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The variety of foods is becoming ever greater. Foods that not only serve as food, but also offer other benefits, also continue to increase. Keeping an overview is becoming increasingly difficult. Often there are also numerous variations of a product. This makes the choice even more difficult.

Coconut cream is also one of these foods. It is available in different forms, which in turn can contain different nutritional values. Likewise, the forms can each be used for different areas. To help you keep an overview, we have listed important criteria to consider and answered relevant questions.


  • Coconut creams have a lower water content than coconut milk. They are also available in solid form or spreadable creams. In terms of price, coconut creams are already available at low prices.
  • Coconut creams are particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans to replace animal products. Especially when cooking or baking, the cream can be a good substitute for milk. Usually, the coconut flavour in the dishes is less strong than expected.
  • The cream is used for baking, cooking or often in cocktails. Coconut cream can also be used to care for the hair or skin. Due to the good ingredients, it is well suited for this purpose.

The best Coconut Cream: Our Picks

We have put together a list of coconut cream products so that you can compare them at a glance. This should show you in which features the different creams differ and where they are similar. Perhaps you can find a favourite for yourself here.

Buying and evaluation criteria for coconut creams

When buying a coconut cream, it is also useful to consider some criteria. These can help you rule out creams or find the right one. Three relevant criteria are listed below.

These three criteria can help you choose the right coconut cream. To make sure you really know why these criteria are relevant, we have described them in more detail below.

Fat content

The fat content can also be relevant when buying coconut cream. The thicker or firmer the coconut cream is, the higher the fat content will be.

So if you are looking for a product with little fat, a coconut cream with a high water content will be advantageous. Because if the proportion of water is higher, the fat content will be somewhat lower than, for example, relatively solid coconut creams for spreading.

Water content

The water content can be an important criterion for buying or against buying. Depending on what you want to use the coconut cream for, a certain water content can be an advantage. This makes the cream a little more liquid.

However, if you need a more solid coconut cream, the water content should be low or even non-existent. However, the water content of coconut cream is always lower than that of coconut milk. This is also the biggest difference between these two products.

Shelf life

Shelf life can also be relevant when deciding what to buy. If you decide to buy multiple packs, it is important to pay attention to the longest possible shelf life. However, once a package has been opened, it should be used within the next few days. Otherwise, the coconut cream will spoil.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about coconut cream answered in detail

Despite some new findings, you probably still have a few unanswered questions in your mind. We would like to answer them for you as well. Therefore, you will find important questions about coconut cream in the following sections.

Who is coconut cream suitable for?

Coconut cream is suitable for anyone looking for alternatives to cooking and baking. It can be a good substitute for dairy products, as the coconut flavour is hardly noticeable in most dishes. This makes the cream especially popular with vegans and vegetarians.

But also people who are looking for natural skin and hair care can find a suitable product in coconut cream. In this way, chemical or even animal products are dispensed with.

What types of coconut creams are there?

Coconut creams are available in different forms. This means that they can be used in different areas. For example, there are creams in a more liquid form with a relatively high water content. However, the water content here is lower than that of coconut milk.

Coconut creams are available in different variants. They can be liquid, solid or creamy. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of dishes. For example, as a topping for a bowl or in coffee as a substitute for milk. (Image source: Louise Burton / Unspalsh)

They are usually available in tins. Coconut cream is also available in solid form. They are usually found in a block. But also as the name suggests, coconut creams also come in spreadable form.

In addition, the various creams are available in unsweetened as well as sweetened varieties. Thus, a sweetened one can be used very well for cocktails or for baking, while the unsweetened one is used more for cooking.

What can a coconut cream be used for?

A coconut cream can be used in various areas. Due to the different varieties in which the cream is available, it is important to find the right one for you. Coconut cream can be used for cooking and baking.

It is used especially for soups or curries. But coconut cream is also a popular ingredient for cocktails. It provides a unique taste and a creamy consistency. Here, the liquid, sweetened version is especially used. The cream is also popular as a topping for bowls or porridge.

Coconut creams are also increasingly used for hair and skin care. Due to the fat it contains, it has a moisturising effect. The saturated fatty acids contained can also protect against dandruff and hair loss. Hair growth can also be stimulated. However, natural products without additives should be used.


Coconut cream is particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It can replace animal products and is not that expensive. However, this usually only applies to natural creams that are without additives. If they contain additives, it is often the case that they are not vegan or vegetarian.

Coconut cream can be used in many ways. Since it can be obtained sweetened and unsweetened in liquid, solid and creamy form, there are increasingly new possibilities for coconut cream. It can be used for cooking, baking, cocktails, but also for hair and skin care.

(Cover picture: 123rf / Ratchapol Yindeesuk)