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Today’s subject is broad, but very useful for those who want to build a house with little money. Here, we’ll prove that it is possible to decorate a room with only cheap furniture.

Regardless of what the room is, there is always an alternative that will not cost you a fortune. Nowadays, there are many quality furniture for affordable prices, which add beauty and well-being.

If you need a hand in decorating, follow us as we present a guide full of interesting information about the most different types of cheap furniture!


  • Cheap furniture can be just as sturdy, beautiful and sophisticated as more expensive furniture, you just need to know how to choose.
  • MDF and MDP woods are great choices for those looking to spend less on home furnishings.
  • Opting for neutral and versatile furniture is an excellent way of saving money when furnishing your home.

The best Cheap Furniture: Our Picks

To start our guide in style, we’ve selected some furniture that is not only cheap, but modern, cool, beautiful and of good quality.

Buying guide

Decorating environments is always challenging, especially if you can’t spend a lot of money. However, it’s not impossible! In the guide below we’ll give you all the tips on how to use good and cheap furniture in your home.

 Foto que mostra da metade do corpo pra baixo de um casal de mãos dadas, encontado na parede, de frente para uma banqueta, com um cofrinho e um vaso em cima.

It is super possible to decorate cheaply. (Source: Zun Zun/ Pexels)

Cheap furniture: What are they, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

You moved and are on a tight budget to set up the new home. This situation does not seem strange to you, right? The vast majority of people have or will go through it, but it’s not the end of the world.

The good news is that nowadays it is not difficult to find furniture for a better cost benefit, which does not affect so much your pocket. Normally, these are manufactured in material of slightly inferior quality, but in practice it doesn’t make that much difference.

Besides the price, the advantage of these pieces of furniture is that they are usually easier to assemble, and can be bought ready-made in specific shops.

Regarding the design and finish, they may also be simpler and less worked, but that does not mean that they are not beautiful, durable and elegant.

  • Good cost-benefit
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be bought ready
  • Reduced material quality
  • Simpler design
  • Less worked finish
  • Some have low to medium durability

How to furnish my house spending little?

When it comes to furnishing a flat or a house, every economy is valid. Below, we have gathered some tips that make all the difference during the process, take a look:

  • Make a list of priorities: It is important that you are in fact essential, such as: bed, table, appliances, wardrobe and sofa.
  • Have a very clear planning of your budget: Before leaving buying around, know how much you can spend and focus on your planning.
  • Choose furniture in MDF and MDP: medium-density fiber wood is much cheaper than pure wood, and has good durability if you take basic care.
  • Choose versatile furniture: Some bookcases can house the most different types of objects, and certain chairs match in any type of environment.
  • Don’t rule out reuse: Go to thrift stores and negotiate the furniture that your friend no longer uses. Besides being sustainable, it is cheaper.
  • Focus on neutral pieces: When you’re low on cash, it’s best to go for neutral furniture that goes with everything.
  • Do it yourself: Wooden boxes and pallets can surprise you!

How to choose cheap furniture for each room?

Every room has a piece of furniture that can be bought for a good price, and now we’ll show you how you can save specifically in each room:

Living Room

The cheap furniture that should be the focus of your living room are those made of wood, like rack and coffee table. In the case of both, it is quite simple to find affordable options.

It is also possible to save on the sofa, but remember that it is a piece of furniture that deals with your comfort, and therefore deserves a special investment.


In the bedroom, wardrobes and wardrobes can be found for a good price. Some non-essential furniture, such as dressing tables and bookshelves, are also inexpensive.

The bed is the same case as the sofa, and because it deals with your sleep, it is even more important that it is of high quality.


Who thinks that the kitchen can only be assembled with planned furniture, is wrong. In this case, opt for ready-made sets, and, if the budget is too tight, in a reduced version.


Try buying a bathroom cabinet made of MDF, or with a mirror already built into the door. This way, you save money and still gain space.

Buying criteria: How to compare cheap furniture

Choosing the perfect furniture has its challenges, especially when it comes to cheap furniture. That’s why it’s important that you keep an eye on a few factors before you complete your purchase:

Below, we will explain each of them in a little more detail:


The material a product is made of is totally related to its quality. In the case of furniture, the most resistant are those made of high quality material, but these are also the most expensive.

Those looking for cheap furniture should opt for MDF or MDP furniture, this is because it is a type of medium density fiber wood, which in addition to being cheaper, does not have poor durability or poor quality.

These types of wood still allow a huge diversity of designs and styles, besides ensuring beauty and ease of assembly.

In relation to the furniture made of plastic derivatives, we say in advance that they are not a good idea because they are very fragile, and should not last more than one or two years.


When it comes to furniture, good workmanship is essential! Check if the edges are all in one piece, if there are scratches and if any screws are loose.

It’s important that you buy a durable piece of furniture that won’t stain or peel for nothing, and that is 100% firm.


Some furniture requires a specialized professional to help assemble it, and this can make your budget more expensive.

Give preference to simpler furniture, which allows you to assemble it yourself, just with the help of an instruction manual, after all, it is possible to save even on small details.

Size and space

Before you hit the hammer with regard to the chosen furniture, know your exact measurements, and make sure it fits the space you have free at home.

Ideally, before you go looking for any piece of furniture, you should have already measured your space. This facilitates the process, besides being a guarantee that the furniture will fit comfortably.


In the case of beds, chairs, armchairs and sofas, comfort is very important, so sit, try and feel the upholstery. Remember that you may spend many hours on that piece of furniture and so you need it to be just the right amount of softness.

(Featured image source: ATBO/ Pexels)