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Who hasn’t experienced it: You are invited to a birthday party and don’t know which gift is the right one for “him” or “her”. A voucher can certainly help you out of this “jam”, but you are not the only one who lacks creativity.

If you don’t want to give money either, the selection of “generally accepted” gifts is very quickly thinned out. So why not give one made of chocolate?


  • Chocolate gifts are individual chocolate creations and combinations.
  • They often consist of particularly valuable chocolate and other rare ingredients.
  • Chocolate gifts can be customised with writing or photos.

The Best Chocolate Gift: Our Choices

Chocolate gift: buying and rating criteria

Occasion of the chocolate gift

The most popular occasions are birthdays, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

If you also like to eat chocolate at Christmas, you can also plan to buy a chocolate gift at Christmas. In general, however, it is important to meet the wishes of the recipient so that the gift is unforgettable.

Quality of the ingredients of the chocolate gift

Of course, in Europe chocolate is a strictly controlled foodstuff that tastes very similar. But chocolate is not always chocolate. Things like cocoa content, sugar content, colourings and syrups quickly make it clear whether it is a quality chocolate. Here you should take a closer look when the occasion arises.

On Amazon, the ingredients are already displayed in the product description.

With a little internet research, it is then easier to find the right chocolate for a vegetarian or vegan. In the case of homemade chocolate, it also helps to visit the company’s website to get a better idea of the taste after reading the reviews.

Recipients of the chocolate gift

To ensure that the chocolate gift is a success and brings joy to the recipient, you should give it some thought. The most important thing is whether the person you want to please likes chocolate. Do they have a favourite variety or flavour? Are they experimental, vegan or vegetarian?

But above all, you should rule out possible allergies and intolerances beforehand. Otherwise, the joy of the gift will be short-lived. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask the person about their allergies or whether they like chocolate.

Presentation of the chocolate gift

Here you should consider not only the pretty appearance but also transport safety. After all, what good is the most beautiful chocolate if it arrives damaged? Good and at the same time attractive compromises here are, for example, sturdy wooden boxes or cardboard boxes. Of course, it is helpful if you can see the contents, e.g. through a small window or a sample picture, so that you don’t get the wrong idea. Packaging with the option of engraving and printing also gives the chocolate gift an individual touch.

Transportability of the chocolate gift

This depends mainly on the performance of the retailer and the shipping service provider. Is the chocolate well enough padded to withstand all the shocks in transit?

Spend a little more on shipping to ensure that your chocolate gift arrives undamaged

This is mainly a problem for the retailer who has to ensure that the goods are packaged. The only thing that can often help against the heat of summer shipping is a cool pack and opaque packaging, which the seller should have to protect the chocolate from melting. If a normal-priced shipping solution is chosen, then transport insurance against loss and damage by the shipping service provider is also indicated. When buying a chocolate gift, you should therefore not skimp on the shipping costs to ensure that the chocolate reaches the recipient safely and undamaged.

Chocolate gifts: frequently asked questions and answers

What are chocolate gifts all about?

Chocolate gifts can be customised on special sites. This means, for example, a chocolate in the shape of high heels or a chocolate in the shape of the BMW Z3 Roadster. Elegantly packaged and wrapped in wood wool in a wooden box, this clearly shows the high-end claim of this gift. Customised and e.g. with name engraving, pictures and fine ingredients, you can not only give the recipient a unique gift, but also a very special taste experience in addition to a joyful smile.


A chocolate gift is often more than just chocolate! (Image source: Viktor Forgacs/ Unsplash)

Another trend in the age of Instagram and the like is to make such individual chocolate creations at home in your own kitchen. With a little more time and the pictures and recipes from the internet. You can often see almost perfect creations on the well-known photo-sharing portals, which always spur new hobby chefs on to do it again and even better. This is where amateur confectioners with a deft hand can excel, who are prepared to invest a lot of time to make such a difficult “creation” a success.

For whom is a chocolate gift suitable?

In general, chocolate is a gift for everyone who loves chocolate. The only important thing is that the person receiving the gift is not allergic to any components of the chocolate gift.

What types of chocolate gifts are there?

As semi-individual gifts, chocolate gifts cannot yet be quantified into types. What is certain, however, is that they all consist mainly of chocolate and show the creativity of the giver above all through the individuality of the chocolate creation.


Chocolate often looks similar, but can taste very different with more or less cocoa (Image source: Tamas Pap/ Unsplash)

The chocolate gifts can be bought or homemade. From a BMW Z3 in chocolate form to a children’s chocolate cake, we count everything that has been individually made from chocolate as a chocolate gift.

How much does a chocolate gift cost?

As the chocolate gift can quickly become more expensive with increasing customisation, it is difficult to define an upper price limit. Starting at prices of just under €5, the first smaller chocolate gifts in the form of 2 chocolates with engraving in a pretty box are already available. Prices of just under €100 are not uncommon either, if you want to give the gift of handmade chocolate made in the EU with the best ingredients in addition to the individual presentation.

type price
2-praline pack 5-10€
gift box 10-40€

What are the alternatives to chocolate gifts?

Besides a chocolate gift, there are of course other alternatives that are individually made. Gifts made individually from wood or other materials, a rare bottle of wine or a voucher can certainly have the same effect on the recipient as the chocolate gift.


Wine is always right, but often known to be boring! (Image source: Scott Warman/ Unsplash)

The joy of a personalised gift, however, depends to a large extent on the prior extensive research work of the giver. If the chocolate gift hits the mark with the recipient, the happiness of the gift can even be shared between the two of them.

How do I find the perfect chocolate for my chocolate gift?

There are two ways to go about it. One is to Google the well-known “big names” in the chocolate industry, such as Lindt, Hussel, Rausch or Stollwerck, and take a look around at what they have to offer. The only disadvantage here is, of course, the manufacturer’s logo, which indicates on the packaging which factory the goods came from.

But if you want something more individual, you should also take a look at the smaller chocolate manufacturers, which are currently more popular again. Here you can get even more special assortments in packaging that is free of advertising, because the aim here is to convince with the content.

How do I create the perfect chocolate gift myself?

Today, there are no limits to your own creativity. Whether it’s inspiration from pictures on Instagram or recipes from blogs and nutrition sites on the internet, anyone with an internet-enabled device can quickly find what they’re looking for. It only gets more difficult when not all the ingredients for the sometimes very high-quality creations are available.

Going to a well-stocked grocer is still unavoidable if you are short of time. But if you want to design a chocolate gift via the internet, you should take your time and carefully study the criteria for customisation of the respective provider. Here, the number of pixels in a photo and the font size are essential to coordinate with the templates on the provider’s homepage.

How do I ensure that my chocolate gift arrives undamaged?

Don’t skimp on shipping. This way you avoid damage and the risk of breakage!

  • Packaging material: On the one hand, it must be ensured that the chocolate gift is sufficiently secured in the parcel and the weight should also be taken into consideration. Bubble wrap or air bags fulfil this purpose and can save weight.
  • Shipping method: You should not be too economical with the shipping method. Transport insurance and tracking numbers should be provided by the shipping company to ensure safety on the road and reduce or eliminate disappointment on the doorstep.
  • Heat on the road in summer: To protect the chocolate from the summer heat, it often helps to include a cool pack in the package to maintain the necessary temperature on the road. To better insulate the climate, thermo foil is useful in the package.
  • Shocks in transport: The only way to prevent shocks in transport is to cushion the parcel with paper, wool or bubble wrap.


A chocolate gift can be a special eye-catcher for almost any occasion. Once you have given enough thought to what the recipient likes, all that remains is to choose the right ingredients and the perfect packaging. Nowadays, almost all wishes can be satisfied here. Whether it’s chocolate for vegans or a particularly high cocoa content, whether it’s a game pad or a high-heel shape, everything can now be bought or produced.

Individualisation is also no longer limited to name engraving. Entire photos can now be printed not only on the packaging but also on the chocolate. So if you want to say something special with your gift, a chocolate gift is perfect for that.

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