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One of the most common and favourite snacks are potato crisps, because of their delicious taste and because they are a must at any party.

However, nowadays we know that this snack is not very healthy because of its high salt and fat content. Today on Monederosmart, we discuss the best chips on the market. We call them chips because they are not “potatoes”, but crunchy snacks that are often made from other types of food, such as sweet potato or pumpkin.

These chips are an amazing alternative to potatoes, as they are much lower in calories and also provide a lot of nutrients while still tasting delicious. We hope this article helps you find your favourite chips!


  • Chips are fried or baked slices that function as a snack and often have added flavours, such as chilli or lime. They can be made with many fruits, vegetables and root vegetables, such as sweet potato or apple. They have many health benefits and are also delicious.
  • When buying different types of chips, keep in mind that there are several types with different nutritional values. Fried chips, for example, have a higher amount of calories. Baked or dehydrated chips are much healthier.
  • When we choose our chips, we should take into account several factors that will influence our purchase. For example, we should think about what nutritional values we want them to have, and therefore what they are made of. In addition, we should look at whether they have added flavours, and what brand they are made by.

The best chips: Our Picks

At Monederosmart, we set out to find the best chips on sale. Here’s our pick of the top three products, as rated by consumers and the general public.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about chips

When buying your chips, it is important to consider several factors that will determine which type you need and therefore which brand is right for you. Here is a buying guide that includes as much information as possible to make your purchase a success.

Chips replace traditional crisps, achieving a very similar taste but with health benefits (Photo: Eddy Billard / )

What are chips and what are their advantages?

Chips are slices made mainly of fruit, vegetables, or tubers, which serve as a snack and are baked, fried, or dehydrated. These snacks are characterised by being crunchy and, for the most part, salty. Chips can have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the type.

For example, baked or dried chips are very healthy, nutrient dense, low in calories, and quite tasty. However, fried chips, which we usually call chips or crisps, are high in calories, extra fat and salt, making them low in nutrition, unhealthy, and high in calories.

  • Good taste
  • Baked or dried chips are low in calories and good for your health
  • Nutrients
  • Some contain a lot of salt
  • Fried chips are high in calories, extra fat and unhealthy

Fried, baked or dried chips – what to look out for

Although we have mentioned that chips are not good for your health, it is OK if you choose to eat them from time to time. These types of chips have other benefits, mainly the taste that we love. We simply need to inform ourselves about the advantages and disadvantages that they bring to our body.

Deep fried chips. Deep fried chips are sold by the biggest brands of fried foods. They are very tasty as they contain fat and a lot of salt, as well as other added flavours. This makes them “addictive”, so we consume large quantities. They are high in calories and provide less nutrients, are fattening and bad for our health.

Baked chips. Baked or dehydrated chips are much healthier, have a different taste but are still quite tasty. They contain no added sugars or fats, some may contain salt or healthy oils but in smaller quantities than fried chips. They are low in calories and provide many nutrients.

Dehydrated Chips. The dehydration process is basically the same as baking chips, although slower and without the oven. Basically, the slices of fruit, vegetable or tuber are placed in a dry environment to remove water until they become crispy. These chips are totally healthy and not fattening.

Fried chips Baked chips Dehydrated chips 
Calories Many Few Few 
Salt and fat Added Little or no fat, little salt No fat or salt
Nutrients Not very nutritious Very nutritious Very nutritious
Flavour Very tasty Tasty, less addictive Tasty, less addictive

Baked or dehydrated chips are great for dieters (Photo: Sean McClintock /

Shopping criteria

To find your favourite chips, there are certain factors to consider. Here is a guide to criteria that will help you find the type of chips that will best suit you and your family.

Nutritional values

One of the most important aspects of your purchase is going to be how much you care about the nutritional values of your chips. I mean, you might actually be looking to buy a regular potato chip for an event, or you might be looking for chips for your kids’ daily lunch.

It’s not important. If you’re looking for great taste regardless of nutritional values, we recommend that you buy chips from a shop that sells them in bulk. There are chilli, lemon, and many other flavours that are ideal for events.

Preferable. If you want chips to satisfy the occasional craving, look for chips made from an alternative tuber with better nutritional values, such as sweet potato. These chips are almost always baked, so they are quite healthy.

Necessary. If you find it necessary for chips to have high nutritional values, we recommend buying packets of chips made with fruit or vegetables, such as carrot or apple chips. These are ideal for daily lunches or for people on a diet, and are always baked or dehydrated.

Chips made from tubers such as sweet potato or malanga are delicious to offer at events, and also very nutritious (Photo : Oleg Magni /

Raw material

As we mentioned in the previous section, each material used to make the chips has different nutrients. This is going to be very important in choosing our favourite chips, as the nutrients we want will be determined by our diet.

Tubers. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and malanga provide carbohydrates to our diet. These tubers give us a lot of energy, so it is ideal to consume them mid-morning to improve our daily performance. They also provide antioxidants, balance cholesterol, and are good for digestion.

Fruit. Fruit chips provide the body with lots of vitamins and good sugars. We recommend eating them in the morning, although they are actually quite healthy and can be eaten at any time of the day as long as they are baked or dehydrated.

Vegetable. These chips are great to eat at any time of the day, they are full of vitamins and are not fattening if they do not contain added sugars or fats. We recommend finding baked or dehydrated vegetable chips.

The different foods used to make the chips provide different types of nutrients (Photo: Hüseyin /

Additional flavours

Once the chips are baked, fried or dehydrated, it is common to add flavours. Often these flavours are added before or during the processing. What is important is to know if the extra ingredients are natural, as artificial flavours have chemicals that are bad for your health.

Chile. We recommend that you look for chips that do not have the chilli flavour integrated into the product but that you can see the powder and, preferably, that it is clear on the label that it is natural. This flavour is good to eat every day, as long as it is not too intense as this can upset the stomach.

Lemon. An alternative is lemon, although the lemon added to chips is almost always artificial. We recommend that, if you like this flavour, you buy natural chips and add lemon to taste at home.

Sweet. Many chips, especially fruit chips, come with a sweet taste. This is important as, naturally, many fruit chips are going to be naturally sweet. However, if the taste is too sweet, this means it has added sugars. Be sure to read the labels.

We should think about what nutritional values we want them to have, and eat healthily.


Finally, one aspect that will influence our purchase is the brand, whether it is its reputation, its certifications, or simply its design and marketing. We recommend that you look at several aspects of brands, as shown below.

Trade. Commercial brands have better prices than organic or local brands, simply because they can mass-produce. Don’t be fooled by prices and always look for quantities on labels, as well as nutritional values.

Organic or certified organic. We love these brands because they have a great design that is ideal to take with you for lunch or to work. They are very healthy and also good for people who want to take care of their figure. They will usually be more expensive than commercial or local brands.

Local. In terms of price, getting a local brand of chips is a middle ground between commercial and certified brands, as they do not sell on design or fame but on taste and quality. These brands are more difficult to find in shops. At Monederosmart, we hope this guide has been helpful and that you find the chips that suit you and your needs. Come back soon! (Featured image source: Einladung_zum_Essen/