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They are the first eye-catcher at events and, thanks to their versatile shapes and designs, are perfect for setting colourful accents in your own four walls and thus giving the room a targeted, high-quality look. For this reason, this type of floor decoration has become indispensable for many.

Due to the wide range of products on offer in various shops and online shops, it is easy to lose track of what is available. This article is intended to provide you with a clear overview of the most popular products and useful information about your desired product.


  • A carpet runner differs from an ordinary carpet in its dimensions, shapes and areas of application.
  • The differences between carpet runners are mainly in the rooms. From the corridor to the kitchen – a carpet runner offers different useful properties in every room.
  • Basically, you can find the different carpet runners in various department stores and online shops. Prices vary greatly depending on production and capabilities.

The Best Carpet Runner: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for carpet runners

If you are interested in buying a carpet runner, you should pay attention to the following things:

To give you a detailed overview of the buying criteria, they are now summarised:


As with any other product, it is essential to read and consider the product’s care instructions. Depending on the product and its price range, it may be suitable for washing machines or dryers.


As a rule, the backs or bottoms of carpet runners are coated with rubber or gel foam to make them non-slip. But as the saying goes: exceptions prove the rule. Especially if you are buying a reversible / double-sided product, you should read up on how to make the carpet non-slip.


In the age of mass production, even carpet runners are not spared. This is the reason why many products are machine-made. However, unique products made by hand are still available and provide an extra wow effect.


The most common sizes searched for are 80x200cm, 80x250cm, 50x180cm and 60x250cm. However, there are also many products that are available in a wide range of sizes to suit individual needs. It is important that you have a clear idea of where you want to place the rug and then measure this place to be able to buy the right product.


The material differs from product to product. Depending on the purpose of the carpet runner, it must have different properties. If you are an allergy sufferer, you should look for products that are made of 100% polypropylene. However, if you want the carpet to perform other tasks, such as providing warmth, then cotton will probably be the right material.

Design & Colours

There is hardly anything better to set accents in your own four walls than with colours. Whether matching or contrasting, both variants bring an individual style.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about carpet runners answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about carpet runners and thus give you a deeper insight into the subject.

What is a carpet runner?

Carpet runners offer an ideal opportunity to cover empty floor areas in a stylish way and differ from ordinary carpets in their size. Unlike carpets, they are narrower, longer and can therefore be used in a more versatile way.


One way to add stylish colour accents with a carpet runner. (Image source: unsplash / Frank Vessia)

They also come in many different shapes, colours and designs. In this way, they set colour accents in a modest way, or blend in with the rest of the furnishings.

What types of carpet runners are there?

It makes sense to differentiate the carpet runners according to the room. As we have already read, some carpet runners are specifically suitable for one room, while others are “all-round talents” that can be used in many ways.

Living room: In the living room, a carpet runner often has the task of covering a larger, empty floor area and providing warm feet if necessary.

Corridor: In addition to the initial wow effect, a carpet runner in the corridor usually provides a dirt trap.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, carpet runners serve primarily to protect the floor. Should kitchen utensils mistakenly fall on the floor, they are caught in style.

Bathroom: After a warm shower / bath, you don’t want to have to step onto cold tiles. Here, a carpet runner is ideal to keep your feet warm and dry at the same time.

Outdoor / balcony: Weatherproof carpet runners are particularly suitable for the balcony. These are often UV-resistant, which is why they do not fade. So your feet will be cosy even on the balcony or terrace.

What does a carpet runner cost?

The price of a carpet runner is made up of several factors, some of which we have already mentioned. In addition to the material, the design, the colour and the size, the decisive factor is whether the product was made by hand or by machine. As a result, the prices of carpet runners can range from low to high. The following table should serve as an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 – 50€) Ordinary carpet runners with few special features
Medium-priced (50 – 500€) Easy-care carpet runners with features such as anti-allergen, non-slip, etc.
High-priced (over 500€) Unique carpet runners made by hand

The table clearly shows the price range in which the different table runners can be found. High-quality products can already be purchased from a medium price range.

How can a carpet runner be cleaned?

When buying a carpet runner, it is important to pay attention to the care instructions. As we have already seen in our product list, not every carpet can be cleaned in the same way. Special care should be taken when drying the products.

You should only put the carpet in the dryer if it is really suitable for drying. It is also often recommended to pre-treat or knock off stubborn dirt.


Whether you want to support the rest of your furniture in style, create a colourful wow effect, or simply catch dirt, with a carpet runner you have found the ideal solution. Thanks to the wide variety, you can find the right product in the right dimensions for every area (whether indoor or outdoor).

The products also vary greatly in price. Starting with inexpensive carpet runners from 10 euros up to unique pieces, which were made by hand and sometimes cost over 1000 euros, everything can be found in various department stores and online shops.

(Cover photo: unsplash / Sina Saadatmand)