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Non-stick pans are becoming increasingly popular and make all the difference when preparing fried food and grilled food. Among them are the ceramic pans, which have high non-stick properties and are the subject of this article.

Ceramic frying pans are available in a wide variety of models and, besides having a very distinctive design, they can still be used to prepare a variety of foods. If you are looking for one of these, keep reading, because below we explain all the details about it.


  • Ceramic pans are available in versions made entirely of ceramic, which reach higher temperatures, or only with ceramic coating, which are cheaper and lighter.
  • This product’s main advantages are its high non-stick ability and ease of cleaning.
  • To use a ceramic frying pan you do not need a drop of oil or water and you can prepare numerous foods such as meat, eggs and much more.

The Best Ceramic Frying Pan: Our Picks

In recent years the ceramic frying pan has become very popular and it is not difficult to find to buy options of various brands. However, among them some stand out and below you know the best models.

Buying guide: all you need to know about ceramic frying pans

The ceramic frying pan is the ideal product for those who like to fry without oil and that does not stick to the pan. However, because it is a relatively new type of pan, it is common to still have questions about it. Therefore, below we will answer the most common questions about this pan.

Na foto uma mulher uma mulher de olhos fechados cheirando uma frigideira com comida.

The ceramic frying pan is available in several models and sizes. (Source: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels)

What are the advantages of the ceramic frying pan?

If you often research kitchen products, you’re sure to have heard of ceramic frying pans, which have numerous advantages.

Thus, the main differential of this type of pan is that, even without the use of oil, they do not stick to any food. Thanks to this, it is possible to eat in a healthier way and there is a high ease of cleaning.

Another positive point is that this material presents an excellent heat distribution, which makes the food cook faster, and keeps the temperature longer inside.

It is also worth mentioning that this pan is not produced with any substance harmful to health and has a high resistance and durability.

  • Does not stick to food
  • Can be used without oil
  • Is healthier
  • Is easier to clean
  • Has high resistance
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Costs more expensive than conventional frying pans
  • Over time may lose its non-stick capacity

Which one to choose: Ceramic-coated or all ceramic frying pan?

Did you know that when it comes to ceramic frying pans you can find models all made of this material and others that only have a ceramic coating?

This is a detail that few people know, but it must be taken into consideration when buying one of these.

Pans with ceramic coating are lighter and cheaper

It is necessary to understand that both options have a high non-stick capacity, but in practice they are different.

The models all made of ceramic are heavier, usually take a little longer to heat up and if they fall on the floor they may break.

On the other hand, they can keep the heat inside for longer, reach high temperatures and have a very distinctive design.

The pans with ceramic coating end up being the most popular, mainly because they have a lower value. They heat up faster, however, their ability to maintain heat is not as high.

What is the difference between ceramic and non-stick frying pans?

It is very common to have questions about the difference between ceramic frying pans and those with a non-stick coating, also called Teflon.

The ceramic models, as we’ve already told you, are completely non-toxic, unlike the non-stick ones, which depending on their composition may contain substances such as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which are harmful to health.

In relation to the capacity of not sticking the food, these two products present good results. However, ceramic ends up having a superior performance. It also stands out in terms of design, since ceramic pans are more beautiful.

Speaking of price, the non-stick frying pan comes out ahead, which is usually cheaper than the ceramic ones. In weight these options are also better, since the pans made all in ceramic end up being heavier.

Ceramic frying pan Nonstick frying pan
Nonstick level High Medium
Appearance Are more beautiful Are more common
Weight Heavier Lighter
Price Medium to high Medium to low

How to use the ceramic frying pan?

Using a ceramic frying pan is very easy and basically you only need to place it over the fire and insert the food and seasonings to be prepared into it. It’s that simple, and it is not even necessary to use water or oil if you choose to grill food.

However, what makes the difference in the performance of this product is its preparation on first use, which will be responsible for ensuring the non-stick properties of the ceramic work.

Therefore, before using the ceramic frying pan for the first time, it is recommended to grease its entire inner part with oil and heat it over medium heat for about 3 minutes. After this period, you can remove the oil and wash it.

Na foto uma pessoa tirando alguns pimentões de dentro de uma frigideira e os colocando em um prato.

To use the ceramic frying pan, it is not necessary to add oil. (Source: Cooker King/ Unsplash)

Buying criteria: What to take into account when comparing ceramic frying pan models

To choose the best ceramic frying pan, you need to evaluate some criteria that make the difference in this type of pan. Thinking of helping you with this, below we explain in detail everything about each of them.


The ceramic frying pan is found to buy in different sizes, there are options in which it is only possible to fry an egg and others that are larger.

As far as diameter is concerned, the smallest models are about 20 centimetres and the largest can reach up to 32 centimetres.

The size of the ceramic frying pan ranges from 20 to 32 centimetres

Ceramic pans from 20 to 24 centimeters are ideal for those who live alone or couples who cook a small amount of food at a time.

They can be used with eggs, burgers and steaks, for example.

The larger options, from 25 to 36 centimeters, are usually a little deeper and can fit a larger amount of food. Thanks to this, they are suitable for couples with a child and larger families and serve for meats, risottos, pasta and more.

Type of cooker

Another important point to be analyzed in the ceramic frying pan is its compatibility with the cooker.

Although most options can be used on electric, gas and induction hobs, some have restrictions, especially on induction hobs.

Therefore, check this information before making the purchase.


The most traditional frying pans are round, however, there are also square ceramic frying pan models.

For the preparation of pieces of meat, the square options end up being more efficient, because it is possible to put a larger amount of steaks or fillets in them at once.

On the other hand, round models are a good choice for all other foods and can even take up less space in the cupboard.

Na foto uma frigideira com um povo frito dentro.

Round ceramic pans are ideal for eggs and various other foods. (Source: Klaus Nielsen/ Pexels)

With removable handle or not

A very interesting detail about ceramic pans is that some options are produced with a removable handle.

It is very common to see these versions in pot kits, in which there is usually a handle to be used with several pans.

The main advantage of this is when it comes to storing, since a frying pan without handle takes up less space than one with handle in the cupboard. So, if you have little space consider these options.


As you have seen in the course of this article, the ceramic frying pan has a number of advantages and is capable of making your day to day life in the kitchen more practical.

Therefore, we show you here all the details about this product and even teach you how to choose the best one according to your needs.

If you enjoyed this content be sure to share it with your friends and see you next time!

(Source of the highlighted image: Sven Brandsma / Pexels)