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Because of the ever-changing fashion trends and with the constant purchase of new, modern clothes, many want new ways to store and keep their clothing items. The clothes rack allows you to do just that and frees you from the clothing chaos on the floor or on the “clothes chair”. It doesn’t require much effort to assemble and is also a chic decoration for your home.

With our clothes rack test 2023 we explain which types of clothes racks exist, what is important when using them and which ones are the best.


  • Clothes racks allow you to store clothes and are stylish decorations for your home.
  • A basic distinction is made between coat racks, men’s valets and clothes racks on castors, with all variants available at different prices and in different sizes.
  • Men’s valets are particularly suitable for people who plan an outfit in advance, as they have little storage space. With the coat racks and clothes racks on wheels, you’ll free yourself from the clothing chaos from your home.

The Best Clothes Rack in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Clothes racks: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible clothes stands. The criteria that you can use to compare clothes racks with each other include:


The most important dimension you should look at when buying a clothes rack is its width. It indicates how many garments you can hang next to each other.

This way you can plan exactly how many hangers will fit on it and get an idea of whether the clothes rack will have enough space in your home.

Generally, you can also buy quite narrow clothes racks. Their width is about 23 cm. Most clothes racks have a width of about 80-100 cm, but a 60 cm wide clothes rack is also very common.

Some models can also be wider or have a function that allows you to adjust their width.

Maximum load capacity & stability

Another important criterion is the load-bearing capacity, and thus the stability, of the clothes stand. Here, there are quite big differences from brand to brand and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

A clothes stand can be loaded with a weight of just under 20 kg up to 150 kg. You have to look carefully at what the manufacturer of the desired clothes stand offers.

If the clothes stand loses its stability, it can no longer be loaded.

Bear in mind that clothes racks with little load-bearing capacity are not suitable for heavy items of clothing. For this reason, think carefully about your needs so that you can make the right decision. A good coat rack must be stable. Stability goes hand in hand with resilience. Make sure the material and the fasteners are sturdy, as they are essential for the coat stand to remain stable.


The most important criterion for the material is that it is rust-free. Remember that after hanging up your clothes, you will want to wear them again in good condition.

A rust-free material ensures that your clothes are stored intact.

Most clothes racks are made of metal or wood. Some models, which are rare, are also made of plastic. Metal clothes racks are usually adjustable. Those made of wood are usually not adjustable and are more difficult to clean.

Storage space

In addition to the classic hangers, additional storage space is often desirable. Shoe racks, hat racks, drawers or boxes are particularly useful in this case. These provide you with additional storage options.

Shelves are particularly useful if you want to store more than just clothes on the clothes rack.

Some coat racks have a storage area right on top of the coat rack. You can store small items such as keys, purses, etc. there.


As already mentioned, some coat racks are adjustable. You can adjust their width as well as their height. This is especially useful because you can adjust the clothes rack to your height, for example, and at the same time adjust the width you need.

In addition, there are also mobile clothes racks, which have wheels that make it easy to move the rack from one room to another.

Clothes racks: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about clothes racks. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the essential background information about clothes racks.


Clothes racks are a great way to organise and store your clothes in an aesthetic and space-saving way.
(Image source: pixabay / pexels)

How much does a clothes rack cost?

The prices for clothes racks vary depending on the manufacturer and material.

Type price
inexpensive clothes racks from approx. 15 euros
qualitative clothes racks between 25 and 50 euros
cost-intensive clothes racks between 60 and 100 euros

You can find clothes racks from around 15 euros. These models are often adjustable and rollable.

If you want something more stable and of a higher quality, you should expect a price of 25 to 50 euros. In this case, the load-bearing capacity is much higher than with the inexpensive models.

If you place a lot of value on stability and flexibility and want a model from a well-known manufacturer, you will have to invest between 60 and 100 euros.

However, if you are interested in the professional models of clothes racks, then please reckon with an investment that can exceed 150 euros.

What types of Clothes racks are there?

Clothes racks differ from one another in terms of material and function. Coat racks are generally made of metal or wood. They can be adjustable in height and width.

You can find an overview of the individual types in this section.

Types of coat racks description
Coat rack at least one or more clothes rails – clothes can be hung up with the help of hangers
Men’s valet consists of a hanger and sometimes a shelf (for shoes or accessories) – only suitable for one outfit
Coat rack on castors coat rack with castors – can be moved easily

Many coat racks have castors which allow you to easily move your coat rack from one room to another.

Which Clothes rack is right for me?

As already mentioned, clothes racks differ from one another. For this reason, think about what you want from a clothes rack. The decision about the material is up to you and depends on your personal taste.


Not only clothes, but also bags, accessories and shoes can be stored on the clothes rack. Consider in advance what additional storage options the desired clothes rack should have.
(Image source: Shanna Camilleri / unsplash)

If you need a way to hang a pre-planned outfit, then the men’s valet is perfect for you. You have exactly the right amount of space for a ready-to-wear outfit and often for your accessories or shoes as well.

If you need more space to store additional items of clothing, then a coat rack is ideal for you. The hangers allow you to hang your clothes on the clothes rail. In addition, you can opt for a rolling coat rack. It is easy to transport and move.


With the help of a coat rack, you can store both your new and old clothes in a particularly aesthetic and space-saving way. In contrast to other wardrobes, this storage option is more cost-effective and space-saving. In addition, a coat rack integrates perfectly into your home and counts as a stylish decor in your house at the same time.

Due to their size, men’s coat racks are perfect for you if you prepare your outfit early, as they have rather little space. Coat racks tend to be larger and, with the help of hangers, allow you to store several items of clothing at the same time. In addition, there are coat racks on wheels that are easy to move and can be transported from one room to another without any problems.

Image source: 5second / 123rf