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It is a basket that has been designed to keep your cat safe and secure. This will help prevent them from escaping when you are transporting them in the car or even just taking them for a walk around the block. They have also been designed with safety in mind, so they can be used as an alternative to traditional carriers if needed. The Cat Basket comes with all of the features that you would expect from any other pet carrier but it is made specifically for cats which means there won’t be anything inside that could hurt your feline friend while they are being transported by either yourself or someone else who may not know how much care should go into handling animals properly.

Cat Basket: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best cat basket in the UK: Our selection

Top Opening Pet Carrier

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Looking for a top opening pet carrier that will make life easier for both you and your animal? Look no further than our 2.5cm square mesh carrier, coated in non-toxic pvc for incredible durability and hygiene. A vacuum-formed plastic tray is provided allowing the option of a protective base ideal to prevent any ‘accidents’ overflowing during transit. Available in a choice of colours – red, black, green, blue and white – also available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.

Stylish Wicker Cat Carrier

This spacious and stylish wicker cat carrier is the perfect way to keep your feline friend comfortable during trips outdoors or to the vet. The elegant design features a natural wicker body in a semi-round shape that is durable and non-toxic, protecting your cat from inside. The sturdy metal wire door is kept in place with easy-use buckle fastenings, keeping your cat securely and safely in the cage. The carry handle falls flat and anchored to the basket, allowing you to carry it smoothly whilst on the move. Dimensions: 40h x 50l x 40w cm; door: 25cm; mat: 44l x 34w cm; maximum load weight 5kg. Some assembly required

The Trapman Transfer Basket: The perfect way to transport your cat.

The Trapman Transfer Basket is the perfect way to transport your cat from one place to another. Made in the UK from high-quality materials, this basket features a large opening at the top and a sliding end door for easy transfer from trap to basket. The metal construction is durable and finished with a plated none peeling finish that looks great. The dimensions of the basket are 12″ x 11″ x 18″, making it just the right size for your cat.

Cat Basket: Frequently asked questions

What types of Cat Basket are there and what determines a good product?

There are many types of Cat Baskets. The most common is the cat hammock, which looks like a small bed and has a soft fabric that your kitty can curl up in to sleep or relax on top of it. Another popular type is the hanging basket for cats because they allow you to hang them from any door frame so your feline friend can have their own private space with easy access whenever they want.

A good Cat Basket should be sturdy, easy to clean and have a comfortable bed. It also needs to be large enough for your cat to move around in comfortably. The best baskets are made of wicker or rattan as this is strong yet light weight material that can withstand the claws of cats without causing damage over time. You will need one with an opening at both ends so you can get your cat into it easily and remove him if necessary (if he gets ill). If possible look for one with a removable liner which makes cleaning easier – just take out the liner wash it separately then put back inside when dry. Some models come complete with toys but these tend not to last long before being destroyed by playful kitties.

Who should use a Cat Basket?

The Cat Basket is ideal for cats that are not used to being in a carrier. If your cat has been difficult to transport, the Cat Basket may be just what you need. It’s also great for kittens and small adult cats.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Cat Basket?

The most important criterions of any Cat Basket are its material and assembly quality. Good Cat Baskets will be made from durable materials, easy to disassemble and clean. It should also have a nice appearance that makes it look good in your home while not standing out too much or looking garish. You can find more tips on how to choose the right Cat Basket here.

The weight of the product is an important factor to consider. Also you should look at the material and assembly quality of a Cat Basket before buying it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Cat Basket?


The Cat Basket is the perfect place for your cat to rest, play or sleep. It’s soft and comfortable with a waterproof base which makes it easy to clean. There are two entrances so that you can easily access your pet at any time of day.


The disadvantages of a Cat Basket are that they can be expensive to buy and also you may have difficulty finding one in your local area.

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In our review, we present products from various manufacturers and suppliers. The list includes products from the following brands and manufacturers, among others:

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What is the price range of the featured products?

The cheapest Cat Basket in our review costs around 17 pounds and is ideal for customers who are conscious about their money. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality can also spend around 81 pounds for one of the more expensive products.