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Whether vintage, country house or shabby chic – nowadays most households have chests of drawers. Chests of drawers are available in a variety of styles, colours and types. They offer storage space and can bring order to all the stuff that everyone has in abundance at home. There are many uses for them, such as for clothes or files. Otherwise, a lot of stuff would just sit on the floor and that would probably be a mess.

With our large chest of drawers test 2022 we want to help you find the best chest of drawers for you. We have compared chests of drawers for the bedroom, office and hallway and listed their advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we want to support you as best as possible in your purchase decision.


  • Today, chests of drawers are indispensable in most households. They offer the possibility of bringing order into the room and can also make the room more special as an eye-catcher.
  • Today, they are available in many different styles and designs, so that they can meet every purchase criterion. The range of materials is just as diverse as the choice of colours.
  • Chests of drawers can be easily changed visually, whether by spraying, waxing or oiling. To set the scene for a chest of drawers, however, the most important thing is to look at the room as a whole.

The Best Chest Of Drawers: Our Picks

Chests of drawers: buying and evaluation criteria

Chests of drawers have become indispensable in many households. To choose the right one for you, the following buying and evaluation criteria will help you:

In the following, we have worked out the criteria for you. This will give you a better overview of what is available on the market.


The variety of styles on the market today is astounding. In the following, we have identified 3 popular styles that can inspire you.

Vintage chests of drawers are characterised by their make, material and texture. Everything about it looks old and vintage. Genuine vintage furniture is sometimes sold for large sums of money; these are particularly solid. In the meantime, many dealers have developed their own cheaper production methods, where traces of use are artificially applied (1).

  • Shabby Chic: It describes the vintage style, but one level higher. Here, the furniture should look shabby and run-down, so not just old. The colours are more natural tones or soft colours. The style originated in the 1980s in the United Kingdom, today it is spread all over the world. Genuine Shabby Chic furniture is also the more stable and expensive option, but here again there is also the faux cheaper option.
  • The country house style: It is also called cottage style and is characterised by the emotional connection to a country life. The models are therefore old-fashioned country houses. It focuses on cosy and rustic shapes. Floral motifs are also a frequent component. It also gives the impression of being in an old rural scene. Artificial and real ageing of the surfaces is always intentional.
  • Art Nouveau: It describes an entire art historical epoch. The furniture that follows the style is characterised by decoratively curved lines and often floral ornaments. One feature that directly catches the eye is the organic shapes and the lacquered and highly polished wood. Art Nouveau always shows itself in wood tones and other natural shades.


The colour of the chest of drawers can also be used as a criterion. It can provide an eye-catcher in the room or be part of the whole and support the style of the room. Here, too, there is a huge choice of colours on the market. For example, there is Sand Oak, Sonoma Oak, Bordeaux, Lime, Petrol, Walnut, Oak, Grey and Brown. Our list could go on forever now.

Rooms put together in furniture stores are an inspiration bomb.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right colour. In furniture stores, you can find rooms that have already been put together to inspire you.

So if you’re about to redecorate an entire room, it’s definitely worth creating your own colour palette and decorating it accordingly. Harmonious colours bring a sense of well-being and harmony to a room.

At various online retailers, you can also filter chests of drawers according to specific colours, which makes it easier for you to find the colour you want. The brightness of the colours should also play a role. In larger rooms, darker colours look cosier and in smaller rooms, lighter colours should be used because they visually enlarge the room.


The material is also an important decision criterion, as it determines the appearance, weight, price and stability. Today, chests of drawers are available in many different materials.

We recommend that you make a list of priorities for the right material. You can then prioritise the criteria of appearance, weight, price and stability from top to bottom.

In the following, we give you tips on the interrelationships between the various properties, as one influences the other.

As already mentioned, chests of drawers are now available in all kinds of materials. For example, if a type of wood is specified, you should determine whether it is real wood. Today, for example, manufacturers often state oak, although the chest of drawers is not made of oak, but only looks like it. They are usually made of chipboard covered with a wood-look foil.

Whether it is real wood or imitation wood mainly influences the price and stability. The appearance is just as important, as the surface still has realistic wood structures.

Of course, there are also chests of drawers made of metal. Stability also plays a big role here, as it can bend if it is very cheap metal. Metal is easy to wipe clean, however, and can easily be painted over.


The room in which the chest of drawers is placed also plays a role. Then you can look at how much storage space the chest of drawers should offer, what style or colour it should have. Our living rooms often differ according to these criteria.

  • Children’s room: A chest of drawers in a child’s room should offer a lot of storage space, for example to accommodate a lot of toys. However, the colour should be natural and child-friendly. The arrangement of the drawers and compartments could also play a role, as often not everything should be directly accessible to children. Depending on how you have planned the layout.
  • Hallway: If you have a narrow hallway, the size of the chest of drawers should be a particular consideration. If necessary, you can choose a taller rather than a wider chest of drawers.
  • Kitchen: In the kitchen, the focus is more on enough storage space and sorting options. Size plays a role in every room, of course, but depending on what things and how many different things you want to store, the structure of the chest of drawers plays a decisive role.
  • Bathroom: For the bathroom, for example, it can always be smaller. But often there are a lot of smaller things like make-up flying around, so many compartments are just as important here.


In the section on the type of room, the importance of size has often been mentioned. It would be annoying for you if you bought a beautiful chest of drawers, but then it didn’t really fit in the intended place and was visually much smaller or larger than you thought.

The size of the shelf should also be taken into account in case you want to place a mirror or certain decorative elements on it. Often, dealers already specify the size of the shelf.

Decorations are what make a home.

Basically, there are now all kinds of sizes. They often start at a width of 40 centimetres and go up to a height of 80 cm. Above that, a usual chest of drawers tends to stop and is called a cupboard. The usual depth is usually between 30 and 40 centimetres.


Today, chests of drawers are not only good for creating storage space, but are now also equipped with other functions. For example, there are now chests of drawers with a changing unit, but also chests of drawers that can be hung up or have practical castors. Clothes rails are also often built in.

Depending on the use, there is a wide range of different designs. We have compiled the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular designs for you in the advice section after our research. The extension is particularly interesting for you if you not only need storage space, but also functionality.

The construction of the doors also varies and is also decisive for the look. Chests of drawers often have integrated open shelves or baskets to slide in. Sliding doors can also save space if the room is very narrow.

Sideboards are a widespread type of chest of drawers today. They stand out because they can be used as sideboards or for serving. They often stand in the living room and have shelves and are good for draping decorative elements.

Chests of drawers: Frequently asked questions and answers

The next section answers the most important questions about chests of drawers. We have listed all the important questions for you and give you detailed answers. By reading the guide, you will learn the most important background information about chests of drawers.

What is a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that is table-high and has various drawers or doors. On the one hand, it offers the possibility to put down decorative elements, but also to store things that should not necessarily be visible. In the following, you will find tips on how to use chests of drawers:

Things that can be stored well in chests of drawers:

  • Bed linen
  • Cables
  • Board games
  • Folders
  • Books
  • and much more

As you can see here, there are many ways to use the storage space of a chest of drawers. Feel free to add to the list with your own ideas at home.


A beautiful wooden chest of drawers with decorative elements. Here is a nice way to decorate the surface.
(Image source: Izabelle Acheson / unsplash)

What types of chests of drawers are there?

In the following, we have differentiated chests of drawers and briefly describe what they are.

Type Description
Chest of drawers A spacious chest of drawers with many drawers and a changing unit that can often be removed very easily.
Chest of drawers It consists entirely of drawers and can therefore store everything away from view.
Bedside chest It is often small and most designs have two to three drawers.
Office chest of drawers in a wide variety of sizes, it offers the possibility of storing folders or papers.

Chest of drawers or wardrobe?

Depending on what you want to store, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe is more suitable. In general, you should bear in mind that wardrobes are built for clothes and therefore tend to have the necessary stability. Chests of drawers often only have drawers, the shelves of which are rather thin and can therefore carry less weight.

So if you want to store jeans, jackets or other heavier items of clothing, we advise you to go for a wardrobe for safety’s sake. If you only want to store underwear, chests of drawers are also great.

Maybe don’t put the wedding dress in it right away.

Wardrobes can also invite you to be messier because the compartments are usually much larger. So chests of drawers invite you to be more sorted and tidy.

What are the alternatives to a chest of drawers?

Here we have listed and described two different alternatives to chests of drawers.

Type Description
Wardrobe If you want to store heavy clothes, a wardrobe is more worthwhile because chests of drawers often have unstable shelves.
Shelf If you are looking for a place to store your things, but want to include lots of decorative elements, we recommend open shelves.

Should a chest of drawers be painted or sprayed?

Both have their advantages. With both methods, however, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded beforehand. Spraying a chest of drawers has the advantage that it is easy and no other tools are needed. It is also more even and colour-intensive. However, you should always make sure to shake the bottle regularly.

To ensure that everything looks even when painting, you should paint from top to bottom. The areas on the outside are more exposed to the environment, so you should paint over them several times.

Since both methods are very odour-intensive, you should allow a good two weeks. This gives you time to let all the odours disappear. The colour can also continue to fade in peace.

Should a chest of drawers be waxed or oiled?

Wooden chests of drawers should be maintained or restored from time to time. Whether waxing or oiling, the right preparatory work should be done in both cases. First, everything should be finely sanded.

Depending on whether you want to oil or wax, the thoroughness of the sanding plays an important role. Oil brings out every tiny scratch, so sanding should be very thorough. However, oiling is mainly suitable as a primer for waxing a chest of drawers. Waxing is highly recommended for softwoods or oak.

If you like to achieve an antique look, waxing is recommended because you achieve a chic shine by additionally polishing the surface. Oil makes the wood grain more visible. So if you want intense wood textures, oiling the chest of drawers is recommended.

How much does a chest of drawers weigh?

According to our research, many people are also interested in how much a chest of drawers weighs. This varies greatly. As you can see from the topics above, the construction varies greatly from chest of drawers to chest of drawers.

For transport reasons or because of a delicate subfloor, something light is generally preferred. A chest of drawers with many open shelves is recommended in this case because the doors are omitted. One might also prefer a chest of drawers in which baskets to slide in form the drawers. These can be easily removed.

If you don’t want the floor to suffer too much, there is also the option of attaching felt stickers or castors, for example. There are even real felt stickers for furniture that come with a screw and are not expensive either.


A chest of drawers does not always have to look boring. Choosing the right one for you is important.
(Image source: Marianna Lutkova / unsplash)

How much does a chest of drawers cost?

The price range usually goes from 10 euros to what feels like infinity. The decisive factor here is the material or the method of manufacture. Mass-produced chests of drawers are usually cheaper than individual pieces. Genuine vintage chests of drawers, for example, are no longer infinite and are therefore more expensive.

Chests of drawers made of chipboard are very cheap, but are often also very unstable. Solid wood chests of drawers last for several years, but you should bear in mind that they need to be maintained more often and can therefore be even more expensive.

It is always worth thinking about how much storage space you really need. This way, you can be sure not to buy larger and more expensive chests of drawers than you actually need.


A chest of drawers can be very versatile. Whether visually or stylistically, there is a lot of choice on the market today. It can be used for a wide variety of things. For changing a baby’s nappy, as a shelf for the TV or rather as a base cabinet for an aquarium? But please make it out of real wood, because the aquarium should stand safely.

The beauty of chests of drawers is that we can always use the storage space and they make it easier to find things again. They can easily be waxed, oiled or sprayed according to one’s own preferences, which makes people with a penchant for handicrafts happy.

Image source: nanastudio / 123rf