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We know how important instruments and accessories are for an artist during his practices and performances, as a guitar is for the guitarist, so are the shoes for the clown, so we want you to know every detail about it so you can make the best decision.

Clown shoes have a great diversity of variations in terms of their types, manufacturing materials, size and other characteristics, and before deciding on a specific one, it is best to know them in depth to choose the best one according to our needs and occasions of use.

For this and more is that in ReviewBox we want you to know both the technical details and the basic characteristics of clown shoes, so that based on your own criteria you can make the best purchase decision and without being fooled by misleading marketing or insistent sellers, what are you waiting for?


  • Clown shoes are a type of footwear characterised by their large and disproportionate size, as well as unique designs and vivid, eye-catching colours. Their main benefit over other shoes is to be able to bring a comical addition to the wearer, thus enriching their amusing presentations.
  • There are different types of materials used to make these shoes, but among the most used and common ones are patent leather and fabric, which have some similarities but also, each one has its uniqueness, with a different durability, as well as comfort, price and aesthetics.
  • When deciding on a specific pair of shoes, there are different criteria to consider in order to make the best purchase decision, such as the materials of manufacture, the size, weight and durability of the clown shoes; these criteria will make the difference in defining your favourite pair.

The Best Clown Shoes: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Anyone would think that choosing the ideal clown shoes is a matter of a few minutes, getting the best deal and the flashiest option, but in reality there are certain criteria that will make the ideal footwear for your practices and performances, bringing more colour and also fun with their disproportionate size.

Clown shoes are usually accompanied by a pair of striped socks, quite characteristic and particular. (Photo: Ольга Глебская / 123rf.Com)

What is a clown shoe and what are its advantages?

Clown shoes are a really characteristic accessory of these entertaining and humorous entertainers. Just like the red nose, wide suit, wig and make-up, it is necessary for a real clown to wear excessively large and disproportionate shoes with very unique features.

These shoes are usually very brightly coloured and brightly coloured, with a rounded toe and long soles; they are usually accompanied by very long, striped socks, which are also very particular to clowns. There is a huge variety of designs and styles.

Their main advantage over other types of shoes is that they allow the clown to better characterise his character, adding a comical touch due to their disproportionate dimensions, thus making it easier to bring smiles to children’s faces just by their funny way of walking.

  • They serve to characterise the character
  • They add a comic and humorous touch
  • They are aesthetically striking.
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • They can cause fatigue due to their weight
  • They can deteriorate.

Patent leather or fabric clown shoes – what should you look out for?

Among the different comparisons that can arise with clown shoes, it is normal that there is the same between the different materials with which they can be made, since structurally they are very similar and share the same function, but aesthetically they look different and their durability can vary.

Patent leather clown shoes. These shoes are characterised by bright and vivid colours, as well as unique and extravagant designs. This type of material is extremely shiny, which makes it more eye-catching to children’s eyes, has greater durability, however, it is more prone to deterioration from scratches.

Cloth clown shoes. Their durability is greater, so they can be exposed to more risky situations, besides being more flexible and comfortable, however, their colours are usually opaque, and they tend to fade with the passage of time.

Patent leather clown shoes Cloth clown shoes.
Aesthetics They are much more aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching They are slightly less aesthetically pleasing due to their dull colours.
Durability They are more prone to damage from scratches or scuffs They tend to fade over time, but have greater resistance.
Comfort They are usually stiff and less flexible They offer greater comfort due to their flexibility and adaptability.
Price Their price is high They can be obtained for a lower price.

How much do clown shoes cost?

Clown shoes can be found in great variety according to the different factors that define them, since they can be manufactured with different materials that would directly affect the quality of the final result, and other characteristics that will make the difference to choose the best pair of clown shoes.

When making a purchase decision, it is necessary to take precaution by knowing the costs of the product, mainly so as not to pay too much and to be able to recognise a good offer as soon as we have it in front of us.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of clown shoes

There are several necessary factors to know about clown shoes, since they are details and features ranging from the most basic to technical aspects that will make the difference to make the best purchase decision based on your own criteria. Only knowledge will make you choose the best options.

  • Materials of manufacture
  • Size and size
  • Weight
  • Durability

Materials of manufacture

Clown shoes can be made of different materials such as patent leather, fabric, plastic, eva rubber, leather and others, each of these with quite peculiar characteristics that will define the best purchase option. The manufacturing material will guarantee the durability of the product; we tell you about the main ones.

Plastic. They are totally rigid and immobile, which makes them uncomfortable to use, however, they have greater durability since they do not fade or tear easily; their colours are vivid and bright, besides maintaining a price on the margin of the other materials, which makes them a good option.

EVA rubber. This material is very flexible and mouldable, you can usually find this material in homemade realisations of this product, also in costumes for children, since its price is very low, however, it is really prone to tearing, so it does not have a great durability.

Leather. It is a classic material to use in footwear, so you can get clown shoes made with this material, they are much more expensive but also durable; they are uncommon due to their high prices, but they offer an excellent quality and an undoubtedly attractive aesthetics, with very bright and flashy colours.

Sizing and sizing

Clown shoes usually have an overall length of around 30 centimetres, but that is the outside size, as inside there is a sort of double bottom, with another shoe that should be the ideal size for your foot. The outside size may vary a little, but the most recommended size will depend on the size of your foot.

It is important to make sure that the shoe is completely matching in size, both inside and out, as one size too many on the inside dimensions can cause discomfort, the shoe coming off and even accidents; the outside size also affects the weight you will have to lift, so it should be ideal.


The average weight of a clown shoe varies between 300 gr to 500 gr, however, this can vary according to the size and material it is made of; the ideal weight will depend on the physical attitudes of the artist, as more weight will mean more effort when walking during use. The lower the weight, the greater the comfort.

There are different types of clown shoes that can vary according to different characteristics, it is best to know them thoroughly in order to make the best purchase decision. (Photo: Anusorn Phuengprasert Na Chol / 123rf.Com)


It is really important to look at the durability that the product will have, since the ideal is to buy the highest quality possible and at the best price. The durability of a clown shoe depends on the material it is made of, but also on the care and use it will be given.

A leather or patent leather shoe can last for quite a long time, as long as it is not exposed to scratches, likewise, a clown shoe made of fabric can be more resistant if it is kept away from humid environments or with too much sun, to avoid discolouration.

The ideal is to make the best purchase decision according to the circumstances to which this pair of vivid footwear will be exposed, since in certain places, environments or treatments, one type of material may last longer than the other, depending on the treatment and care given to them.

(Featured image photo: Giovanna Orlando / Pixabay.Com)