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We want your days to be as practical as they are fun, and that’s why we’re going to talk about a fascinating item for those who love the western, bush and ranch life or simply want a unique accessory for a casual outfit or a fancy dress costume. The cowboy hats have an excellent feature: their structure fits perfectly on your head in a comfortable way preventing the sun from bothering you, but allowing the wind to enter to give you a cool experience at all times.

Plus their unique style will be recognised worldwide. Along these lines you will learn about the most used types of cowboy hats, the best quality ones, the models that currently stand out the most and the tips to choose the best option that will accompany you for many years in your life.


  • Cowboy hats are accessories that you place on your head for various purposes. Unlike others, these models contain a pronounced crown and wide brims to avoid sun discomfort, and are often used in outdoor environments.
  • There are several materials for the manufacture of cowboy hats, but the main ones you will find are wool and polyester. Depending on your activity and the environment around you, it will be important to choose one of them.
  • Before making your purchase, it will be important to know the basic characteristics of the person who will use this item, the correct size of his head, the reason for which you want to use it and the additional functionalities that this accessory can offer you.

The Best Cowboy Hat: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We’ve already seen some incredible models that surely caught your attention, but now it’s time to go deeper into the specifications that this accessory contains and the benefits it can bring us in our daily lives. Let’s get started!

Cowboy hats are part of the style of artists from different musical genres such as corrido, ranchera and country (Photo: Freepik /

What is a cowboy hat and what are its advantages?

Cowboy hats are known for having a high crown and wide brims, and were popularised by American cowboys. Today they are not only limited to this group of people, but their use extends to work, creative, formal, routine, leisure and more.

For this reason it is common to see them worn at a fancy dress party as well as by people visiting a shopping mall in the middle of the day. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by acquiring one of these.

  • Protection from the sun
  • Comfort
  • Neutral colours
  • Waterproof models are available
  • Variety of sizes
  • Must be hand washed
  • Storage can be complicated due to its size

Wool or polyester cowboy hat – what should you pay attention to?

When looking for a cowboy hat, you will surely come across several models of different styles, textures and reliefs. But definitely the 2 most recurrent manufacturing materials you will see are wool and polyester fabric. Here are the characteristics of each of them.

Wool. Wool is known for the softness of its texture to the touch, which is why it is the favourite choice of many. In addition to this, it is a resistant material that will last for many years with basic care. However, its colour may deteriorate a little if it is not cleaned properly, but this will not affect its performance.

Although it can be an expensive option (always depending on the quality of the wool used to make it), it is a widely used model when it comes to cold environments, thanks to the thermal characteristic of wool that allows you to keep your head comfortable and warm.

Polyester. Polyester fabric is synthetic, so the texture will not feel as soft as wool, but rather stiffer. Although it is a tough material, if the hat is bumped or abused, it can deteriorate more quickly than wool, although the colour will remain much the same as it was from the start.

It is a lightweight option suitable for warmer climates, as it will allow more air to pass through and will not generate unwanted heat on your head. It is also the most sought after by those with limited budgets, thanks to its usually lower costs.

Wool Polyester
Texture Soft Stiff
Colour May fade if not cleaned properly Very tough
Strength Very tough Resistant
Temperature Suitable for cold climates Suitable for warm climates
Cost Expensive Economical

Woollen hats can be more expensive, but are an ideal choice during cold weather, both for their strength and thermal effect. (Photo: Elijah Hail /

Buying criteria

Maybe at some point you thought that the most difficult decision when choosing a cowboy hat would be its colour. Today we tell you that there are other factors of equal or greater importance that will be decisive in finding the perfect option for you.

  • Person to use it
  • Size
  • Reason
  • Additional functionalities

Person to wear it

It will not be the same to buy a cowboy hat for an older man than for a woman or a child. This is why it is important to take certain aspects into consideration before making your purchase, depending on the person who will use it.

Men. Men’s hats tend to be more sober, with designs more inclined towards rustic elegance. For this reason, the most common colours are black, brown, khaki, grey and (in some cases) soft colours such as beige or white. Decoration is usually limited to buckles or ribbons.

And beyond appearance, a men’s cowboy hat will have a larger circumference to fit the head perfectly. Its brim will be wider and its brims wider. Make sure it is sturdy, in case it will be used on a daily or work basis.

Women. When it comes to women, designs tend to be less limited. In addition to the basic colours mentioned above, we can find other more daring and vivid colours such as pink, blue, green or others. Decorative elements can also vary according to taste, such as stones, coloured fabrics and the like.

In this case, the size is usually smaller, with a smaller circumference. The sunken areas of the cup are usually deeper to create a more feminine look. The wings will be less wide, but with a more delicate curvature.

Boys. Children’s hats tend to have many more variations, as it is an object that will appeal to a little one full of imagination and creativity. That is why we can see cowboy hats in different colours and with accessories that we would not find in a hat for adults.

In this case, it is important to know the child’s size very well or locate a size guide, to make sure that the hat will fit correctly. It will also be necessary to choose an option that is lightweight, to avoid unnecessary sweating or heaviness.

Cowboy hats for children and women will have more variation in design and decoration. (Photo: prostooleh /


Although many hats are created with the aim of achieving a ‘one size fits all’, the truth is that it is impossible to create a standard size that fits every head shape and size. That’s why many hats will have a sizing guide that will allow you to know your size by a few simple measurements.

The circumference size of a cowboy hat usually ranges from 52 centimetres to 61 centimetres, although you can always find smaller and larger models, depending on your needs.


Depending on the type of situation or context in which you want to use your cowboy hat, you can find several options that will give you a better wearing experience and will better meet your expectations. Here are the most common ones.

Casual attire. If you want to use it during your daily routine as part of your regular attire, you will need to choose a light model so that it is not a heavy accessory. If you live in hot climates, look for options made of polyester or other material that allows your skin to breathe. Brown or grey colours will be a good choice.

Stylish attire. Many choose them as part of their attire for events and celebrations. In these cases, wool or fur hats will provide a sophisticated look for the occasion, especially if accompanied by distinguished buckles or leather ribbons. Black, white and beige models are preferred.

Work. If you want to wear them during your work routine and it is usually outdoors, it is important to take into account the weather before choosing the material (wool for cold climates and polyester for warm ones). Make sure they are not too heavy, as you will be wearing them most of the day.

Disguise. Some people choose to use them for their theme parties as well. If you don’t plan to wear it after this event, choose light and inexpensive options, in the variety of colours you choose. If you plan to use it later, you can choose neutral tones that you can use to your advantage in the future.

Additional functionalities

Some cowboy hats are not just an item with their characteristic shape, but contain other functionalities that will be beneficial to the people who wear them. Here we will tell you about the most common ones.

Bra strap. You’ve probably seen some models that include a cord that goes on each brim and is below your chin. This item is usually adjustable so that the hat can be better held on your head to prevent it from falling off. It’s a good choice for activities such as horseback riding or hard work.

Waterproofing. Some hats include a waterproof cover material so that it can withstand the toughest weather conditions. This doesn’t mean it will prevent you from getting completely wet, but the amount will be much less and your hat will last much longer.

Protective scarf. There are hats that include a protective scarf that goes on either side of the brim in order to cover your face from the nose down. They are often used if you work in environments with a lot of flying insects or a lot of sun exposure.

Adjustment. They are not very common, but there are options that adjust a little to the size of each person’s head. And although they are not easily found, it is a good option for children, as their growth will be accelerated and they will be able to enjoy the hat for a longer period of time.

Image source: Raventhorne / Pixabay