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When you talk about condoms, you talk about a huge variety. This is because it is one of the most widely used sex care items in the world. The variety is often good, but it also makes it difficult to make a decision. Here’s what you need to know to buy the right ones.

Condoms are barrier condoms used to prevent the transmission of sexual diseases and pregnancy. They are sheaths, usually made of latex, that are placed over the penis before vaginal or anal penetration. The idea is that there is no direct contact between the two genitals and that semen does not enter the vagina.

A consequence of the widespread use of condoms is that numerous varieties have been developed and offered to the public. You can get condoms with different flavours and aromas, as well as different sizes and even textures that stimulate the vagina and increase pleasure.


  • Condoms are barrier methods to protect against venereal diseases and to prevent pregnancy. They are not 100% safe, but the chances of failure or breakage are very low.
  • Sexual experiences are a universe of sensations to be discovered, and condoms help you not only to protect yourself, but to diversify those experiences. That’s why textured condoms have been developed, as opposed to plain condoms, or regular condoms, in terms of cost.
  • Buying condoms is not complex, if you know what you are looking for. Always consider size, spermicide and quality, and pay attention to aspects such as taste, smell and texture if you are looking for diverse experiences.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about condoms

We all know what condoms are, but when it comes to shopping we realise we don’t know everything there is to know. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide, compiling everything you need to know to make the perfect purchase.

Condoms are one of the most widely used methods of sexual protection available. (Photo: Vasyl Dolmatov / 123rf)

What are condoms and what are their advantages?

Condoms are condoms made of various materials, which are placed on the penis to cover it and prevent it from coming into direct contact with the vagina or anal tract. They are one of the most effective methods of preventing the transmission of venereal diseases, which is why their use is recommended by specialists.

Among the advantages of these barrier methods is that not only does it protect against venereal diseases, but it can also prevent pregnancy in up to 97% of cases. However, there are risks when using them; they can break, cause allergies or be ineffective due to a defect.

  • Prevents venereal diseases
  • Effective contraception
  • Helpful for people with sensitive penis
  • Delays ejaculation
  • Decreases sensation
  • Disrupts foreplay
  • Can cause irritation
  • Material causes allergic reactions

Textured or smooth condoms What should you look out for?

There are many things to look out for when buying a condom. But one of the main and most striking is its texture, as this will play a role in all the other decisions you will make about your condoms.

Smooth condoms. Regular condoms are generally smooth, which means they don’t have any bumps. They serve the purpose of helping you have a safe and hygienic relationship, but they are not intended to generate more pleasure.

Textured condoms. Textured condoms have ridges, dots or raised patterns. This is intended to stimulate the vagina and enhance pleasure. It is one of the most popular factors in choosing a condom model.

Textured Smooth
Thickness Variable, depending on texture Thin and uniform
Texture Dots, half circles, straight or curved lines None
Cost Slightly higher Low

How much does a condom cost?

Because there is such a wide variety of brands and models on the market, there is also a huge range of prices. There are several aspects that play a role in the price, such as quality, size and number of pieces. Whether condoms are textured, scented or flavoured also affects the price.

The cheapest condoms can be around 30 MXN, which usually only includes 3 pieces of plain condoms. The most expensive condoms are well above this, as they can cost as much as 1,500 MXN, but those that reach this price usually have textured or other special features.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of breastfeeding pads

There are several aspects, or criteria, involved in the profile of the product you wish to buy. Because of this, you need to know and manage them, to ensure that the model you choose is satisfactory. So, consider these general criteria of choosing your condom.


Material is one of the most important aspects when it comes to sexual health commodities. Condoms are commonly made of latex rubber, as it is a very durable material, but there are also condoms made of other materials, such as polyurethane and polyisoprene.

Latex. Latex is popular because it can be made very thin without the danger of tearing, so it is effective in preventing the spread of disease. It can be used in contact with mucous membranes without health risks, but there is a high rate of latex allergy that can hinder its use, so if you have allergies don’t take the risk.

Polyurethane. This follows latex in popularity as a synthetic material that can be used without health risks. They can be the same thickness and width as latex condoms, and are safe to use if you use oil-based lubricants. The problem is that it is less stretchy and tends to slip.

Polyisoprene. Polyisoprene has the same advantages as latex and does not cause any allergies. In short, they are a more convenient material for making condoms, but they are much more expensive. If you have a good budget and want to play it safe, then go for polyisoprene.

Condoms are a good way to keep relationships safe. (Photo: iloveotto /


One of the innovations of condoms is the variety of flavours that have been included. This is intended to diversify the sexual experience and increase sexual pleasure and morbidity. In addition, for oral sex, a fruity flavour is much more pleasant than the characteristic taste of latex or polyurethane.

Flavoured condoms. There are many different flavours available, which open up many possibilities. There are fruit flavours, such as strawberry, banana, pineapple and many more. But you can also get flavours like chocolate and coffee. Look for them if you want a different experience when giving or receiving oral sex.

Regular condoms. Many people prefer regular condoms, because they don’t appreciate the artificial flavour. If you don’t need to spice up your sex life, or you won’t – or won’t – be having oral sex, then go for these and save a few bucks.


Smell is an important part of sex, as humans are also stimulated by smell. Latex does not have a particularly attractive scent, so condoms have been developed with different scents to help enhance the sexual environment.

You can get condoms with fruity and floral scents, as well as chocolate and other scents. There is a variety to choose from, if smell stimulates you, consider scented condoms as an option for you.


Some condoms contain a substance that kills most sperm

The development of spermicides is considered a major breakthrough in the sexual health industry. Spermicides are substances that kill most sperm, and are placed in the lubricant of condoms to further reduce the chances of pregnancy. They have the disadvantage that they can cause urinary tract infections.

But for best effectiveness, look for a separate spermicide

Recent studies have decreased the production of condoms with spermicide, as it has been proven that spermicide is much more effective when used separately from the condom. However, there are still options on the market for those who prefer this extra protection.


Another aspect of great importance and one for which there are many options among condoms. Not all men have the same size penis, some are long and thin, some are short and thick, some are long and thick, this depends on a lot of factors, but it is a definite aspect in the search for the right condom.

Condoms smaller than your size. If it is too small it may be uncomfortable or not cover the penis completely, so that the genitals would also be in contact and there is even a risk of sperm entering the vagina. It is not recommended to use them, to avoid accidents.

Condoms that are larger than your size. If it is too big, it can slip and fall off, bringing the genitals into direct contact, which is one of the incidents that condoms seek to avoid. Therefore it is not recommended to buy condoms larger than your size.

Using condoms is a sign of a responsible sex life. (Photo: Vasyl Dolmatov /


Of course, it is important to consider the quality of the product before buying it. In the case of condoms this is an essential aspect, and it is worth paying a little extra to ensure safety. One way to ensure a high quality condom is to look for condoms from well-known brands.

Of course, consider that they are manufactured according to established international safety standards. These are regulations that dictate the tests that must be done on condoms to ensure their strength. Condoms that do not pass these tests cannot be considered safe.

Number of pieces

This is a criterion that is considered to save time and money, as it can save you several trips to a pharmacy, forcing you to interrupt an intimate moment, or your condoms reaching their expiry date without being used, causing you to lose money.

Packs of 2 or 3 condoms. These are the most common sets you can find, because they are the most in demand. This is sufficient if you have sex sporadically, or if you don’t mind buying condoms often.

Packs of 9 or 12 condoms. But if your sex life is active, or you have a partner and they don’t protect themselves with another method of contraception, you might consider this option. This saves you a few trips to the pharmacy and probably a few bucks.

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