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This time we will talk about everything you need to know about computer keyboards and which are the best ones you can get in the market. A computer keyboard is one of the devices that allows the user to interact and work with a computer.

The computer keyboard is the most basic way in which a user can enter text and commands in order to communicate with a computer. This device is an evolution of its predecessor, the typewriter, from which it inherited the design and layout we use today.

We want to share all the information you need to select the computer keyboard that best suits your needs and your budget. We will go beyond the technical details to expose all the elements to consider when choosing the best computer keyboard for you.


  • Computer keyboards are considered the most basic equipment we have to communicate with our computer equipment. Their style and design is inspired by typewriters.
  • There are currently two types of computer keyboards: mechanical and membrane, and they can be wired or wireless. In mechanical keyboards, each key functions independently, while membrane keyboards have all keys interconnected.
  • The QWERTY layout is the most commonly used in computer keyboards. It was created to take advantage of the limitations of typewriters that existed in the early 1970s.

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What are computer keyboards and what is their benefit?

A computer keyboard is a primary input device used to enter letters, numbers and other characters that can be executed as commands on a computer. The design of the computer keyboard is based on the model used in typewriters.

Most computer keyboards connect to devices via USB ports or wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Before these connections became popular keyboards used PS/2 connectors or AT (Din5) to communicate with desktop computers.

Today the market offers a wide variety of brands and models of computer keyboards. Each incorporates different capabilities and functions, as mentioned above. Depending on the make and model, the cost of computer keyboards will vary.

  • They are easy to use
  • Some have an ergonomic design or have LED lights for working in dark environments
  • They can be connected wirelessly or by USB connection
  • They may have additional functions in addition to the classic keys
  • They can get dirty very easily compromising their performance
  • The keys can be erased or damaged in its mechanism
  • By constant use can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

Mechanical or Membrane Keyboard – What should you pay attention to?

In the computer keyboard market there are 2 types of key design technology. The first is called a mechanical keyboard and the second is known as a membrane keyboard. You should choose yours based on your particular needs.

The mechanical keyboard is characterised by being very resistant and by having an individual mechanism on each key that makes it independent from the rest when pressed. This type of technology is the most popular in the world of computer keyboards because of its precision and durability.

In the membrane technology keyboard, the keys are not separate and are pressure pads that have outlines and symbols printed on a flat, flexible surface. This keyboard is much cheaper to produce, but tends to be more fragile compared to a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards Membrane keyboards
Key operation Each key functions independently The keys have pads connected by a membrane
Popularity The most widely used option Not widely sought after
Resistance They are resistant Fragile

What types of computer keyboards are there?

The market also offers several types of computer keyboards. Each is designed to meet the needs of a specific audience. The computer keyboards available can be classified into: conventional, multimedia, flexible, ergonomic and gaming keyboards.

Conventional keyboards correspond to the standard model we know today

Conventional keyboards correspond to the standard model we know today, as they vary almost nothing from the original model. They are the starting point for the other models mentioned below.

The design of multimedia keyboards is similar to that of conventional keyboards, but they incorporate additional keys that allow direct control of functions that are widely used by users. Generally, these additional keys control everything related to media players.

Flexible computer keyboards, as their name suggests, allow them to be folded, rolled or bent in order to be transported without taking up much space and in tiny places. They are made of silicone or plastic and, due to the flexibility of their components, are more resistant to shocks than a conventional keyboard.

Ergonomic keyboards are similar in style to standard or multimedia keyboards. What differentiates it from these is that its design is intended for the user to adopt a more comfortable typing position for their hands and body. This computer keyboard is for those who spend long hours working with their computer.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of computer keyboards

The computer keyboard is one of the most important parts of our computer equipment as it is what allows us to communicate with a computer. There is no computer that does not require a keyboard, so you should pay attention to these criteria for a successful purchase.

  • Connectivity
  • Stability
  • Accessories


This section will depend on how many hours you spend in front of a computer. If you spend an average of 8 hours or more, it is recommended that you buy a wired computer keyboard. This way you can be sure that you will be able to type as much as you want without worrying about your keyboard running out of batteries.

On the other hand, if your usage is less, a wireless keyboard may be your best option. It allows you great mobility by giving you the ability to type from anywhere in the room as long as the Bluetooth signal reaches you.


It seems like a no-brainer, but no matter how great a computer keyboard looks, if it doesn’t stay stable on a table or desk it can be very uncomfortable. A computer keyboard that moves when you are working with it can cause you to make a lot of mistakes when typing, programming or playing games.

Therefore, before buying it, the best thing to do is to test if the computer keyboard is stable. To do this, you should place it on a flat surface and simulate that you are working with it. This way you will find out if the keyboard moves or not.

Nothing like a good keyboard to work for hours without tiring yourself out. (Photo: Pexels / 123rf)


It is important to know if the computer keyboard you want has an extra advantage or accessory that simplifies your work. Nowadays there are computer keyboards that include extra USB ports, a key to control the volume or lights so you can work in dark environments.

It is practical to have a computer keyboard with an extra feature as it can be very useful and save time in our work. Obviously depending on the accessory or additional command the price of the computer keyboard will be higher.

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