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Cigarettes are an everyday companion for smokers and can be stored in a jacket or trouser pocket. For storing cigarettes, visually appealing and personalised cigarette cases are a great alternative to cigarette packets. After all, the latter crush quickly and are rather unsightly with their off-putting anti-smoking motifs. With many different materials, colours and motifs, the portable cigarette cases can become real eye-catchers. We have compared different models and you will find out what you should look for when buying and how you can ultimately find the right model for you.


  • A cigarette case is a container used to store a small number of cigarettes and protect them from being crushed. They provide an opportunity to avoid the unsightly shock images on cigarette packets.
  • The dimensions of the cigarette case influence its capacity for cigarettes. Most cases hold 10 to 20 cigarettes, others can hold 30 to 40.
  • Cigarette cases are made of leather, silver, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and plastic. If you want to clean the case, pay attention to the special treatment of the respective material.

The Best Cigarette Cases: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for cigarette cases

To make it easier for you to choose your new cigarette case, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best cigarette case for you. These criteria are as follows:

In the following, we explain what you should look for in the individual criteria. This will help you make a well-informed decision.


When it comes to cigarette cases, you can choose between a variety of different shapes and materials and let your personal preferences decide. Leather cigarette cases can be both rustic and very elegant. Leather and tobacco go well together in the sense that they are both natural products. However, the delicate leather can quickly become scratched and greasy. A case made of real silver, on the other hand, is durable and stable and can be engraved, but is correspondingly more expensive. Alternatively, a silver-plated case is suitable, but it loses its high-quality look in the long run. Finally, there are cigarette cases made of plastic, aluminium, copper and stainless steel, whereby engraving is also possible on the latter.


The variety of different models allows you to let your personal taste decide when choosing your next cigarette case. You can choose between all kinds of colours as well as different motifs. How about the logo of your favourite football club or your favourite cigar brand?


When choosing a cigarette case, its dimensions are also important. If you want it to replace your wallet and fit into your trouser or jacket pocket, the height, width and length of the case should be appropriate. The classic cigarette case is rectangular, but there are now also cases with a round design.


Do you plan to carry your cigarette case with you almost all the time? Then you should also consider the weight of the case when making your choice. If you value light weight, then aluminium cigarette cases are particularly suitable. But copper and plastic also score in terms of lightness. Cigarette cases made of real silver weigh between 70 and 100 g, which is close to the weight of a small smartphone.


As well as the weight, the dimensions of the cigarette case also influence its capacity for cigarettes. Most cases have room for 10 to 20 cigarettes, while others can hold 30 to 40. The type of cigarette also plays a role – regular 85 mm cigarettes are slightly smaller than cigarillos, which are smaller than cigars. If you are in the process of reducing your cigarette consumption, cigarette cases with a smaller capacity can be helpful!

Guide: Frequently asked questions about cigarette cases answered in detail

In this section we explain the most frequently asked questions about cigarette cases so that you are well informed when you want to buy a cigarette case.

What is a cigarette case?

A cigarette case is a container made of leather, silver, aluminium, copper, stainless steel or plastic that is used to store a small number of cigarettes. The cigarettes can be protected from being crushed.


A cigarette case is used to store a small number of cigarettes and protects them from being crushed. With their attractive appearance, cigarette cases are a stylish and practical alternative to cigarette packs. (Image source: Hamza Ali/ Unsplash)

Cigarette cases also make it possible to avoid the unsightly shock images on cigarette packets and to hide the fact that you are smoking a cheap brand from the discount store, for example. A cigarette case can also be a stylish accessory that suits your taste.

How much does a cigarette case cost?

The price of a cigarette case is mostly determined by the material used, the design, the size, the brand and additional functions such as a lighter. Therefore, there is a price range from cheap to expensive. This table should give you a little more information about the possible prices of a cigarette case:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1- 20€) Very classic design and inexpensive material such as plastic or aluminium
Medium-priced (20 – 50€) Fancy designs, additional functions like lighter and higher quality material like leather
High-priced (50- 100€) High-quality workmanship and materials such as real silver and antique cases

How do you clean a cigarette case?

The cleaning of a cigarette case depends entirely on the material of manufacture. If the case is made of suede or suede, you can clean it with a dry cloth without applying much pressure. Smooth leather can be treated well with leather cleaning agents and special cloths, leather brushes or chamois leather. If it is real silver or silver-plated, put some aluminium foil and a teaspoon of salt in a container and fill it with hot water. If you put the case in and wait 1-2 minutes, it will shine again! You can buy special cleaning agents for aluminium, but home remedies such as citric acid or baking soda are quicker and cheaper.

How can I make my own cigarette case?

You can find a cigarette case in any shop or on the internet. But wouldn’t it be more original to make your own cigarette case? With materials like leather or aluminium, DIY is rather difficult without the right tools. Wood, on the other hand, proves to be a suitable building material. You can make a wooden case for a single cigarette by rounding and sanding a piece of wood so that its diameter is slightly larger than that of the cigarette. But you can also make a wooden case with a rectangular shape by gluing four pieces of wood together.


Cigarette cases prove to be an optimal alternative to the easily crushable cigarette pack, which is unsightly due to the shock images on them. Most cases can hold 10 to 40 cigarettes, which are held in place by elastic bands or metal clips and protected from falling out. Despite their high capacity, cigarette cases prove to be very compact and can thus be ideally transported in everyday life. Due to many different design options and materials, you have the possibility to choose a case that suits your taste. Some cigarette cases also have an integrated electronic lighter.

Image source: Softfusion Mixed Media Partner/ Unsplash