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A crepe maker makes it possible for you to prepare a delicious crepe in no time at all, just like at the Christmas market. Thanks to the non-stick coating of the plates, the crepes can be prepared without any oil, which not only reduces the calories, but also possible dangers during baking. Crepes are often eaten as a dessert, but with a crepe maker you can also prepare hearty pancakes.

In our comprehensive crepe maker guide, we have compared different types and models of crepe makers with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. You can use our guide to find the perfect crepe maker for you and your needs. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, live alone or in a large household, a crepe maker can be the perfect addition to your kitchen.


  • A crepe maker allows you to prepare a particularly thin pancake, also called a crepe, in a short time. The practical thing about these devices is that they can be used without oil thanks to their non-stick coating.
  • There are different types of crepe makers. An electronic tabletop appliance often has control lights and temperature controls, which makes it easier to use. With a cordless crepe maker, smaller crepes can be made and the handling is very simple.
  • The plate of a crepe maker can be equipped with or without a rim. A plate with a rim is more suitable for beginners, as the batter cannot overflow.

The Best Crepe Maker: Our Picks

Crepe Maker: buying and evaluation criteria

To buy the crepe maker that is best for you, we will list the most important buying criteria in the next section:

So that you also know what is important in each aspect, we will explain the criteria mentioned in the following paragraphs.


The size of the crepe maker refers to the diameter of the plate on which the batter is spread. With a larger diameter, the prepared crepes will of course also be larger and this has the positive effect that hunger is satisfied more quickly and you do not have to constantly bake new crepes.

Most diameters range from 20 – 35 cm.

This is particularly advantageous if you use the crepe maker for parties. Furthermore, a larger crepe makes it easier to add ingredients.

However, a large plate also means that the appliance is bulkier overall and needs more space for storage. So if you have a household with little storage space, you should consider a smaller machine.

It should also be noted that the diameter of some products is given in inches. You should pay attention to this and, if in doubt, use the conversion calculator on Google.


The power of a device is given in the unit “watt” and indicates how much current the device can absorb. In general, the higher the wattage of a crepe machine, the faster the crepe is baked. However, the power consumption also increases as the wattage increases.

Normally, crepe makers for private use are in the range of 500 – 1500 watts.


Most crepe makers today have a non-stick coating that gives you a long service life.

These are the advantages of a non-stick coating:

  • The crepe can be prepared without oil
  • The crepe does not stick and does not burn
  • Easier cleaning
  • No scratching of the plate

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the non-stick coating is damaged above a temperature of 250°C. From a temperature of 350°C, smoke develops. But you don’t have to worry about that, because the crepe makers for private use don’t reach these high temperatures.

Temperature / Ease of use

Temperature controls and other practical features allow you to make the perfect crepe without stress. You should make sure that the crepe maker heats the whole plate evenly, because then your crepe will be browned evenly and will have a good consistency.

There are two types of indicator lights on crepe makers. To make sure you don’t make a mistake when preparing your crepe, it’s best to read again which light your crepe maker has.

A pilot light indicates when the crepe maker has reached the correct temperature and the crepe can be spread on the plate. A baking light shows when the crepe is ready.

An individual temperature control allows everyone to bake their crepe to the desired brownness. The control can either be moved continuously or set to specific heat levels. There are also crepe machines where the temperature is not adjustable, this makes it more difficult to achieve the desired level of browning but makes it easier to use in general.

Type of plate

There are different types of plates that an electric crepe maker can have. In the following, we will introduce you to the different types and features.

  • With or without rim: A plate with a rim makes it easier for beginners to use the machine, as the dough is easier to spread and cannot overflow. This also prevents dough from getting into the crepe maker.
  • Smooth or with grooves: There are smooth plates and those with small grooves. With the latter version, the crepe is baked more quickly because the small grooves allow more air to reach the dough. However, this also makes the dough stick to the plate more quickly, making cleaning more difficult.
  • Replaceable and removable: With some models, the plate can be removed, making it easier to clean, transport and store the machine. Other crepe makers come with an additional plate that has a different format. For example, there are models that contain a plate in addition to the normal plate on which many small crepes, also called pancakes, can be prepared.

Since the plate is an essential part of the crepe maker, you should carefully consider which plate is best for you. Smooth plates with a rim are the most common, as they are easy to use and clean.


The housing of the crepe maker should be of high quality. Plastic housings offer easy cleaning and are heat resistant.

It is also important that the appliance stands securely and cannot wobble or tip over, so we recommend non-slip rubber feet.

Models with fold-out feet are practical, but do not provide the stability and safety needed.

Safety and stability are important factors so that you can use your crepe maker without worry, so check your appliance for these points before or after purchase and return a problematic machine in case of emergency.

Crepe Maker: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following we want to answer all the important questions and background information about crepe makers, so that after reading our guide you have all the information you need to buy a crepe maker.

What is a crepe maker?

A crepe maker is an electronic device that allows you to make a crepe at home quickly and easily. Most crepe makers consist of two parts. The base is a tabletop device that is connected to the electricity, and there is also a hot plate on which the batter is distributed.

A crepe is a thin pancake that originated in Brittany.

The batter is spread very thinly on the plate and, thanks to the non-stick coating, does not need any oil to bake. This makes the finished crepe a lower-calorie alternative, compared to the classic pancake. This is because this pancake is thicker than a typical crepe and is usually prepared with fat

Many products have a temperature control so that the personal browning level can be easily achieved when baking the crepe. Furthermore, many models are also equipped with a control light that indicates when the batter can be spread on the plate.

Crepe Maker-1

A professional crepe maker is not appropriate for private use. However, you don’t have to do without the delicious crepes, with smaller devices you can also make wonderful crepes at home.
(Image source: Travis Grossen / unsplash)

When the crepe is done, it can be removed from the plate and a new crepe can be baked. Cleaning between crepes is not necessary. However, the hot plate should be cleaned at the end of the baking session.

What types of crepe makers are there?

If you are thinking about buying a crepe maker, then the following section will be of particular interest to you. Here we will introduce you to the different types of crepe makers. Basically, you can divide crepe makers into 2 categories. There is a crepe pan and a crepe maker. A crepe pan has a non-stick coating and a low edge, which makes it easy to prepare crepes.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Electric crepe maker as a tabletop appliance often temperature control and indicator lights, easy to use need a lot of space, difficult to transport
Professional crepe maker high power suitable for intensive use, large diameter up to 40 cm very expensive, very heavy
Combination appliances can be used in many ways, often easy to clean thanks to removable plate more expensive than classic crepe makers
Cordless crepe maker quick preparation, easy to use small pancakes
Crepe pan can be used for many dishes, inexpensive, little storage space required pancakes usually thicker than from the crepe maker, edge of the pan makes turning difficult

Crepe makers come in different types, including electric crepe makers that are connected to the electricity and consist of a tabletop appliance and a hot plate. There are also gas crepe makers that are only suitable for professional use.

A combination appliance, i.e. a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 appliance, is a crepe maker that has several functions. Often, these models have interchangeable plates so that other dishes can be prepared on the crepe maker, such as waffles or pancakes.

A cordless crepe maker has a base station where the machine is charged. To prepare a crepe, the crepe maker is held in the hand and dipped into a bowl of batter. The dough sticks to the plate in a wafer-thin layer and is baked within a short time.

What does a crepe maker cost?

If you decide to buy a crepe maker, you don’t necessarily have to dig deep into your wallet. Good crepe makers cost around 20 – 30 euros. There are also cheaper devices, but these are usually without additional functions such as temperature control and heat lamps and quickly become defective with frequent use.

Type price in euros
Electronic crepe maker as tabletop appliance 20 – 50
Professional crepe maker from 200
Combination appliances from 35
Cordless crepe maker 15 – 40
Crepe pan 10 – 40

Crepe pans are usually cheaper than the classic crepe maker, but generally the higher the quality of the appliance, the more expensive it is.

What are the alternatives to a crepe maker?

If you don’t want to buy a crepe maker, the two better-known alternatives might be something for you.

Alternative Description
Waffle iron A waffle iron consists of 2 halves and the batter is baked from both sides, the resulting waffle is very thick
Normal pan Here the pancake is prepared with oil and is thicker than from the crepe machine, it can be eaten both sweet and salty

Whether an alternative is suitable for you depends entirely on your preferences. But the factors of how often you want to prepare a crepe and how much storage space you have also play a role. If you rarely eat a crepe and are satisfied with a thicker pancake, there is no need to buy a crepe maker.

How does a crepe maker work?

In general, any type of crepe maker is not difficult to use. Before you switch on the crepe maker for the first time, you should read the operating instructions to find out about any special features of your appliance.

We will only discuss the standard procedure for a tabletop electronic crepe maker here; other models are similarly easy to operate.

  1. Preparation: First of all, the tabletop appliance is connected to the power supply and the plate is heated. When the plate has reached the desired baking temperature, indicated by an indicator light, you can spread the batter on the plate. If you do not have an indicator light, you should check the operating instructions to see how long the crepe maker takes to heat up.
  2. Spread the batter: You can then spread the batter over the entire plate in a circular motion with the crepe spreader.
  3. Turn: If you like, you can flip the crepe to brown both sides, but this is not necessary.
  4. Topping: The crepe can now still be topped on the plate, according to taste with sweets such as Nutella and fruit, or heartier alternatives such as ham and cheese.
  5. Fold: When the crepe is ready, you can either roll it up or fold it.

If there are any problems with the crepe maker during preparation, for example smoke, switch off the appliance, disconnect it from the power supply if necessary and contact the manufacturer.

What accessories does a crepe maker need?

To make a proper crepe with the crepe maker, you need certain accessories. Many models are already sold with the right accessories, so check whether and which additional utensils are included in your crepe maker. You should definitely have the following accessories.

Accessories use
Ladle spread the batter from the bowl onto the crepe maker
Crepe spreader / batter spreader spread the batter in a circular motion over the entire surface
Spatula turn the crepe to brown it on both sides

It is important to note that your batter spreader and spatula should be made of wood, as this will not scratch the hotplate.

How do I clean a crepe maker?

Crepe makers are relatively easy to clean thanks to their non-stick coating. For each model, it is important to wait until the appliance has completely cooled down. Otherwise, stains may appear during cleaning. Fixed plates can be wiped with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. Plates that are removable may even be placed in the dishwasher, but you should check this.

For each appliance, before using it for the first time, you should clean it once by heating it to the highest setting and then letting the plate cool down. Then you can wipe the hotplate and any dirt will be removed.

Depending on the degree of soiling, the housing can also be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. To avoid water stains, you should dry the housing.

Crepe Maker-2

Never wash the crepe maker under the tap, otherwise the Techink will break. If you can remove the plate, you can clean it under the tap without worrying.
(Image source: Karolina Grabowska / Pixabay)

Last but not least, you need to clean the accessories. If they are made of wood, you should wash them by hand. If the utensils are made of plastic, you can clean them in the dishwasher.

How do I make the perfect crepe at home?

To make the perfect crepe at home, you need a good batter. A typical crepe batter is neutral in taste and can therefore be topped with sweet and salty ingredients.

The following ingredients are for 6 servings:

  • 500ml milk
  • 250g flour
  • 3 eggs
  • a pinch of salt

If you want to enjoy your crepe as a sweet dessert, you can also add sugar to taste. The guideline here is one tablespoon.

Mix all the ingredients in a key, first mixing the milk and eggs together and then adding the salt and flour. The resulting dough should be very liquid. For best results, let the dough sit for about an hour. Then you can spread it very thinly on the crepe maker and bake your crepes.

Crepe Maker-3

For an extra delicious dessert, top your crepe with Nutella, bannana and strawberries. If you don’t want it to be so high in calories, you can also eat your crepe with cinnamon and sugar.

(Image source: Austin Paquette / unsplash)

You can wrap your crepes in aluminium foil and store them for a few days. To heat the crepes, you can either heat them slightly in a pan or put them in the microwave.

What else can I make on a crepe maker?

If you are already familiar with your crepe maker and would like to try out new recipes, the following dishes might be something for you.

  • Dosa: Dosa is a typical Indian vegetarian dish. It is a hearty pancake that is often eaten with vegetables. The batter consists of rice, split small beans also called Uri Dal, bok choy seeds and salt.
  • Lahmacun: Lahmacun is a famous Turkish dish that is a flatbread topped with a tasty minced meat mixture and then baked in the oven.
  • Wrap: A little easier to prepare than dosa and lahmacun is a wrap. The dough is different from the classic crepe but the preparation is very similar, depending on the recipe. The wrap can then be topped as desired.

If you want to make these dishes, just Google the recipes, as we can no longer include them in the article.


A crepe maker can be a useful kitchen appliance in your home if you want to make crepes regularly. You can choose between different models. There is the electronic crepe maker as a tabletop device, a cordless crepe maker that takes up little space, combination devices for versatile use and a crepe pan with which you can also prepare other dishes and last but not least a professional device for commercial use.

Each model comes in different features, so to decide which is right for you, consider factors such as operation and price. Generally speaking, all models have a non-stick coating that makes both baking and cleaning a breeze, so you can quickly prepare a meal when a visitor suddenly arrives.

Image source: pitrs / 123rf