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Welcome to our big cordless telephone test 2022. Here we present all the cordless phones we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best cordless phone for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a cordless phone.


  • A cordless telephone gives you more freedom of movement when making calls than a corded telephone.
  • In principle, there are two types of cordless phones: analogue cordless phones and ISDN cordless phones. In general, the analogue cordless phone is the most common type. The analogue cordless phones can differ in their function, features and design.
  • The transmission method varies from cordless phone to cordless phone. For example, you can choose between cordless phones with Bluetooth, VOIP or Wifi. Accordingly, they have different advantages but also disadvantages.

The Best Cordless Telephone: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a cordless phone

What criteria should I look for when buying a cordless phone?

Most cordless phones use DECT technology. If you want a modern and innovative cordless phone, they are usually already equipped with Bluetooth or Internet access, which can also be used for Voip. Depending on which signal transmission technology you choose, the cordless phone may have certain limitations or it may offer you a certain level of comfort.

Before buying, you should consider which model suits your needs. The features and functions vary from model to model. The following criteria should give you an idea of what to look for when buying a cordless phone.

Features and functions

Depending on the model of cordless telephone you choose, modern cordless telephones have several functions that make them easier to use. They can offer the following functions:

  • Answering machine
  • Calendar function
  • Call forwarding
  • Phone book
  • Caller ID display
  • Volume control
  • Baby monitor functions

With digital cordless phones, you then also have the option of internet access and can even send an SMS.


When looking at the display of cordless phones, make sure that the illumination can be easily adjusted. The size of the display is important for readability. A cordless phone usually has a two-colour display or a graphic display. However, there are other models that have a colour display. In this case, an LCD display or a TFT display is used.


Just like the mobile phone or smartphone, a cordless phone also emits electromagnetic radiation. In modern cordless phones, they are relatively low in radiation. However, if you cannot tolerate the radiation for health reasons, you should look out for the designation “ECO mode” when buying, which indicates low radiation.

An ECO mode reduces the radiation during use and in the base station by up to 80 percent.

An ECO mode plus can reduce radiation in standby mode by up to 100 percent.


The performance of the cordless phone understandably also depends on the battery type. Currently, there are three types of batteries used in cordless phones:

  • Nickel-cadium battery (NiCd)
  • Nickel-metal hybrid battery (NiMH)
  • Lithium-ion battery

Normally, NiCd is used in cheaper cordless phones. However, NiCd is not as powerful over many years of use as NiMH, which is most commonly found in modern and innovative cordless phones.

With a cordless phone, you are untethered throughout the house. (Picture source: / 41689954)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cordless phones over traditional corded landline phones?

The main difference between a mobile phone or smartphone and a cordless phone is that a cordless phone has a charging station. With the handset or handset, you have similar advantages as with your mobile phone:

More freedom of movement

A landline phone is tied to a location compared to a mobile phone or smartphone. However, with a modern cordless phone you have more mobility and convenience compared to corded phones.

Cordless phones are usually small, light and handy like a mobile phone. You can move freely when making a call from your home, office, business or outdoors.

Transmission technology

The most common transmission technology for cordless phones is DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunication). DECT telephony has been the international standard since 2009. A digital cordless telephone with an ISDN connection offers you high voice quality during voice transmission and is tap-proof thanks to a highly developed encryption technology.

Did you know that the British forget about 800,000 mobile phones in the pub every year?

Around 4.5 million Britons lose their mobile phones every year. That makes them the European leader. In addition to the many mobile phones forgotten in the pub, about 315,000 are left in taxis.

Telephone extension

With the base station as a telephone system, you can use several handsets or handsets. A cordless phone gives you the option of setting up your own telephone system and is therefore an advantage over corded landline phones. The handsets can also be from different manufacturers.

Depending on the features of the cordless phone, you can use four, six or even eight handsets. However, you must make sure that you buy a phone that is equipped with a “generic access profile” (GAP).


A corded phone has limited features compared to cordless phones. The features of cordless phones are varied and can include an answering machine, a colour display and a touch screen or call forwarding.

The modern and innovative cordless phones have functions similar to a mobile phone or smartphone and have internet access. (Picture source: / 40213898)


The corded phone is radiation-free compared to cordless phones. With a DECT phone, you can usually expect a high level of radiation. However, manufacturers also offer a low-radiation version of the cordless telephone.

Corded telephone

  • Radiation-free
  • Location-bound
  • Limited function and features
  • No telephone extension possible

Cordless telephone

  • More freedom of movement
  • More functions and applications
  • Emits electromagnetic radiation

Which cordless telephone is low in radiation?

A cordless telephone works via radio like a mobile phone. This can affect your health. In addition to DECT telephony, there are various transmission technologies with different levels of radiation. Wifi and Bluetooth telephony have the lowest radiation.

You can also connect a cordless phone with Bluetooth to other devices such as your smartphone and forward your calls via the cordless landline phone. Digital cordless phones emit radiation for 24 hours. A cordless phone with eco mode reduces the permanent radiation.

What cordless phones are available for Voip?

A VOIP cordless phone combines two transmission technologies: DECT and Internet telephony. With a VOIP phone you can also make calls over the Internet. You can get a fully equipped cordless VOIP phone with a WLAN router or an IP-capable base station.

How much does a cordless phone cost?

You can find a wide range of cordless phones in shops. A cordless phone can be relatively inexpensive. However, they can also be expensive if they have extensive features and functions. Depending on whether you are interested in brand-name products, they can cost between 20 euros and over 95 euros.

Decision: What types of cordless phones are there and which one is right for me?

Are you looking to buy a cordless phone for your home or business? You are not familiar with the variety of technologies for cordless phones? Then take a look at our website about cordless phones. Here you will get an overview of what types of cordless phones are available and what criteria you should look for when buying. There are many different types of cordless phones, each with different features and capacities. The signal transmission method in particular varies from model to model. The following cordless telephones with different transmission technologies are offered on the market:

  • DECT telephone
  • Cordless telephone with Bluetooth

The different types each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer, a different type is suitable for you. The following section will help you decide.

What are the features of a DECT phone and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A cordless phone is basically a DECT phone. The abbreviation stands for “digital enhanced cordless telecommunication”. The DECT standard is the most common form of cordless telephone and is technically a mobile radio system. The DECT standard not only enables cordless telephony, but also allows further transmission possibilities through internet access (IP telephony). However, this function is increasingly being displaced by WLAN.

  • International standard
  • Cordless telephone Transmission options via the Internet
  • High electromagnetic radiation
  • Possible health hazard

A major disadvantage of the DECT telephone is the high level of radiation it emits even when the cordless telephone is not in use. The high electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cordless phone can negatively affect other electrical appliances such as a microwave oven in the long run. Furthermore, there are health concerns with the use of cordless DECT phones.

What are the features of a cordless phone with Bluetooth and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

With an internet-enabled base station, you can make calls over the internet. It is usually cheaper. This voice transmission is called Voip (Voice over IP). Similar to this is VoWlan (Voice over WLAN), which is used for this purpose with WLAN. However, VoWlan has the disadvantage that it is difficult to keep the voice quality constant. If the cordless telephone has Bluetooth, you have the advantage that you can synchronise the data transmission with other end devices such as your smartphone. With Bluetooth, you can use a wireless headset and make calls without holding the handset.

  • Bluetooth synchronisation with other end devices possible
  • IP telephony reasonably priced
  • No consistent voice quality possible with WLAN
  • Security risk when telephoning via the Internet

A major flaw with wireless internet telephony (also Voip, IP telephony, VoWlan) is that the calls take place over the internet. It is therefore advisable to protect yourself with a secure password.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate cordless phones

We show you the essential factors you can take into account when comparing and evaluating cordless phones. The criteria should help you in the decision-making process to find a suitable cordless phone for you. In general, you can orientate yourself on the following buying criteria:

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Display
  • Display size
  • Number of available handsets
  • Extension possibility
  • Extra functions and features
  • Handling

In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you what is important in the individual criteria to make your purchase decision easier.

Dimensions and weight

Depending on which cordless phone model you are interested in, the size and weight can be decisive for you. A small and lightweight cordless phone can be very practical and easy to integrate into your everyday life. A large and heavy cordless phone may limit your comfort. If stability or robustness is important to you, it makes sense to consider the weight and size, and then also the material of the housing when buying.

Display and display size

Nowadays, the display is becoming more and more important for the user when buying a cordless phone. A distinction is made between a graphic display or black/white display and a colour display. The size of the display is important to ensure good readability. Typing in numbers and letters should be easier and legible.

A cordless telephone with a multi-line menu can display whole words and is therefore easier to read. This is a decisive criterion for the operation of the cordless telephone. In addition, a cordless phone with a colour display can also store pictures or photos in the contact list.

Furthermore, modern and innovative cordless phones with a colour display allow you to send and display emails. In addition, you can usually make a video call with a colour display. If you are a touchscreen fan, then you can only get this from cordless phones.

Use selected buying criteria to find your perfect cordless phone. (Image source: / PublicDomainPictures)

Handsets and expansion

Normally, when you buy a cordless phone, you get one or two handsets included. However, cordless phones offer you the possibility to use additional handsets. If you have a large household or run a small business, you can buy more handsets and create a telephone system.

This way, each household member or employee can have their own cordless phone with their own contact list and phone number. You can also make calls without incurring additional costs, as you do not need another telephone line.

Did you know that the most expensive telephone number in the world was worth over 2 million euros?

The phone number 666-6666 was auctioned off for charity in Qatar in 2006. The highest bid for the phone number was the equivalent of 2.1 million euros.

So you have the advantage that you can make private or business conference calls. For your safety, not everyone can buy a handset and make calls at your expense. To ensure smooth use, you first need a password or code so that you can lock yourself into the connection. Also, you would need to press a special button on the base station to connect to the new handset.

Extra features and functions

Especially with high quality modern and digital cordless phones, you may be offered a few extra features for more comfort:

  • Number text length, there is a time limit for your announcement text
  • Recording of accepted calls
  • Voice-guided operation, by voice control
  • Waterproof cordless phone, for outdoor lovers
  • Synchronisation with your PC, laptop or smartphone


When buying, make sure that the settings such as time, date and sound volume are quick and easy to set up for you. You can then also check whether transferring contacts from one handset to another is easy for you. For comfort, it is important that the cordless phone is light and comfortable to hold.

The casing (also size and weight) may be too big or too narrow, too light or too heavy for you. Also, see if the overall operation is designed to be understandable to you so that you can use the cordless phone quickly and easily without wasting your precious time reading the operating instructions.

Facts worth knowing about cordless phones

How does a cordless phone work?

A cordless telephone is a mobile radio telephone that usually consists of two parts: the handset and a base station, i.e. the charging station. The handset is independent of the base station and connected to it by radio. This means that when a telephone call is made, a connection is established via radio with the base station.

The base station functions like a telephone system. Furthermore, the base station is connected to a telephone connection, which is either analogue or via ISDN. An analogue telephone system can only be connected to an analogue telephone connection, while ISDN telephone systems can have both analogue and ISDN connections.

What is the range of cordless telephones?

The range of cordless telephones depends on several factors. Depending on whether obstacles such as thick concrete walls or trees are not in the way, a range of between 300 and 500 metres can be achieved in open terrain.

In buildings, it can be up to 50 metres. In practice, the range is disturbed by several factors, so that the quality of the signal transmissions suffers. With a rank extender or a repeater (signal amplifier) it is possible to increase the range and keep the voice quality consistent

What technologies are available for wireless voice transmission?

The following signal transmission technologies have been developed in recent years:

  • CT1
  • CT1+
  • CT2
  • CT3
  • DECT
  • Bluetooth
  • DECT CATiq
  • DECT over IP
  • VoWLan
  • Voice over IP
  • Wlan

What is a cordless telephone for seniors?

It is cordless telephones manufactured for the needs of specific target groups such as senior citizens, the visually impaired and the hearing impaired. In this model, the keys are usually larger and the phone is equipped with a larger housing and display.

The volume of the ring tone is higher than on the standard cordless phone so that the user does not miss any call. Furthermore, these models can be used in combination with hearing aids.

What should be looked for when buying cordless phones for seniors?

In order for the user to remember where he or she left the handset, care should be taken to ensure that there is a button on the base station which, when pressed, triggers an acoustic signal on the handset

Which cordless phones are suitable for users with pacemakers?

There are various concerns about whether the radiation from cordless phones is harmful to health and can also affect the functions of a pacemaker. A pacemaker is itself an electrical device that is implanted under the skin in people with heartbeats that are too slow.

It is therefore a vital device for the user. At home or at work, cordless phones are integrated into everyday life.

If you have a pacemaker and still want to buy a cordless phone, make sure that it complies with radiation guidelines according to German and international standards. You can also choose a low-radiation model.

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