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Cheese comes in many different varieties and types all over the world. In Germany alone, around 150 types of cheese are produced. If you are a cheese lover, you will know that there are many ways to enjoy cheese. For example, you can eat cheese in melted form as a fondue.

You can also serve the popular national dish of the Swiss in different variations. This article introduces different cheese fondue sets so that you can prepare your own cheese fondue in the way that suits you best.


  • With a cheese fondue set, you can prepare delicious cheese fondue yourself and enjoy it in company.
  • Some cheese fondue sets are also suitable for other types of fondue, such as chocolate fondue.
  • There are different cheese fondue sets made of different materials and with different capacities.

The best Cheese Fondue Set: Our Picks

In this section, we have compiled our favourite cheese fondue sets for you. This should make your purchase decision easier. There is something for every need and the right set can also be ordered online.

Buying and evaluation criteria for cheese fondue sets

To make it easier for you to choose your next cheese fondue set, we have summarised all the important criteria for you. With these criteria, you can make a well-considered purchase decision:

We will now explain what to look for in the individual criteria so that you are well informed for your decision.


There are different weights of cheese fondue sets. The heaviest ones are usually made of stainless steel. Compared to ceramic, this is a higher quality material. You should keep in mind how you will use your set most often.

Do you want to be able to lend or transport your cheese fondue set? Then you should make sure that the set is not too heavy. If you only want to make cheese fondue at home on certain occasions, then it doesn’t matter if it weighs a little more.


The capacity of your fondue pot depends on how much cheese you can melt in it. If the pot is bigger, you can put more cheese in it. Normally, you can then share your fondue with more people.

For orientation: A cheese fondue set for 3 people should have a capacity of at least 1 litre. A set for 6 people should have a capacity of at least 2 litres. For a 2-person set, a capacity of 300 millilitres is also sufficient.


Cheese fondue sets can be made of different materials. Usually, the pots are made of stainless steel or ceramic or a mixture of both materials. Cheese fondue sets made of cast iron are also not uncommon. Pots made of stainless steel and cast iron are more robust than those made of ceramic.

Here you should pay attention to the types of cooker on which you may use the respective pots. This is stated in the description of each product. For safety reasons, always read it carefully before buying.

Heating mode

You can keep your cheese fondue warm in different ways after you have melted it. If you buy a cheese fondue set with a rechaud and burner, you will usually need fuel paste or spirit to keep the cheese warm.

If you buy a set with a tea light, you don’t need any fuel paste. You keep the pot warm with the tea lights alone.

If you get an electronic device, you can regulate the heat of your cheese with a thermostat. You don’t need any fuel paste or tea lights for this, but you do need to make sure that the fondue machine is connected to the electricity.

Dishwasher safe

Not every cheese fondue set is dishwasher safe. The manufacturer will always provide this information. If the cheese fondue set you want to buy is not suitable for the dishwasher, this does not have to be a criterion for exclusion.

Normally, the pots can be cleaned simply by hand with a little washing-up liquid or even with a damp cloth. It is best to clean your set directly after you have used it. That way, the dirt can’t get stuck and it’s easier for you to clean up.

Number of people

Cheese fondue is usually eaten in company. Therefore, many sets contain at least 4 forks so that you can easily enjoy your cheese fondue with friends or family. Large cheese fondue sets can also have up to 8 fondue forks.

When choosing, you should consider how many people you would like to share at least one cheese fondue with. As a tip, a cheese fondue set for a larger number of people than planned is better than a set for fewer people.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about cheese fondue sets answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about cheese fondue sets so that you are well informed if you want to buy a cheese fondue set.

Who is a cheese fondue set suitable for?

A cheese fondue set is suitable for every cheese lover. After all, what could be better than dipping bread in melted cheese?

You can also enjoy a cheese fondue with various side dishes. (Image source: Mehul Kanzariya/ Unsplash)

It’s not complicated to prepare and it’s a now classic dish that even children love to eat. In addition, some cheese fondue sets can also be used to prepare other types of fondue.

On what occasions is cheese fondue suitable?

You can eat cheese fondue whenever you like. It is often served at Christmas, New Year’s Eve or birthdays, as it is a dish that is very good eaten in company. With cheese fondue, everyone eats from the same pot, so everyone has to sit together, which automatically leads to a sociable atmosphere. It’s similar to raclette.

A cheese fondue set for two is also perfect for a romantic evening with your partner. In principle, you can prepare cheese fondue at any time, just make sure you have enough side dishes to fill up.

How do you prepare a cheese fondue?

There are many different recipes for making cheese fondue. However, the basic steps are often the same. For a standard cheese fondue you logically need cheese, which you decide according to your taste. This must then be grated and melted in the fondue pot.

You can heat cheese fondue with a liquid of your choice (for example: wine, cherry brandy, apple juice, etc.). You will also need some starch. Make sure you stir the cheese so that nothing burns. And that’s it for the basics. You can adapt the preparation to your needs.


Cheese fondue sets are ideal for spending time with your family, friends or loved ones over a delicious meal. There are various cheese fondue sets that differ in their design, capacity and possibly additional functions. You’re sure to find the right set for your needs.

Even if you prefer other types of fondue instead of cheese, you can find an appropriate cheese fondue set that is also suitable for other types of fondue. Therefore, personal preferences and the price play an overriding role in the purchase decision.

(Cover photo: Angela Pham/ Unsplash)