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In this article, we will review an essential element to keep our cats with a healthy and beautiful coat, and with an ideal weight so that they can do all their recreational activities. Today we will talk about what are the best cat foods.

Cat food is a food product that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of this type of domestic pet. Cat food must be able to provide the right amounts of the nutrients it requires, be suitable for its digestive tract and free from toxins that can affect it.

We want to help you find the best cat food to keep your cat healthy and strong throughout its life cycle. To do this, we will show you the different types of food according to their age and weight, as well as the benefits that these foods offer cats in general.


  • Cat food is a product that is manufactured exclusively for feeding cats. All brands have their various ingredients, but a good cat food should be able to offer the necessary amounts of nutrients and be free of toxins to keep your cat healthy and fit.
  • There are a number of different brands and formats of cat food. Among the most common are dry, wet and semi-moist cat foods. Each offers advantages and benefits to keep your cat healthy, strong and well fed.
  • Knowing that there are different cat foods according to age, types of main ingredients and moisture factor required will allow us to buy a cat food that is right for our pet; so that he is healthy and strong throughout his life cycle at our side.

The best Cat Food: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about cat food

Cat food allows us to control the nutrients and vitamins necessary for our pet to have a balanced diet. This allows him to stay healthy and helps him to have a strong, beautiful coat. Here you will learn about the advantages, different types and prices of cat food.

Cat food is designed to provide all the vitamins and nutrients a cat needs to be healthy and strong (Photo: goodluz /

What is cat food and what are its advantages?

Cat food is a food product that is specially designed to provide the necessary elements to generate a balanced diet for this type of animal. Cat food is intended to be the only type of food that we should offer to cats.

This is because it is formulated to be able to cover all the cat’s nutritional needs, as well as the required nutrients in the correct proportions, so that it can be digested without inconvenience and lacks toxins or products that could compromise the health of our pet.

  • They are easy to store
  • They are classified according to weight and age
  • They come in different presentations
  • They help to keep cats healthy and strong
  • They have the necessary nutrients for their development
  • It can generate episodes of obesity
  • In time they can get bored of the food
  • They must be consumed before the expiry date

Dry, Wet or Semi-Wet Cat Food – What to look out for?

In the world of cat food products there are a large number of brands that specialise in offering recipes with the best ingredients to please the palates of these animals. Cat food is classified into dry, wet and semi-moist and each offers considerable advantages in feeding these animals.

Dry Cat Food. It is the most economical option that we can find within the cat food; it is also the one that has a greater range of duration, since it can last several months after being opened. It is not the tastiest option for cats’ palates, but it is ideal if the animal spends many hours alone.

Wet cat food. This type of cat food comes in sachets or tins and is likely to be the best tasting and most palatable for the animal. It is easy to eat as the moisture promotes the ingestion of the product. It is the most expensive option and may have the shortest shelf life after opening.

Semi-moist food. Combines the appearance of dry food with the chewiness of wet food. It is not the most recommended because of the various processes and additives that make them of low nutritional quality. Over the years, this type of food has been leaving the market, although it can still be seen.

Dry Cat Food Wet Cat Food Semi-Wet Cat Food
Presentation Bags Cans and sachets Cans
Differentiating factor Crunchy kibble Chewy pieces Kibble shape with chewy texture
Nutritional value Medium, High High Low
Duration after opening Months Weeks without refrigeration and months with refrigeration Weeks without refrigeration and months with refrigeration
Suitable for cats Yes Yes No

How much does cat food cost?

There are a wide range of brands that specialise in the manufacture of cat food. Each offers advantages in terms of the nutrients they can offer depending on the weight and age of the animal to keep them healthy and strong so they can last longer with the family.

Generally, we can buy a good cat food for around 250 MXN and 6,000 MXN approximately, depending on the brand, the type of food (dry or wet) and the amount that comes to meet the nutritional needs of our cats.

Both dry and wet cat food offer advantages on how to feed these pets. (Photo: Oksana Mironova /

Purchase criteria: how to find the best cat food for your pet

Having a healthy cat requires several factors. And among these is their diet, because with a good cat food we help them to consume the vitamins and nutrients necessary for their formation and growth. There are certain points that you should know before going out in search of this product, such as the following:

Later we will analyse in depth each of these points so that you know more about what you should look for when evaluating the different options we have for cat food so that you can choose the most suitable for your pet according to its needs and your budget.

The age of the animal

The age of the cat is a key factor in choosing the best cat food. Depending on whether the animal is a puppy, adult or older, it will require more or less nutrients or vitamins for growth or to maintain a healthy diet.

Puppy cat food. This type of food is ideal for cats between the age of infancy and up to one year of age. At this stage they require more nutrients to help their formation and growth. It allows them to replenish the energy they consume by playing all the time.

Adult cat food. It is recommended to change the cat’s diet after the age of one year and to maintain it until the age of 7 years. This cat food reduces the dosage of vitamins and nutrients as the animal is trained. It is characterised by being an ideal food to maintain the shape and care for the skin of cats.

Adult cat food for older cats. This cat food is ideal for animals over 7 years of age. This cat food lowers the fat content and increases the nutrients as the animal is no longer as active. This ensures that the cat does not develop obesity problems.

The Ingredients

When buying cat food, you should pay attention to the ingredients used in the product.

Each brand has its own recipe in terms of taste to captivate our pet, but we must pay attention to certain factors that will ensure that our cat is feeding well.

When we review the different types of cat food we must check that it has a low level of fat, that it contains a protein, either meat or fish; and that it is well identified to be sure that it is not being fed with proteins of dubious quality and finally that the percentage of cereal is not high.


Cats need to be constantly hydrated and one way to achieve this is through cat foods that have a high percentage of moisture. Wet foods can have up to 70% moisture in their preparation which is ideal for our animal.

In the case of dry cat foods, these can reach a maximum of 8% moisture so, if you only eat this type of food, the cat can get to present a case of chronic dehydration that is serious for your renal system.

The best thing to do is to alternate between a wet and a dry food to avoid dehydration and so that the animal does not only get used to one type of food that can get bored and leave it completely.

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