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Watching TV series has become a favourite programme for many people. So, there are drama, fiction, romance and today we will talk about the best comedy series.

There is nothing better than turning on the TV and watching a good comedy to put the sadness aside. This goes for series as well and there are several titles that follow this theme and have become the favorites of the public. In this article we tell you all about them.


  • There are comedy series that are old and are still very successful among the public. An example of this is Friends.
  • Currently the easiest way to watch the best comedy series is through streaming services.
  • Comedy series never go out of fashion and often new titles are released that fall into people’s tastes.

The best comedy series: Our Picks

All about the best comedy series

The comedy series have been successful among the public for many years and promote good moments of fun for people of all ages. Therefore, below we will talk about the best comedy series, check it out!

Na foto um homem de costas em frente a uma televisão.

The streaming services are full of comedy series. (Source: mohamed_hassan/ Pixabay)

What are the best comedy series of all time?

Those who follow the universe of series know that there are titles that were released years ago and still make great success.

Precisely because of this, many series that are no longer recorded for a long time are still part of the catalogues of streaming services.

Thus, below we list what are the best comedy series of all time.

  • Friends: There is no way to talk about comedy series and not highlight the iconic Friends. It shows the daily life of a group of friends who live in New York and are united by the bonds of friendship and romance.
  • Two and a half man: This comedy is set in Malibu, California, and shows the life of two brothers, one a traditionally rich bachelor and the other divorced.
  • Simpsons: Many people do not know, but Simpsons is considered a series. This production consists of a satirical parody that portrays the life of a middle-class family in the United States.
  • Modern Family: Another production that deserves to be among the best comedy series of all times is this one. Filmed in documentary style, Modern Family’s story is based on the chaotic Pritchett family.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Featuring the story of four traditional nerds, this series has a touch of ironic comedy and has achieved great success.

Including, many of these series gave rise to some products that can be purchased by fans. Below we have made a selection of the best ones.

Know the best rated comedy series on Netflix

Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world and that’s why many smart TV models already have their app installed.

What makes it so popular is its catalogue of film series, which is very vast and even includes its own productions.

Soon, it is obvious that on Netflix are found numerous comedy series and below we list the darlings of the public.

  • Modern Family (98% relevant): No wonder Modern Family is among the best comedy series of all time and on Netflix it’s also a big hit.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (96% relevant): This series is a mix of police production and comedy and shows in a very funny way the daily life inside a police station.
  • Good Girls (96% relevant): Telling the story of three quiet housewives who plan to rob a bank, this series is a mix of comedy, drama and action.
  • Grace and Frankie (95% relevant): This production tells the story of Gracie and Frankie, two women who become friends after their husbands file for divorce to marry each other.
  • The Good Place (94% relevant): In The Good Place the story is told of Eleanor, a woman who dies and is sent to the good side of the afterlife by mistake.
  • Dial a friend to kill (94% relevant): With touches of black humour, this production tells the story of a widow who befriends an eccentric and optimistic woman.

Na foto uma mão segurando um controle em frente a uma TV com Netflix.

Netflix has several comedy series very well rated by the public. (Source: Tumisu/ Pixabay)

Amazon Prime Video’s best comedy series

Launched in 2019, the Amazon Prime service has won over many Brazilians, mainly because of the entertainment package found on Amazon Prime Video.

Thanks to this, this streaming has competed directly with Netflix and also offers several series.

Therefore, we prepared a list with the best comedy series Amazon Prime, know:

  • The Office: This is one of the best rated series on the platform and has a pseudo-documentary format. It shows the daily life of an office in a very humorous and funny way.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: This is an Amazon original production. Set in 1958, it tells the story of a New York housewife who discovers she has a special talent for stand-up.
  • How I met your mother: Very famous and acclaimed by the public, this story is set as a documentary in which a father tells his children his story with their mother.
  • A maniac in the piece: Even though it is an old series, it is still very successful. In it it is possible to follow the life of a young man who is sent to California to live with his rich uncles.


If you are part of the series lovers and love the comedy style know that we created this article especially for you.

In it we have gathered the best comedy series of all time and the titles that are most successful on streaming services.

We hope you enjoyed it and thank you for visiting!

(Featured image source: afra32/ Pixabay)