Last updated: 16/10/2022

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Bringing joy into our lives improves both body and mind. Cinema can be a great option to achieve happiness. Therefore, we have prepared an article about the best comedy movies!

In the following lines, we will get to know a little more about this genre that has roots in other arts and has always accompanied the cinema in all countries and eras. Besides talking about great films, we will also bring some curiosities to help you choose what to watch!


  • Comedy is one of the oldest genres in cinema and has always produced excellent examples in various eras and countries.
  • There are various types of comedies. They can appeal to all kinds of people, whether it’s those looking for complex scripts or those who just want to clear their minds and laugh.
  • Many of the great names in the history of cinema have made comedies. If you’re looking to complete the work of your favourite directors, you’re sure to pass through the genre!

The best comedy movies: Our picks

Selection criteria: How to decide which movie to watch

After all these great options of movies to watch, you still have doubts? Don’t worry, we will now discuss some important criteria to help you make your choice:

Stay tuned in the next paragraphs to know more about them!

Comedy style

Comedy is one of the genres that has the most copies in cinema. Many are released every year. However, the differences between one and the other exist due to the main fact that there are also several sub-genres.

We can cite, for example, the dramatic comedy, which mixes funny moments in plots that are usually tense and full of difficult moments. And, of course, the famous romantic comedies, in which a love relationship is at the centre of everything.

In more technical terms, we can mention pastel comedy, traditional in the early days of cinema, mainly in films by stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton and characterised by easy laughter, and satire, which takes a situation or another work to turn it into a reason for jokes, always with clear references.

What is your favourite type of comedy? We have prepared a table to help you!

Dramatic comedy Romantic comedy Pastel comedy Satire
Main characteristic Comedy is allied to dramatic or difficult situations Comedy is linked to a love relationship It always seeks easy laughter and absurd situations Transforms a situation or work into a person
Indicated for Who wants to have a more complex experience, besides the laughs People who want to have fun with a romantic product Who just wants to have a lot of laughs, even if the jokes are obvious Those who already know the reason for satire and are interested in the comic version


Are you the kind of person who is interested in the director of a film? If so, you should know that many great geniuses of the cinema have had great roles in comedy, and some of them have even been characterized mainly by their work in the genre.

In the films mentioned in this article, we have the great Quentin Tarantino (“Once upon a time… in Hollywood”), one of the best known filmmakers, but also Charlie Chaplin (“Modern Times”), who was always in comedy in his career.

Ernst Lubitsch (“To Be or Not to Be”) and Ettore Scola (“Ugly, Dirty and Wicked”) are two critics’ favourite directors, and Todd Phillips (“If You Drink, Don’t Marry”) recently had success with “Joker”.


There are several actors who have built a career in comedy. Of the current names, we can mention Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey and Melissa McCarthy. And, of course, there are the classics, such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

If you want to watch a comedy for the quality of the cast, options are not lacking. You can surrender to Chaplin’s talent in “Modern Times”, watch the Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt combo in “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” or enjoy the charisma of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in “Superbad – It’s Today”.


Comedy has changed a lot during the history of cinema. In the beginning, it prized simplicity, especially with gestures and exaggerations. It was the silent cinema. Later, it became more rational and complex, showing the talent of great directors and screenwriters.

In more recent times, it has started to be slurred again, giving space to teenagers looking for sex or drugs, most of the times getting themselves into trouble. So if you’re looking for a good comedy, you might as well think about the era you want. Fans of old movies can delight in the genre!

Did you know that comedy was one of the first genres developed in cinema? The theatrical heritage played a major role in this. Inventors of the seventh art, the Lumière Brothers produced “The Watering Can” in 1896 already using characteristics that would be remarkable until today.

Recommendation by age

Are you going to watch a comedy with children or teenagers? Then be careful and pay attention to the age recommendations! The genre is one of the champions in inappropriate films, since it usually has many sex scenes and various swear words.

It is also possible that there are scenes of violence, as in the case of “Once upon a time… in Hollywood”, or drug use. In any case, there is always the indicative rating which is capable of guiding parents and other guardians with precision!

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