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Car batteries are an indispensable component in our car, thanks to them we can start the engine and drive on the road. This makes it necessary to buy a good quality and long-lasting one, the best on the market.

We love to help you in your buying decision. We offer you more than just a review, we give you technical details, news, user opinions and share our buying criteria with you. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


  • Car batteries are those that help us to give power to our vehicle to start it.
  • There are several types of batteries, including lead-acid, lithium and deep-cycle.
  • Their lifespan is usually around 3 years but there are some that last twice as long.

The Best Car Batteries: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best car batteries

Car batteries are batteries that help us power our vehicle to start it.
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What are car batteries and what are their functions?

If you are a car lover, a mechanic, a connoisseur or simply a car owner, you will surely know what car batteries are. That little box or electrochemical battery is an electric accumulator that sends energy to the starter motor. When it does, our car will start and we can use it.

A car without power is a car that won’t start, but the function of batteries has changed a little bit more than just starting. There are now dual purpose batteries, for comfort, security, geolocation and light connections. Even when the car’s alternator is under stress, the battery will function as a back-up.

The market is full of companies that manufacture car batteries with different technologies. They strive to improve their products day after day, making them more durable, rugged, leak-proof and more. As unlikely as it may seem, battery purchasing is one of the largest in the automotive industry.

  • Efficient operation
  • Vibration resistant
  • Allows quick start
  • Compact
  • Supports alternator
  • Weather affects performance and durability
  • Lack of use deteriorates
  • Heavy
  • Usually don”t last more than 3 years in constant use

Starter or Deep Cycle Car Batteries – What should you look out for?

There are different types of car batteries and also different ways of generating and maintaining power. In this case we will compare starter batteries, typical car batteries and the deep cycle batteries that have entered the automotive market.

Starting Deep cycle
Large amount of current for a short time Used for long periods of time
Lead-acid or gel battery Perfect for electric cars
Can be used in trucks, vans and tractors due to their starting power Also often used for boats and small transports such as golf carts
Smaller reserve capacity Larger reserve capacity

In the past, deep cycle batteries were not used in automobiles because they lacked sufficient starting power. Today these batteries have been improved to meet this need and are also excellent in electric and hybrid cars.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate car battery models

A smart shopper knows that you need to compare different models of the product you want to buy. That there are factors to take into account in order not to make a mistake that will cost you more than you expect. To help you choose the model you like best, we have decided to show you the factors to consider when making a car battery purchase.

Your car

Before choosing any car battery you need to know about your car. How is it powered? What electrical devices does it have? What model is it? All this will make it clear what requirements you should look for in a battery.

For example, if your car is a small one, it may not need as many amps to start, but if it’s a big one, you’ll need more power. Maybe your machine is electric, so a deep cycle battery might be more suitable. The most important purchasing factor is to know your car’s needs.


A car battery should have a minimum of 12V and 300 Amps to give your car a good start. Choose car batteries that exceed these specifications, but of course it all depends on the needs of your car.

If you want your car batteries to be functional you should check their dry starting power, volts and even their reserve capacity. Remember that a battery is not just for starting the car, it also serves as an alternator.


It is well known that batteries do not last forever, their lifespan is approximately 3 years. However, specialised manufacturers have managed to create products with the capacity to last much longer.

If you want your car batteries to last longer, look for one where the warranty is equal to or longer than 48 months. Our top 4 car batteries were chosen with this in mind and most of them last twice as long as a conventional battery. In other words, our selection of batteries is capable of performing effectively for 6 years.

Weather resistance

When temperatures are very cold or very hot, car batteries tend to suffer a lot. So much so that when they are put into operation they have to work much harder than expected. Doing this over and over again starts to affect their performance and therefore their durability.

New technologies in car battery manufacturing seek to reduce this climatic effect. There are now batteries on the market that are capable of withstanding the lowest and highest grades, thus maintaining the life span of the product. If you are going to buy one, make sure it is resistant to drastic weather conditions.

They usually last about 3 years but some batteries last twice as long.
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Battery type

In the world of car batteries, there are many types, such as gel, calcium, lithium, deep cycle, wet cell, etc. Each of these types offers something different to your car and of course, a different price too. If your car is electric it makes the most sense to buy a lithium or deep cycle car.

Traditional lead-acid batteries, such as gel, calcium and wet cells, work with a chemical reaction that sends energy to the starter motor. They are cheaper and do their job especially if you need power to start your machine.

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