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In recent years, folding bikes have become increasingly popular. As bicycle manufacturers like Dahon have produced better and better folding bikes, more and more cyclists have switched to folding bikes. The special thing about lightweight folding bikes is that they are easy to use.

Cyclists (especially commuters) realise that there are advantages to owning a folding bike that folds up when not in use. Their functionality makes them easier to transport on public transport. This post will help you find out which Dahon folding bike is suitable for your individual use.

In our Dahon folding bike test 2023 we answer your questions about buying a Dahon folding bike. We present you with detailed information on the topic of Dahon folding bikes, as well as different types of Dahon folding bikes and explain some criteria that you can use to choose the right folding bike.


  • When buying a Dahon folding bike, consider how much it weighs. The weight of a folding bike determines how fast you can accelerate on the bike, how easy it is to ride uphill and how the folding bike rides.
  • The price range for Dahon folding bikes is between 500 – 2’000 Euros. However, it is worth spending more because Dahon bikes are very high quality and durable and the price is only a secondary consideration.
  • Dahon folding bikes are specialised in folding the bike quickly. In seconds, you have folded the folding bike and can take it with you to your home, to public transport or even to the office. This means that there is no possibility of theft.

Dahon Folding Bike: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Dahon folding bike

Before you buy a Dahon folding bike, you should get some general information. We have clearly summarised this information in the following sections.

What distinguishes Dahon folding bikes from other manufacturers?

A common feature of all Dahon bikes is the extraordinary folding technique that Dahon has perfected. It is no coincidence that Dahon is currently the market leader of all folding bikes. In the blink of an eye, you can unfold or fold the bike in seconds – as easy as an umbrella.

In addition, Dahon folding bikes have very good handling characteristics, optimal and high-quality workmanship compared to other folding bikes currently on the market. In addition, a careful selection of all materials is a matter of course for the Dahon brand.

Behind the collective term folding bike, Dahon hides a variety of different bikes for the most diverse rider types and usage wishes. The low-entry folding bike from Dahon invites not only older people to comfortably get on and ride off. With the Dahon city folding bike, low weight and optimal foldability ensure pleasure on the next stroll.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dahon folding bikes?

In recent years, Dahon folding bikes have become increasingly popular. Cyclists (especially commuters) realise that there are advantages to owning a Dahon folding bike that folds up when not in use. As folding bikes become lighter, stronger and smaller, we will see more of them on the road.

  • Secure against theft
  • Very easy and quick folding of the folding bike
  • Easy to store
  • Is usually heavier than it looks
  • Folding bikes from Dahon are more expensive than regular bikes
  • Bumpy ride with small wheels

So is it worth buying a folding bike from Dahon? Yes, they are the perfect bike for commuters. Their functionality makes them easy to transport on public transport. You can take them with you and don’t have to worry about them getting stolen as you can easily stow them away and carry them with you everywhere.

They fold into a compact shape which makes them very easy to store in your office or home. Dahon folding bikes are worth it! However, there are several disadvantages that also need to be taken into account.

Dahon Faltrad-1

Cycling has many personal benefits that you don’t even think about, such as enjoying freedom, reducing stress, improving your health and much more.
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What is the price range of a Dahon folding bike?

The saying “you get what you pay for” applies perfectly here. You can call a Dahon folding bike yours from as little as 500 euros, but you can also go well over 2000 euros for a folding bike from Dahon.

Folding bikes with more exclusive components or more professional demands can be more expensive.

A cheap Dahon folding bike will also get the job done, but you have to expect that for the lower price you will get lower end components and a stronger frame, which usually results in a heavier folding bike compared to the premium folding bikes. To find the right option for yourself, you need to decide which side of the compromise you want to sit on.

What is the alternative to the Dahon folding bike?

An alternative to the regular Dahon folding bike would be the electric version of the Dahon manual folding bike. The Dahon electric folding bike is actually a normal folding bike with an additional electric drive system.

This consists of a battery, a motor and a way to integrate the power of the motor into the drive train with which you can control the power. Apart from these three features, electric folding bikes share the same components as normal Dahon folding bikes.


Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Dahon folding bikes

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to choose from the wide range of Dahon folding bikes. The criteria you can use to compare folding bikes include:

In the following sections we explain what individual criteria are important.


Is a lighter Dahon folding bike always better? In a word, no. The ideal bike weight depends on you and your riding style. For example, if you like to ride downhill, the more the folding bike weighs, the faster it will go (at least downhill). In this case, a heavy Dahon folding bike is an advantage.

However, if you ride uphill a lot, the lighter the folding bike, the easier it is for you. The less the folding bike weighs, the less power is needed to move it. You would not have to put as much energy into moving a lighter folding bike up a hill as you would with a heavier Dahon folding bike. Basically, a lighter folding bike is more efficient for going uphill.

Granted, even with a lighter folding bike, the difference isn’t huge – on a 7% incline, it’s about 6 seconds per mile faster for every pound less the folding bike weighs, and this advantage depends on the terrain. So if you often ride in an area that is mostly flat, you won’t really notice if your bike is a little heavier.

Bike size

Another thing to think about before buying a Dahon folding bike would be the size of the bike. Dahon folding bikes are usually available in three wheel sizes: 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch. This is important because it affects the overall ride. Smaller wheels are easier to steer, but larger wheels are quieter.
The size of the wheels also affects the size of the bike when folded. If you want something extremely compact like children’s bikes, smaller wheels are good. However, if you want a mountain bike, you should get one with bigger wheels. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three wheel sizes? Let’s find out:
Wheel size Advantage and disadvantage
16 inch folding bikes The 16 inch wheels are the most compact of these 3 wheel sizes and there is no doubt that they are also the most mobile. The smaller wheels result in a smaller folded size, lighter and more manageable. This is the perfect size for city commuters who transport their Dahon folding bike on public transport.
20 inch folding bikes Dahon folding bikes with 20 inch wheels are significantly larger, but offer some advantages such as a lower starting price or a more stable ride. It is considered a good balance between folded size and performance.
24 inch folding bikes A folding bike with 24 inch wheels is quite a bit bigger than the other two. You don’t want to carry such a folding bike around. However, it is still much more portable than a normal bicycle. You can take it everywhere by putting it in the boot of your car.
Overall, each size of folding bike has its advantages and disadvantages. Since we all want a compact size, I would recommend those with 16 inch or 20 inch wheels.

Folding method

The folding method depends on your preferences. There are three different folding methods that Dahon offer for their bikes on the market. The 3 folding methods are known as half or centre folding folding bikes, triangle hinge / triangle folding folding bikes and the last one would be break away and other styles folding bikes:

  • The half-fold or centre-fold folding bikes are very easy to disassemble, but unfortunately not very robust. These Dahon folding bikes are perfect for the everyday commute or a short trip into town.
  • Bikes with a triangular fold tend to be more robust than the half-fold folding bikes and are also easy to fold, but they are more difficult to ride.
  • Breakaway and other styles of folding bikes are those with the breakaway fold and are therefore the easiest folding bikes to fold as they can be folded into a very compact size. The only disadvantage of breakaway folding bikes is that they are harder to reassemble.


Another important factor that will significantly affect the price of your Dahon folding bike should also be taken into account and that is what level of performance you need from your components. The better the components, the better your folding bike will ride.

Better components also mean better durability and lighter weight, but also higher costs! How good should your suspension be? Do you need suspension at all? If you use your Dahon folding bike for everyday use and only go to work, you don’t need the best suspension. However, if you often ride race tracks or use the folding bike as a mountain bike, a good suspension would be necessary. Do you often ride uphill?

If so, then a Dahon folding bike with 18 gears would be worthwhile. However, if you often ride straight uphill, you don’t necessarily need 18 gears. As you can see, the folding bike is a very individual choice. Although you don’t necessarily need the components, you could still get 18 gears or one with good suspension if you have the wherewithal.


The final criterion would be purpose. If you only do short trips and leisure rides around town, Dahon’s smaller and lighter folding bikes are fine. For long trips and more active rides, you will need those Dahon folding bikes with larger wheels and sturdier frames. If you want to take your folding bike on public transport or abroad, you need one that can be packed easily.

The type of folding bike you choose depends on your preferences. However, most professionals would recommend choosing the bike that suits your needs and lifestyle rather than basing your choice on looks alone.  If you choose a Dahon folding bike that suits your daily needs and lifestyle, you are more likely to use it longer and take more care of it, as you will need it all the time and depend on it.

Facts worth knowing about Dahon folding bikes

Are Dahon folding bikes as good as normal bikes?

Dahon’s folding bikes with smaller wheels accelerate faster than normal bikes.

This common question is vague, but its intent to ask can usually be summed up in a few ways: Because the vast majority of Dahon’s folding bikes have smaller wheels than a “normal” bike, many cyclists are concerned that they may not handle as well. However, this is not the case.

One disadvantage of folding bikes is that they do not handle larger stones and kerbs as well as a normal bike with a larger wheel diameter. Obviously, the main difference between a folding bike and a standard bike is the ability to fold. And thus the inclusion of a hinge or other similar mechanism that allows the bike to fold down to a more compact size.

In terms of build quality, most folding bikes are built to fairly high standards in factories that are usually ISO certified. So you might think that adding this ability to fold might compromise the structural rigidity and possibly the safety of the bike.

Dahon Faltrad-2

Most public transport systems allow folding bikes and are easy to navigate in an office environment. There are Dahon folding bikes in almost every category to suit your purpose: Touring, urban commuting, mountain biking and high performance.
(Image source: / Estebanescu)

While they may be true in early folding bikes built years ago, most modern Dahon folding bikes are designed to specifically improve both issues. If you want to integrate cycling into a multi-modal commute, a Dahon folding bike is in many ways far superior to a regular bike because of the portability and storage factor.

How important are accessories for a Dahon folding bike?

The right accessories for your Dahon folding bike make cycling much easier and can even protect you from serious injuries. In general, accessories for folding bikes make the cycling experience as comfortable and smooth as possible.

However, the most important thing to know is that some bike accessories are required to prevent various types of injuries and ensure the safety of a cyclist. It is important for you to know that the help of accessories for folding bikes is immeasurable. There are many ways to add accessories to your folding bike. For most cyclists, safety is the most important feature. For these cyclists, there are a number of good accessories available such as mirrors, lights, bells, etc. Other folding bike riders go more for commuter accessories.

They mainly look for panniers, baskets and mudguards. We will introduce you to a few accessories for your Dahon folding bike that will make riding your folding bike easier and also offer you more protection.

Accessories Description
Bicycle mirror The bicycle mirror contributes significantly to the safety of folding bike riders, and there is no doubt about it. The reality is that the mirror allows a cyclist to see everything that is happening on the road. This way you can take all the necessary safety measures in advance.
Bike rack holder The bike rack holder is mounted on the back of the bike so you can transport all your stuff quickly and easily. Most steel racks can easily carry up to 20 kg and is ideal for use with backpacks, baskets, etc.
small seat bag The small seat bag, which can be easily attached to the saddle, offers enough space for all the basic requirements of a small backpack. An extensive full-length zipper makes it easy to access, although the velcro closure makes it very easy to attach to the bike due to its rail straps and seat post attachment.
Bike computer This mini computer is designed to be securely attached to the handlebars. It stores this type of information such as distance, speed and calories burned, helping you to develop a simple but effective exercise routine on every ride. The mini computer is not difficult to install and has a backlit screen that provides a clear display.

What is the warranty on Dahon folding bikes?

Dahon guarantees that their bike frames, handle posts and their bike forks are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years. In addition, they guarantee all wear-free components for 2 years. Certain warranties for individual components and local laws may supersede this warranty policy.

Dahon Faltrad-3

Many cyclists used to be prejudiced against this type of bicycle, thinking it was more expensive, bulkier and could not compete with normal large bicycles. However, that has changed a lot in recent years.
(Image source: / galen_crout)

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame, handle, fork or component and is the only remedy under the warranty. Wear parts are defined as; tyres, inner tubes, brake pads, brake and gear cables and housings, chains, gears, grips and saddles.

This warranty applies to the original retail purchaser of the Dahon folding bike and is non-transferable. This warranty only applies to Dahon folding bikes sold through authorised Dahon dealers and serviced in accordance with the planned maintenance explained above.

Each replacement item is covered by the original warranty period from the date of purchase of the entire folding bike.

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, abuse, stunt riding, commercial use, improper assembly or maintenance, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible, installation of power systems such as motors or electric motors, accidental damage, weather or neglect, or alteration of the folding bike.

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