deadbolt can be fixed to all doors and/or windows. Some are specially designed for doors with only one leaf or only for windows. There are also deadbolts for double doors or metal doors, for example. Here you have to pay attention to exactly what kind of door or window you want to attach the deadbolt to. In principle, there is a suitable deadbolt for every desired mounting location.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about deadbolts answered in detail

For many people, deadbolts are an unknown topic. While researching the subject, you will certainly have asked yourself a few questions. Frequently asked questions are answered here.

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a mechanical burglary protection. The metal construction is attached to your door to make it more difficult or ideally to prevent it from being broken open. In this way, it offers additional protection against burglary. Certain deadbolts can also be attached to windows. A deadbolt is fixed crosswise to the door.

When you lock it, rails extend from the sides. These anchor themselves in the lock cases, which are attached to the side of the door. This makes it more difficult for burglars to open the door or window. Deadbolts are available in a wide variety of versions, so there is a suitable protection for every door and window.

What types of deadbolts are there?

There are different types of deadbolts. One aspect by which they are distinguished is the place of attachment. Different deadbolts are suitable for different doors or windows. Not everyone can be fitted everywhere. Another point where deadbolts can differ from each other is the lock. Not everyone has a lock. If you choose a deadbolt without a lock, you can only lock it from the inside.


A lock makes your deadbolt much more secure. It ensures that you can also close the deadbolt from the outside. This means that your property is also protected when you are not at home. (Image source: MasteerTux / pixabay)

A lock offers the advantage that you can lock the deadbolt from inside and outside. So there are many different types of deadbolts, tailored to different needs. In principle, there is a suitable deadbolt for every need.

What does a deadbolt cost?

Deadbolts are available in all price ranges. However, there is a difference in how effectively the deadbolt protects you and/or your property. The price also varies depending on the features.

Our research shows that in the mid-price range you can get a high-quality deadbolt that effectively protects against burglary. Bulletproof deadbolts in the low-price range are usually relatively easy to break into. They are made of a less robust material and have no lock, which additionally anchors the deadbolt in the door.

If you are looking for a deadbolt for a special door, such as a heavy metal door, you are most likely to find one in the high-priced range. In principle, the more expensive the deadbolt, the higher the security.

Is it difficult to install a deadbolt?

The installation of deadbolts is not for beginners or people with no manual skills. In principle, however, the installation is always similar. They are fixed crosswise to the inside of the door or window. With doors, it is often necessary to drill through the door to attach the lock. Therefore, certain tools are necessary to properly install a deadbolt.

Most deadbolts are installed by specialists to guarantee the highest possible security. In the high-price range, deadbolts are often offered with professional installation. However, if you are a skilled craftsman and use the appropriate tools, you can also install the deadbolt yourself with the appropriate instructions.


Deadbolts are a good way to give you and your property extra protection. You can attach them to your front door, flat door, cellar door or any other door. There is also a suitable alternative for windows. A deadbolt is attached crosswise to the inner part of the door and anchors itself in the locking boxes when it is locked. These are attached to the side of the door.

There are many different types of deadbolts. There is a suitable deadbolt for every requirement. If you want to make your home a little more secure, a deadbolt is the perfect solution.

Photo source: 123rf / Srinrat Wuttichaikitcharoen