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Our coffee table test 2022 will help you find the best coffee table for you. We have taken a close look at different shapes, materials, sizes and brands, compared them and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. Our guide will make your purchase decision a lot easier.


  • A coffee table can add the finishing touch to your living room. No matter what style, the coffee table is not only a practical storage surface, but also a visual enhancement of the room.
  • Square, round, high, low, made of wood or glass? When buying a coffee table, you should keep a few factors in mind. We analyse the individual categories to make your purchase decision easier and to find the right coffee table with you.
  • We also have a solution for the indecisive. Height-adjustable and extendable tables that can be used flexibly without being limited to one size.

The Best Coffee Table: Our Picks

Coffee table: buying and evaluation criteria

To make your decision easier when buying a coffee table, we have listed the most important buying criteria for you here.

In the following paragraphs, we will analyse the individual criteria in more detail to give you a better overview of them.


The material the coffee table is made of is a decisive point for most buyers.

Wooden coffee tables are among the most popular on the list.

Wooden coffee tables are among the most popular on the list. A distinction is made between coffee tables made of solid wood and those made of wooden boards. Whereby the latter belong to the lighter variant. Both, however, are available in a variety of finishes. A distinction can be made between dark/red and light wood types.

  • The thinner wood types include oak, walnut, larch, mahogany or teak.
  • The lighter wood types include birch, maple, ash or spruce.

In addition, there are other options for coffee tables, such as glass, stone, metal or combinations of the different materials.


The shape of the coffee table should also not be underestimated. There are rectangular, polygonal, square, round, oval, with pointed edges or with rounded edges.

Which coffee table goes with which sofa is a matter of taste and sometimes not so easy to answer. Nevertheless, there are certain rules of thumb that you can find listed here and that interior design experts recommend you follow:

  • Square coffee tables are perfect for elongated sofas and larger living areas.
  • Round coffee tables are very suitable for small spaces and smaller sofas.


The coffee table should not only offer a practical storage surface, but also underline the style of the room.

The variety of styles when buying coffee tables leaves options open for all dreams. Whether you are looking for a traditional country house coffee table or a modern table in industrial style.

Therefore, you should be aware of the style you are aiming for before buying.

Therefore, you should be aware of the style you are aiming for before you buy. For this reason, most online platforms have built style filters into their search options to make it easier to find the perfect coffee table. In specialist shops, too, you will find the right coffee table much better and faster by deciding on the style beforehand.


In principle, the brand plays an important role for many people when choosing their furniture. It is also important when buying a coffee table.

Here, of course, it should be noted that designer tables are in the higher price category. However, those who consider cheaper alternatives are well served by Ikea, Möbelix or XXX Lutz. Online suppliers such as Amazon or Ebay are also popular alternatives when buying a coffee table.

Coffee tables are offered in almost every furniture shop, but also in decor shops (such as Depot). If you attach great importance to quality, you can also have your coffee table made to measure.


When deciding on the size, it is important to consider how many people will use the coffee table on average, as everyone wants a piece of the table for themselves.

The coffee table can be slightly lower than the reclining surface of the sofa so that it is easy to see over the table even when lying down.

Simply put, the height of the table should be adapted to the seating furniture and how it is used.

If you don’t lie on the sofa much, but prefer to sit there and drink coffee, the coffee table can be a little higher than the sofa.

Please note that the coffee table should make up about one third of the sofa so that it does not appear too large in the overall picture. However, this is a matter of taste and depends solely on the buyer.

Coffee table: Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you will find the answers to the most important questions about “coffee table”. We have selected the most frequently asked questions for you and answered them so that no more questions remain unanswered.

What types of coffee tables are there?

If you are looking for a coffee table, you need to think about what kind of table you want. There are small, large, square or round coffee tables. But this question should be clarified later.


Coffee tables come in countless designs. The most important factors are material and shape. Material combinations are also a popular option.
(Image source: Victor Hughes / unsplash)

First of all, it is important to roughly distinguish between dynamic and fixed coffee tables. You can use the table to decide which table is right for you.

Type Description
Dynamic coffee table Height-adjustable and extendable tables that promise a high degree of flexibility.
Fixed coffee table These coffee tables are fixed in size and height. That’s why more precise research is required when choosing these tables.

What does a coffee table cost?

When buying a coffee table, you should expect to pay between €15 and €700. This depends on where you buy your coffee table or have it made.

What are the alternatives to a coffee table?

A coffee table doesn’t always have to be the first choice and sometimes doesn’t fit stylistically into the room. Traditional coffee tables are usually not versatile either. Besides, a coffee table alternative can give your living room a unique flair.


A rectangular, white coffee table made of pallets. An inexpensive alternative to the classic coffee table.
(Image source: Karolina Grabowski / pixabay)

So if a coffee table is too conventional for you, here is a list of alternatives you can switch to.

Alternative Description
Tufted Osmane Osmanes are not only a cosy alternative, but with a tray on top they also provide a stable shelf. In addition to the function of a coffee table, they also offer the function of a comfortable footstool after a cup of coffee.
Chests vintage trunks or modern chests are now available in almost every specialist shop. Due to their height and mostly flat surface, they serve perfectly as coffee table alternatives. A bonus point is the large storage space of chests.
Stools garden stools, upholstered stools or wooden stools. A stool is a practical alternative as it is available in any design and can also be used as an additional seating option.
Pallet If you are looking for a cheap, quick alternative, you can use pallets. These can be transformed into a trendy coffee table in no time at all.

How high should a coffee table be?

There is no general answer to this question because, as already mentioned, it depends very much on the use of the surrounding seating.


A round coffee table can add a certain dynamism to the room. The height of the coffee table should always be adapted to the seating furniture.
(Image source: Engin Akyurt / pixabay)

Nevertheless, a coffee table should generally be the same height as the seating furniture. On average, this is 40-50 cm. The distance between the sofa and the coffee table should be about 45 cm.

Height-adjustable or extendable coffee tables are a good alternative, as they can be individually adjusted.


By buying a coffee table, you can enhance your living room and underline the style of the room. Thanks to the variety of different coffee tables, there is something for every taste.

The most important factors when buying are the size, height, material and style of the table. It is always important to consider which table goes with which sofa and how large the room is in which the coffee table is to be placed. If you still can’t find a suitable coffee table among the large selection, you can also opt for stylish alternatives or simply build your own coffee table.

Image source: in4mal / 123rf