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Do you not only want to store your daily takings from the event well, but also protect them and provide a certain feeling of security? Especially in small businesses where it is necessary for the cashiers to sort the receipts and always have an overview of the money, cash boxes are very popular. Cash boxes are like small suitcases and are usually made of metal. However, what is decisive about cash boxes is their interior design.

As a rule, there is a coin counting board in which the various coins can be clearly sorted. There is also a separate note compartment underneath. With the big cash box guide, we show you which factors you should pay attention to so that you buy a cash box that exactly meets your needs. We have compared many types of cash boxes and listed their advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • A cash box is a lockable box, usually made of steel or sheet steel, used to store cash and other valuables. Most are portable and transportable.
  • A good cash box should not only be able to store the valuables, but should be solidly made, durable and offer a good layout inside.
  • Since the primary purpose of a cash box is to prevent unauthorised persons from breaking into it, it should have an excellent locking mechanism.

The Best Cash Box: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for cash boxes

We have looked for 6 important buying criteria that will help you to find a cash box that exactly fits your needs.

There are so many different types of cash boxes that it is easy to get confused. Now we will show you in detail how to make the right decision between many cash boxes based on the following factors.

Size of the cash box

If you want to buy a cash box, it is first important to consider what purpose it will serve. If you want to store your documents in it, it is advisable to buy a large cash box.

Interior design

The layout of the interior of the cash box is also an important criterion. For small businesses and for events where a lot of small change may be taken, it is advisable to buy one with a coin counting board. For storing heirlooms at home, it is advisable to buy a cassette that contains foam inserts.


Not only is the best finish and hard-wearing surface important, but also the material from which the cassette is made. A good cassette should be robust and made of seamless steel.

Security mechanism

When buying a cash box, make sure that it is easy to lock and has a high-quality and complex security mechanism. Cash cassettes with a key lock should have a strong toothed key. A cash box with a combination lock has the advantage that it can be opened and closed without a key.

Fire / water resistance

If you want to use a cash box to store your valuable documents, it is advisable to buy a cash box that is both fireproof and waterproof. Not only are they made of a special material, but they have a seal built into their interior so that fire and water have no chance of destroying the contents.

Wall mounting

If you want a cash box that stays in one place at all times, it makes sense to buy one that is wall-mounted. It is then firmly anchored to prevent theft and can only be removed when it is open.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about cash boxes answered

We have listed a few questions for you that will help you to get a clear picture of cash boxes. In this article you will find all the questions about cash boxes.

Who is a cash box suitable for?

The cash box is suitable for private individuals who want to store money, documents or jewellery safely within their own four walls. In addition, a cash box is very useful for small businesses for events where mainly only cash is taken.

What types of cash boxes are there?

Cash box with counting board

A cash box with a counting board is practical if you have a lot of coins that you want to keep in order. You can always keep track of how much money is in it. What’s more, you can always take an exact sum out of the cash box without having to use a calculator.

Cash box with combination lock

For more security, it is advisable to buy a cash box with a complex security mechanism. Therefore, we advise you to buy a cash box with a combination lock.

These models usually use a mechanical lock. You have to set the numerical code so that the cash box opens with the combination lock. (Image source: Pixabay / dife88)

Electronic cash box

The electronic cash box is also a very secure option. To open an electronic cash box, a numerical or letter code is entered directly via the display. The longer the code, the higher the security.

Cash box with coin tray

If you want to keep a lot of small change sorted, a cash box with a coin tray is the right choice for you. In most cases, the cash box with coin tray also has a banknote tray, which can be used to store banknotes in a sorted manner.

For increased security, the cash box with coin tray is often also equipped with a mechanical combination lock. The great advantage of the cash box with coin tray is that such a cash box can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Fireproof cash box

If you want to store a large amount of cash and very valuable documents, we recommend investing in a fireproof cash box. It is not only useful in private households, but also in companies where it is a requirement, for example for insurance companies, to use a fireproof cash box.

If you want to buy a fireproof cash box, please read the corresponding cash box reviews first to find out if the fireproof cash box really keeps its promise.

What does a cash box cost?

The price of a cash box depends on the size, the interior and the additional features. We have made a table for you that will help you to get an overview of the prices:
type price range
Cash cassettes (small or medium size) with simple coin insert € 10-29
Wall-mounted cash cassettes € 30-55
Fireproof cash cassettes € 36-130

The most popular cash boxes on Amazon are mostly in a mid-range category from €10 to €100.

Where can I get a replacement key?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get a replacement key. Most dealers do not offer replacement keys. The only place to buy a spare key is from HMG. Here, however, the three-digit key number engraved on the lock of your HMF cash box must be provided; furthermore, an invoice must be presented as proof.


Cash boxes resemble small cases in which money can be stored. Before buying a cash box, you should think about what it will be used for. For children and young people, simple cash boxes in which pocket money can be stored are sufficient. For small businesses or events, however, it is advisable to buy a cash box that is equipped with a coin counting board. A cash box should have a very good lock mechanism.

If you want to store your important documents and heirloom jewellery at home and only want the cash box in one place, you should opt for a cash box that can be built into a cabinet. For offices where a lot of cash is taken daily, it is advisable to invest in a fireproof cash box. In companies, it is usually required by the insurance company to use such a cash box for storing the money.

Image source: Pixabay / Alexa’s Photos