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Today we are going to talk about a piece of furniture that helps to compose the home decor and is very useful: the corner table. On it you can put decorative objects, alarms, books and whatever else your creativity allows.

There are many different models available in shops. Between the more retro tables, the modern ones and the minimalist ones, it can be difficult to know if you are making the right decision.

We’ll help you select the best table for your needs according to materials, sizes and other essential features you should know before you buy. Come with us to learn all about corner tables!


  • Corner tables, also known as side tables, are super useful when thinking about decoration and storing small objects.
  • There are corner tables of various sizes, shapes and materials. However, they are all usually small and relatively discreet.
  • Although there are very expensive models, such as marble ones, most corner tables are quite affordable.

The best Corner Table: Our Picks

A corner table can be just the thing you need to make your space more harmonious. Among various materials and styles, consumers have chosen these corner table models as the best. Learn more about each of them!

Buying Guide

The corner table can be placed beside the sofa, or at other points in the room. It is the key piece to fill a space and bring more harmony to the place.

Now that you know that there are tables of various types and shapes, it is time to learn other important points about the corner table. Here, you will see its advantages and learn how to choose yours by evaluating the material and other features.

Casal sentado encostado no sofá no chão da sala mexendo em papéis.

The corner table makes the environment more harmonious. (Source: marctran / 123RF)

What is a corner table?

As the name suggests, a corner table is a small piece of furniture created to be useful in small spaces. It can have several uses. The most common is to use it as decoration in the living room.

On top of the table, you can place small decorative items, lamps, picture frames, among others, to help compose the decor of the environment.

But it is also useful as a support. When positioning a corner table next to the sofa, for example, you can place your drinking glass on top of it, or a pot of popcorn.

In the bedroom, next to the bed, it can be used to support your bedside book, a lamp or your mobile phone so you can listen to your alarm clock in the morning.

Mesinha de canto quadrada com um abajur em cima ao lado de uma cama.

The corner table is very useful in the bedroom for supporting small objects and lamps. (Source: DokaRyan / Pixabay)

It is also possible to place a corner table on the balcony or veranda along with some chairs. Thus, you can enjoy the sunny days to sit and relax with your family, enjoying the view.

In a reception, the corner table can be the ideal place to leave magazines and pamphlets for those waiting to be attended. In short, there are many functions for this piece of furniture.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the corner table?

Among the benefits already mentioned, another advantage is that these small tables are usually small. Thus, they do not take up much space and can easily be placed in a discreet corner. In addition, the furniture usually has very affordable prices.

They are considered key pieces of furniture. Although many people do not give it its due value, the corner table can make a big difference in the composition of a decoration.

Among its few disadvantages is the fact that it is not a totally necessary piece of furniture. In addition, its size can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it cannot support many things on top of it.

  • They help to compose the decoration
  • Useful to place small decorative items or not
  • They do not take up much space
  • They usually have affordable prices
  • They are not totally necessary items
  • Since they are small, it is not possible to place many objects on top of them

How to decorate with a corner table?

Many people use this piece of furniture for decorative purposes. But how to do this? There are several types of corner tables, from round and square to those that come together with two other tables. Some are more modern and others are more rustic and classic.

To choose your corner table, you need to think about the other furniture in the room. If you like to vary between bright colours, for example, a red or yellow corner table can look great.

If you like a more charming decor, a wooden corner table could be a great option.

Besides the design of the table itself, you can think about the decorative objects you will place on top. If the table will be in the bedroom, it’s a great idea to put a book, a lamp and other personal items.

In the living room, it looks great with a picture frame or a flower vase. Let your inspiration guide you and you’ll have a beautiful and well-decorated room!

Purchase criteria: Factors to evaluate a corner table

Now you know almost everything about corner tables, but the essentials are missing: what should I pay attention to before choosing a model? These are some of the most important features to know before buying:

  • Material
  • Format
  • Size
  • Decoration

Come with us to learn more about each of these items!


The material used to make the corner table will determine its price and often its quality. Therefore, it is essential to choose a small table with good material. These are the main ones:

Imagem de mesa de canto de madeira com bebidas em cima.

Choose the material of your corner table according to your purpose. (Source: Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay)
  • Wood: The wooden corner table is one of the most sought after and popular among consumers. They are versatile and match a variety of decors. There are also several models in MDF, which is nothing more than pressed wood fibres. MDF corner tables are light, durable and have a great finish.
  • Glass: Glass gives coffee tables a more charming look. Generally, furniture with glass tops are great choices for open spaces such as balconies, patios and terraces. Corner tables with glass tops are usually sturdy, but you need to be very careful when using them because glass is a material that can break easily if you drop too much weight on it.
  • Metal: Metal tables usually offer a more modern and minimalist decoration to the environment. Ideal for those looking for sophistication and simplicity at the same time. Very resistant, the metal side table will probably last a long time if you take good care of it.
  • Aluminium: One of the cheapest materials, aluminium side tables are affordable and lightweight. Models of this material are usually simple and often modern. It is also very common to find aluminium frames in corner tables with glass tops.
  • Marble: Marble corner tables are chic and sophisticated, but they do not usually go with any decor. These models, besides being more expensive, are very heavy and give a more sober air to the environment.
  • Mirrored: There are also corner tables that are totally mirrored. Their advantage is that they give the slight impression that the room is larger. Besides, they offer an air of sophistication to the room. However, because they are made of mirrored material, they can also break easily. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful with the furniture.
Material Advantages Disadvantages Average price
Wood Durable, light and charming Can wear out over time 250
Glass Charming and ideal for open spaces Need more care and attention, because they can break 200
Metal Sophisticated and offer great durability Some materials can damage the table 200
Aluminium Simple and light Some materials may damage the table 150
Marble Sophisticated and offers great durability Does not match with all decorations 500
Mirrored Gives the impression that the room is bigger and offers sophistication Requires great care, as it can break easily 500


If you think that the corner table always has to be round and with a tripod, you are completely wrong!

There are several different shapes of side table. The easiest to find is, in fact, the round table. But there are also square, asymmetric, rectangular formats, among others.

Here are some inspirations for you to choose yours:

  • Round;
  • Set;
  • Square
  • Rectangular;
  • Asymmetrical;
  • With drawer.


Of course, size should also be an essential factor when choosing your corner table. Especially for those who live in a small flat or house.

Before choosing your model, measure the place where you will position it. Most corner table models are small, but there are some larger ones and, to avoid experiencing headaches with your furniture, the ideal is to measure the space beforehand.

If you have spacious rooms, this will not be a big problem, but still, the ideal is to measure to make sure that the decor will be cohesive and beautiful.


To ensure that the room will have a harmonious decor, it is necessary to take this into account when choosing the model.

Sala de estar moderna com sofá rosa e mesa de canto e madeira ao lado.

The corner table may be the missing piece to compose the decoration of the room. (Source: Katarzyna BiaÅ’asiewicz / 123RF)

If your living room has a more fun and cheerful decoration, the ideal is not to choose a marble or mirrored table, for example.

One of the most guaranteed materials is wood or MDF, as they usually work in several rooms. However, always think carefully if that furniture is ornate with the rest of the decor.

(Source of the highlighted image: schuetz-mediendesign / Pixabay)