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A Cross Trainer is a type of exercise machine that provides an aerobic workout. It works the arms, legs and core muscles at the same time to give you a full body workout in one session. The cross trainer has been designed for people who want to improve their fitness levels but don’t have much space or money available so it can be used anywhere from your home gym up to commercial gyms. They are also great for those with joint problems as they provide low impact workouts which won’t put too much pressure on joints such as knees and hips like other types of cardio equipment do.

Cross Trainer: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best cross trainer in the UK: Our selection

32 Levels of Resistance | 20 Fitness Programs | Smooth & Quiet

The zr8’s 9 kg flywheel weight ensures a challenging, smooth and quiet elliptical motion to give you a comfortable, fluid workout experience. You can tailor the intensity of your workout by selecting the desired resistance level via the console; there are 32 levels of electronic resistance for you to choose from. There are 20 fitness programs built into the console, designed by our reebok master trainers to take you from a gentle exercise to a challenging mountainous hill climb. The large backlit LCD screen provides the feedback you need to help improve your fitness level by tracking and displaying your progress; including speed, distance, time, calories burned, pulse rate, watts and rpm. The cushioned footplates can be easily adjusted to suit your stride length while the dual-action and fixed handlebars have a soft, sweat-resistant surface so you can focus on your fitness. It is light enough to move around your home using the integrated transport wheels and solid enough to take a maximum user weight of 120 kg (approximately 18 stone) thanks to its premium build quality.

Neezee Professional Cross Trainer

If you’re looking for an at-home cross trainer that offers a great workout and is easy on your joints, the neezee professional cross trainer is perfect for you. With its front-mounted flywheel, this trainer is incredibly stable, while the two-way forward and backward elliptical motion simulates natural walking movements to protect your knees. The large soft seat and sweat-proof double handlebars provide comfort and safety during your workout, while the LCD monitor tracks all of your exercise data.

The xs sports pro fitness elliptical cross trainer

The xs sports pro fitness elliptical cross trainer is a versatile 2-in-1 machine that can be used as an elliptical or exercise bike. It features a front mounted flywheel for added stability, adjustable resistance for high and low intensity workouts, and a multi function LCD display with pulse, time, speed, distance, calorie and scan modes. This Trainer also includes moving stride bars for upper body workouts and fixed bars with pulse sensors to monitor heart rate during your workout. Get a total body low-impact cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-use machine.

Get a great workout at home with the Dripex Cross Trainer.

The Dripex Cross Trainer is the perfect way to get a great workout in your own home. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout with the twist of the tension knob. The hyper-quiet and ultra smooth magnetic drive system ensures your riding experience is both quiet and smooth, while also eliminating noise and controlling sound at 20db. The cross trainer is also equipped with a sensitive LCD digital monitor that will real-timely track and scan your exercise data including time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and odometer. All data is dual-calibrated by serious algorithms to help you clearly know your exercise progress and adjust your training plan accordingly to achieve your fitness goals. Additionally, the iPad holder allows you to watch videos or enjoy music while working out. Finally, the heavy-duty ergonomic design can support up to 265 lbs., making it perfect for all family members 4’9″-6’2″ tall.

Cross Trainer: Frequently asked questions

What types of Cross Trainer are there and what determines a good product?

There are many different types of cross trainers, but they all have one thing in common. They use a moving arm that moves back and forth over the top of your head to help you exercise. The most popular type is called an elliptical trainer or elliptical machine because it looks like two ellipses put together with the long sides facing each other. It has handles on both ends for easy movement up and down as well as side-to-side movements so you can get a full body workout without having to move from spot. Another type is called a rowing machine which uses arms instead of legs to provide resistance while working out. This makes it great for people who want more upper body work than lower body work when exercising at home.

A good Cross Trainer is one that can be used for a variety of different exercises. It should have an adjustable resistance so you can change the intensity and it should also allow you to do more than just running on it, such as rowing or cycling.

Who should use a Cross Trainer?

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness, stamina and strength should use a cross trainer. It is ideal for people of all ages and abilities as it provides an effective workout that can be tailored to suit your needs. This machine will help you tone up, lose weight or build muscle depending on the intensity at which you work out.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Cross Trainer?

The most important factor is your budget. Go for a model that fits into the price range you have set aside for this purchase. If you are buying it as part of an exercise routine, make sure to choose one with features and specifications that will help in achieving your fitness goals.

The weight limit is an important factor to consider. Make sure the Cross Trainer you choose can hold the amount and intensity of workouts that you plan on doing. It should be well constructed, so it lasts for years with good care.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Cross Trainer?


The main advantage of a Cross Trainer is that it can be used to train all the major muscle groups in your body. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, and because you are standing up while using one, it also works out your legs as well as your arms.


The main disadvantage of a cross trainer is that it does not provide the same level of resistance as other types of exercise machine. This means you can’t build up your fitness levels to quite the same extent, and if you want to lose weight or tone up then this may be an issue for some people.

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