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Wardrobe hooks are a practical and chic solution for keeping your clothes tidy. In addition to plain white designs for the office, you can also find original hooks for the children’s room or the maritime bathroom online.

Thanks to these different designs from vintage and stainless steel to wooden ones to stick on, there is a suitable home for the beloved jackets for every seeker. If you don’t want to build your own coat hooks, we show you here what you should look for when buying. For our product comparison, we have compared various unusual and modern models and worked out the most important aspects.


  • Coat hooks are a practical solution for quickly hanging up your clothes. Coat hooks come in different sizes, designs and materials. Therefore, there is a suitable coat hook on the market for every room, every person and every purpose.
  • Plain coat hooks made of stainless steel are best suited for modern or public buildings. If you are looking for a homely design, you are better off with coat hooks made of wood. Cool designs can be found especially for children’s rooms, but also designs in the shape of animals, letters and in the style of the 50s, 60s and 70s can be found online.
  • Because coat hooks can be bought very cheaply, you should make sure that they can withstand enough weight and have enough hooks for the whole family. You should also consider where you want to place the hooks. Mount the hooks at chest or stomach level if children are using them. Otherwise at eye level.

The Best Coat Hook: Our Choices

In the following, we have compiled our favourites. This should help you to simplify your purchase decision and to find the right coat hooks for your needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for coat hooks

In order to find the right coat hook for you, we have worked out some criteria that you should consider when making your purchase decision. With these criteria, you can easily compare individual models and objectively make the best choice for your needs. The criteria you can use to compare coat hooks are as follows:

In the following, we will present the individual purchase criteria in a little more detail so that you can make your decision with confidence.


Do you want your coat hook to be suitable for the whole family or do you only want to hang your own two jackets on it? Depending on the use, you should make sure that the coat hook offers enough space for all jackets without constantly hanging empty. Coat hooks for the whole flat should have at least one hook per resident.

You should also bear in mind that more jackets are usually used in winter than in summer and that guests will also want to hang up their jackets on you from time to time.


Depending on where you want to place your coat rack, you should make sure that the materials are compatible with the surroundings. For example, if your hallway is wood-clad, a coat hook made of stainless steel or plastic might look out of place.

In this case, a coat hook made of a similar type of wood is recommended. However, if you want to hang your coat rack in a more modern room, materials such as brass or stainless steel would be a suitable choice.


To ensure that there is enough room for all your clothes on your coat hook, you should consider the shape of your coat rack. For a simple design, go for straight and single hooks. However, if you prefer to store a lot of small items such as scarves and hats on them, curved hooks with several tips would probably be an option for you.

They provide additional storage space. You can also choose between individual coat hooks and a hook rail. Individual hooks can be placed at the desired distance from each other and thus either fill empty space or save space. A coat rack, on the other hand, is more uniform and creates a symmetrical look.

Load capacity

Especially if you want to hang heavier items such as handbags or thick winter coats on your coat hooks, you should consider how much weight your coat hook must be able to carry. In winter, it can therefore be practical if your hooks can withstand a few kilos. However, if you only want to hang thin jackets and children’s jackets, you can go for the more elegant design.


Before you choose a coat hook, you should consider how and where you want to hang it. If you have a plasterboard wall, you will need to buy suitable dowels beforehand to screw the coat hook on. If you want to mount it on glass, make sure that the coat hooks are suitable. But even on a simple surface, you can decide whether you want to attach the coat rack with a drill or glue it on.

If you have a drill and are good with your hands, there is nothing to stop you mounting the coat rack on the wall. But if you don’t want to damage the wall, there are also coat hooks that hold very well if you attach them with a strong adhesive.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about coat hooks answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about coat hooks. In this way, we want to clear up any questions you may have.

What types of coat hooks are there?

The most common types of coat hooks are hooks on which you can hang either one or two items of clothing. The functional single hooks are often found in offices and public facilities. Coat hooks with two hooks are usually a bit fancier. That’s why they are either attached when a lot of value is placed on a chic design or to achieve a vintage look.


Coat hooks are useful for hanging clothes away neatly. To make them convenient to reach, they are often placed just above eye level. (Image source: Alyssa Strohmann / Unsplash)

But if you’re a fan of design, you can also make a fashion statement with your coat rack. For example, there are hooks in the shape of little stick figures, branches, guitars and many animals. Thus, coat hooks can be personally selected according to interests and hobbies.

Furthermore, coat hooks are available in all kinds of colours and can therefore be chosen to match any wall colour. Colourful designs can be found especially in children’s rooms, where they depict the child’s name in letter form. Those who prefer colours, of course, can always opt for a plain wood tone. So there are no limits to the possibilities.

How much do coat hooks cost?

The price of coat hooks depends mainly on the number of hooks and the workmanship. Therefore, the price varies from bargain prices to expensive designer prices. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5 – 10 €) Mostly single hooks, often made of steel, simple design
Medium-priced (10 – 30 €) Mostly several hooks, often made of steel and wood, good workmanship and chic designs
High-priced (from 30 €) Mostly designer pieces, made of high-quality material and solid wood

With the help of this table, you will hopefully be able to better assess your needs and upcoming costs.

At what height should coat hooks be mounted?

There is no right or wrong height for your coat hooks. The most important thing is that all residents can reach the hooks and that your clothes do not hang all the way to the floor. It is also practical if shoes and boots can be placed under the jackets.

As a guideline, it is said that wardrobes slightly above eye level are comfortable to reach. If children also hang their jackets on your coat rack, the hooks should perhaps be placed at chest height or below. Here it is practical to buy individual coat hooks. You can then mount the hooks for adults and children at different heights. But in the end, it doesn’t matter at what height a hook hangs, as long as all family members can comfortably hang up their clothes.

Where in the room do you put coat hooks?

Depending on the room you want to put coat hooks in, you should consider where you will need the hooks most often. In the case of coat hooks for the entrance area, for example, it is practical to place the hooks on a free wall near the door.

That way, when you come home, you can hang up your jackets neatly. If you hang your coat hooks in the bathroom, however, it is usually better to place them on the door or a free wall so that wet towels can dry better on them.


Coat hooks in the entrance area are helpful to keep your home tidy. Thanks to the many different designs and sizes, everyone can find the right coat hooks for their taste. When buying coat hooks, you should always consider how you want to use them and where you want to mount them.

Important points are the appropriate size and material, a suitable shape for your home, sufficient load-bearing capacity if you want to hang heavy things on them, and mounting, which you can do either with a drill or by gluing. Before buying, it is important to consider all the criteria so that you can find a wardrobe that suits you and your needs.

Photo source: Olga Yastremska / 123rf