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Those who love their pets will know how important it is to give them everything they need to be comfortable. This time we will comment on cat beds; a place where our little friend will rest and spend many hours.

In the following article you will learn the necessary criteria to choose a cat bed correctly. As simple as it may seem, your pet needs the right product both for him and for the environment in which he lives. We will mention the types, prices, places of sale and much more!


  • A cat bed is an accessory made for your pet to rest, sleep and spend as much time as it wants. This element has the advantage of helping us to maintain hygiene in the home, give the cat a unique place for him to unwind and protect him from the cold or simply to give him his own territory.
  • You can choose an open or closed type of cat litter. First of all you have to consider the available space, the cat’s behaviour and preferences. An open cat litter provides a space for your cat to stretch out and look around, while a closed cat litter acts as a shelter and insulates your cat.
  • To choose the best cat bed, we recommend considering factors such as the size of the cat and the size of the bed, the design that suits the shape of your home, the right materials and how easy it is to clean and maintain.

The best Cat Bed: Our Picks

So that you can get an idea of what a cat bed should look like, we recommend that you take a look at this ranking we have prepared especially for you. Find out what other cat lovers prefer and why.

Buying Guide

It is important that your cat has its own territory in which it feels comfortable, not only will it be a space that it can control in its own way, but it will also help you to maintain order and cleanliness in your home. We will now go into the details so that you can make the best purchase!

Even if your cat enjoys being in your bed, it’s very advantageous for it to have its own space (Photo: Anurak Ponapatimet /

What is a cat bed and what are its advantages?

Just like a human or any kind of pet, a cat also needs a place to sleep and rest. Cat beds provide a comfortable, cool or warm space depending on the time of year. On the other hand, they are very useful for maintaining the integrity of other furniture and the hygiene of the home.

They should be comfortable and soft so that they can rest and stretch out

In addition to being their unique place, cat beds are perfect for our animal to stretch out and spend most of the day if they want to. These are soft, cushioned and can even have other accessories to make it a place for play, anti-stress and relaxation.

  • Helps maintain hygiene
  • Development of territoriality in their own space
  • Temperature regulation
  • Instant comfort
  • Prevents damage to other household accessories
  • Problems with adaptation to the new space
  • A breeding ground for hair, odours and bacteria
  • May encourage pest growth

Open or closed cat bed – what to look out for?

Although it will always depend on what suits him best, you can choose between two types of cat beds. Regardless of which type you choose, it is advisable to observe his sleeping posture, his favourite place in the house or consider high places, so that he can keep his territory under control.

Open cat beds. These are ideal for cats that like to stretch out and roll around. Basically it is a soft and comfortable mini mattress; this can be smooth or with raised areas for the cat to rest its head on. Also, depending on the age of the cat, it is recommended that it includes a toy or scratching post to keep it entertained.

Enclosed cat bed. It forms a kind of shelter that isolates it from the outside. They usually include a mattress inside for greater comfort. They are a little more difficult to clean because of their construction, but much more attractive to cats who enjoy dark places. They also provide better protection from the cold.

Open cat bed Closed cat bed
Cat position Stretched Curled up
Ideal for Hot weather Cold weather
Designs Hammock, mattress, sleeping bag, nest Cave, box, igloo and scratching posts
Ideal location On the floor or on furniture In corners, gardens or on stable platforms

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate cat litter models

To make an informed choice, we recommend that you consider the commonalities between different types of cat beds, so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your cat’s lifestyle. Don’t be swayed by subjective opinions and give your cat what it needs!

  • Size
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Cleanliness


Cat beds, in their general structure, are usually large and open for ease of use and comfort of the animal. This makes the choice of sizes very easy as they are large and standard for any breed and size of animal. Other sizes can be:

Small/Medium. it is always recommended that the cat litter is larger than the cat, so that the cat can move around or scratch. For kittens or young cats, small to medium sized beds with accessories to keep the cat entertained are recommended. Ideal for breeds such as Balinese, Burnese, Munchkin, etc.

Large. These are ideal for young cats that are transitioning into adulthood, older cats or cats with reduced mobility. They should be padded so that the cat feels comfortable and avoid accessories so that it can rest and move freely. Especially for breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian, Ragdoll, etc.

Approximate diameter Approximate weight
Small 50 – 60 cm 5 – 10 kg
Medium 60-70 cm 10 – 17 kg
Large 70-80 cm 20 – 25 kg


Cat beds are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and styles. This time, we will focus on the shape of cat beds and describe each one in detail. So you can choose the one that best suits your home decor or the place where your cat usually perches.

Igloo. The design is eye-catching and the shape is enclosed to protect the cat, providing shelter from both the weather and the general environment. Some include scratching areas or toys. A mattress or sleeping bag should be incorporated inside for comfort and looks great in corners or on furniture.

Donut/oval. Creates a sort of cradle, where the cat can feel comfortable and semi-isolated. Its centre is padded and the edges are high. They are ideal for cats that like to sleep curled up to keep warm. It also supports the head and helps to adopt different positions. It looks good anywhere in the house.

Mattress. They are the same as the mattresses for humans. They have no edges and are suitable for all types of cats. Especially recommended for large cats or cats with reduced mobility; ideal for cats that like to stretch out and turn to many sides. They look great anywhere in the house or on a sofa.

The raised beds allow the cat to take up different positions and stretch out (Featured image photo: Alena Ozerova/


The most important thing when selecting a cat bed material is to make sure that it is suitable for the type of climate you live in. It is recommended that it is cool or adaptable to different temperatures, otherwise you can have two or more beds for different seasons.

Natural fabric. Organic materials such as cotton, denim or wool are perfect. They are breathable and breathable, perfect for any climate. They are also soft and hypoallergenic, so your cat will feel comfortable, protected and warm. Prefer natural fabric if you want to give your cat a safe, durable and soft place to sleep.

Synthetic fabric . Microfibre or plush are the favourites. Their price is much cheaper than natural fibres. They are easy to clean, do not lose their size and are available in a variety of designs. We recommend synthetic fabrics for cold climates and preferably also hypoallergenic.


Cat beds need to be easy to clean, as they are a source of hair and bacteria and should not be spread around the house. They could cause allergies and bad smells which, of course, we all want to avoid.

Removable parts. In addition to helping us to install the cat bed anywhere, we can clean it much easier if its parts can be separated. This way we can wash the dirtiest part or simply put them in the washing machine. This feature is recommended for all types of beds and spaces.

Waterproofing. Look for a water-repellent material or bedding. They can be easily wiped clean with a cloth on a regular basis and machine washed only when necessary. This feature is recommended for cats that tend to urinate everywhere, outdoor beds or when they cannot be washed very often.

(Featured image photo: Alena Ozerova /