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Today we will talk about the darling of the moment, the drinking glass with straw. Manufactured in different materials, sizes, shades and prints, the drinking cup with straw pleases from small children to teenagers and adults.

For this reason, the drinking glass is an excellent alternative, all you need to do is find a model that matches the person you are giving it to. Do you want to know more about the drinking glass with straw? Continue reading this article!


  • Made of glass, acrylic or plastic, the glass with straw can be used to drink water, juice, soda, energy drink, fruit juice or any other beverage in a cool way.
  • Some models have a silicone seal so that no drop of the drink is spilled. Other models have a safety lock on the straw to prevent it from slipping out of the glass.
  • Easy to clean and reuse, the drinking cup with straw deserves a place on your desk or study table. Get to know several models with us.

The Best Cup With Straw: Our Picks

Are you thinking of giving a gift to a loved one, but are in doubt about what to buy? We suggest you invest in a drinking glass with straw! We have selected some models that will please children, teenagers and adults, enjoy!

Buying and rating guide for a cup with straw

Faced with numerous options available on the market, the drinking cup with straw stands out as a sustainable and economical alternative. It is a reusable cup that can be used to consume hot or cold drinks in college, work, gym or leisure time.

After using the drinking cup with straw, just wash it and you can reuse it again. Continue reading this Buying Guide and find out more about the product.

Imagem de uma mulher bebendo um suco.

The drinking straw cup is a sustainable, economical and charming alternative. (Source: Lightfieldstudios/

Why should I go for a drinking cup with straw?

The cup with straw is gaining more and more supporters, especially people who are adhering to new habits of consumption, in order to reduce the production of waste.

Made of glass, plastic or acrylic, the drinking glass with straw can be used to drink water, juice, soda, vitamin, chocolate drink or any other beverage. After washing, the cup with straw is ready to be reused.

Another advantage of the drinking straw cup is its design. You will find sober, colourful, fun and unusual models, options that please people of both sexes and all ages. An excellent option as a gift.

Compact and light, the drinking glass with straw can be carried in your bag or backpack to college, work or gym. Find out more advantages and disadvantages of the drinking straw cup in the table below:

  • Options with a capacity of 250 to 950ml
  • Models made of glass, acrylic or plastic
  • All have a lid and straw
  • Can be used in any occasion
  • Options for children, teenagers and adults
  • Decreases the production of waste
  • It is a cheap item
  • It is difficult to sanitize the straw

When can I use a drinking straw cup?

The drinking straw cup is versatile. The item can be taken to college or work, left beside the bed or sofa, placed in the cupholder in the car or carried in the backpack for a walk in the park.

Another option is to use the drinking cup with straw at the gym. You can drink cold water or an energy drink while you train. The straw allows you to take a sip of the drink more quickly.

Imagem de uma pessoa trabalhando enquanto consome uma bebida no copo com canudo.

The drinking straw cup can be used in the workplace. (Source: Fernando Hernandez/

Which drinking cup to buy for a child?

The drinking cup can also be used as a transitional cup – it helps children aged six months to a year to switch from a mother’s breast or bottle to a cup.

Buy a cup with a seal and a safety lock on the straw

It is crucial to choose a cup with a silicone seal to prevent liquid from spilling out. It is also important to find a model with a safety lock on the straw to prevent the straw from slipping out of the cup.

Look for a model with a handle. The handle allows the child to hold the drinking cup with a straw much more easily. Generally, the piece is designed especially for the small and delicate hands of children.

These features bring safety to the child and peace of mind to the parents. It is important to mention that you should buy a model suitable for children – the features and design of the piece are thought for children.

Purchase criteria: Find the best drinking cup with straw

When buying, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail of the drinking glass with straw, so that besides being beautiful, the chosen model is functional. We list below the purchase criteria that deserve your attention:

After buying a glass with straw, you won’t want to know about any alternative to enjoy your favourite drink.


The drinking straw cup can be made of different materials like glass, acrylic and plastic. The cheapest model is the plastic drinking straw cup, but this option has some disadvantages:

  • May absorb odours and flavours.
  • May stain.
  • It acquires a whitish appearance with time.

Before storing hot drinks, make sure the cup is heat resistant and Bisphenol A free.

The acrylic drinking straw cup is one of the best options. This thermoplastic, transparent and rigid material is light, strong and durable – it retains its colour and shine even after long use.

This model can be used to store hot and cold drinks. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean. One disadvantage is that the acrylic cup is not recyclable.

The third option is the glass drinking cup with a glass straw. This material does not absorb odours or flavours and does not stain. But it does have some disadvantages: it is more expensive, can break easily and is heavy when full.

Did you know that the glass drinking glass is an adaptation of the “Mason Jar”, a glass container, with an enlarged mouth and lined by a metal ring, which was intended to keep food preserved.

Created in 1858, the Mason jar was used at picnics, family gatherings and afternoon snacks. The retro look of the glass drinking glass with straw is highly valued today


When buying, observe all the features of the drinking glass and choose the most functional model.

You will find models with two compartments, which allow you to carry two different beverages – they can be at different temperatures.

Regarding the straw, you will find options with one or two straws, with retractable straw and lid, and with a lock to prevent the straw from slipping out of the cup. You can also find models with a blender straw, which goes up, down and rotates to mix the chocolate drink.

Some models are coated with a gel that can be frozen.

Some cup models with straw are coated with a gel that can be frozen when taken to the freezer, providing a much more cold and refreshing drink.

To take advantage of this feature, place the drinking glass in the freezer and leave it to freeze for two to four hours, then serve the drink. You can put it back in the freezer whenever you wish.

To better hold the drinking glass, some models offer a wide handle – especially the glass ones – or a rubber or silicone carrying handle.

Another possibility is to buy a straw cup with seal that prevents the leakage of the drink and the loss of temperature. Sealed models can be shaken to mix chocolate milk.


One of the strongest features of the drinking straw cup is its design. You can find models in different colour options, with prints or fun phrases. Some are decorated with glitter, decorative ribbons, pom-poms and LED lights.

Others have unusual shapes like ice-cream shells, carousels, skulls, cactuses and pineapples, among others. With so much variety, you will find options to please children, teenagers and adults.

Imagem de alguns copos com canudo.

The design is a differential of the cup with straw. (Source: Sagar Chaudhray/

Traditional or personalized model

A strong trend in the market is the marketing of personalized drinking straw cups, ideal for gifts. You can customize the cup with straw as you wish.

The best options are unforgettable phrases of the couple, declarations of love for their parents or siblings, favorite characters of the children, commemorative dates among others.

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