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We’re glad to have you back! We know that choosing a pair of Christmas pyjamas can be a bit of work, as you will have to choose not only a model that suits your tastes, but also textile materials that are to your liking or that go with the climate where you are going to wear the garment.

Christmas pyjamas can include an individual design or similar designs for the whole family, that is to say, garments with ideal sizes for babies, children, teenagers and adults. Moreover, these items will be a great idea to show the Christmas spirit during the deepest sleep. If you want to know more information, don’t miss this article.


  • If you are in search of the best Christmas pyjamas, we recommend you to look both in physical shops, and online because in both ways you will find a variety of products with different original designs and prices from the most accessible to the highest.
  • Christmas pyjamas have become very popular for their originality and style, however, you will have to consider if you want your own outfit or if you want to coordinate your outfit with someone else, as there are individual and family Christmas pyjamas.
  • In order to buy the Christmas pyjamas that best suit your desires and tastes, you will need to pay close attention to the most essential buying factors, such as the models of pyjamas, the style of each one and the materials they are made of, as this way you will be successful in your decision.

The best Christmas Pyjamas: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about Christmas pyjamas

Christmas pyjamas add a special touch to the festive season, as well as being a great way to sleep comfortably and dressed for the occasion. Choosing the ideal outfit or garment will be very easy if you know the most relevant information, as we will explain below.

Feel the Christmas spirit even in your sleepwear! (Photo: Cathy Yeulet /

Family Christmas pyjamas; individual – what to look out for?

Christmas pyjamas have the purpose of highlighting the Christmas spirit, at the same time that they provide a good rest, however, they are products that you will be able to find in two presentations that we will explain below.

Family Christmas pyjamas. This type of pyjamas are designed to fit the measurements of the whole family, so you will find from the smallest sizes for babies to the largest for adults. They can be made with multiple materials and thousands of designs and prints to suit the occasion.

Individual Christmas pyjamas. These pyjamas include different models, designs, sizes and colours. They are made to keep in the festive spirit during the Christmas season and keep you warm, however, they are not intended to coordinate with other people.

Family Christmas pyjamas Individual Christmas pyjamas
Purpose Coordinate and be fashionable Be fashionable
Common pattern Set Set, jumpsuit and nightgown
Common materials Cotton Polyester and fleece
Popular designs Plain or checked trousers and printed t-shirt Cartoon, object or animal print

Buying criteria

If you are looking for Christmas pyjamas that suit your tastes and needs, we recommend that you look at the basic characteristics of these garments, which are their models, designs and materials, as this way you will be able to compare products and choose the one that suits you best. Below we explain the purchasing factors.


Christmas pyjamas are manufactured with the purpose of being used precisely at Christmas time, as their designs and colours make reference to such dates, however, they can be present in different models, so it will be necessary that you consider which one will suit you best according to your tastes and needs.

Set. This model of pyjamas is characterised by a wide range of designs for adults and children. In addition, they can be made of different types of fabrics, among the most common are polar fleece, cotton and polyester, which are characterised by their softness. They usually include a T-shirt and matching trousers.

Overall. The variety of designs is also wide, although these models are largely aimed at babies and children. The fabrics from which they are made include cotton in large percentages, and sometimes polar fleece, making the garments warm and comfortable.

Nightdress. Christmas nightdress pyjamas are less common, so their variety is not large. Materials such as polyester, acrylic and cotton are used to make them and they can be long sleeved or short sleeved. They are ideal for warm and/or temperate climates.

Choose the model that suits your needs! (Photo: tookapic /


Christmas pyjamas are named after designs that refer to Christmas through colours, figures, or animated characters, for example. Generally, the design is adapted to the target audience, so pyjamas for babies, children and adults can vary considerably.

Babies. Baby pyjamas are usually extremely adorable, as they look more like costumes than pyjamas. They include basic designs, such as elf, Father Christmas, reindeer or snowman. They can also include fashionable Christmas-style cartoon prints.

Kids. Christmas pyjamas for children have a greater variety of designs, as among them you can find sets, overalls or nightdresses with prints of lights, pine trees, emojis, animals, animated characters, but also sets with funny phrases that go according to the season, such as “Dear Santa, it was my sister’s fault”.

Adults. These clothes can be either very crazy or very conservative. The former include all kinds of designs, from those mentioned in Christmas pyjamas for babies and children, to plain coloured products, although it should also be mentioned that you can find pyjamas in a sexy and sensual style.


Although we already know that Christmas pyjamas can be made with different materials, it is important to know the characteristics of each one, because in this way, you will be able to make a decision that will also be based on the durability of the garment or the warmth of the fabric, for example.

The two most common materials are cotton and fleece. The former is breathable, lightweight, absorbent and easy to clean. The latter, on the other hand, is popular for being very warm, thicker and less flexible.

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