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Welcome. This time we are going to talk about caps. Nowadays for many it is not only a fashion, but a way of life. So we do not want to miss this opportunity to let you know everything about this product and how important it is to choose the right model to your tastes but above all to your style.

Caps were created to protect the face from the sun’s rays, however, nowadays they are used as an accessory that complements the outfit of each person. The way to wear a cap varies between people, as some prefer to put the visor on the back, and not in front, as its original design”.

If you are passionate about caps but your knowledge is limited to what you find in the shops, you definitely need to know the main buying factors. These are not only a function of your taste, so we invite you to continue reading this article to learn about the others.


  • The cap is a garment used to cover the head, mostly made of fabric. It was invented to protect the head from the sun and its visor protects the face from the sun’s rays and provides better visibility.
  • The cap is also used as a uniform, for example, security personnel wear a cap as part of their clothing. On the other hand, nowadays there is a great variety of cap models, among which adjustable and closed caps stand out, the latter come in different sizes, which is the diameter of the head.
  • The most important factors to consider when purchasing a cap are the brand, the model of the cap, whether it is adjustable or closed, the equipment (when applicable) and the material used. These factors will give us a clear idea of the characteristics of the caps and thus guarantee the acquisition of the ideal cap.

The best Cap: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about caps

When you have a taste for caps, selecting the right one goes beyond just going to any sports shop and buying it, it’s essential to analyse all the factors that affect your buying decision. So, when comparing between all the caps, your decision will be a successful one. That is why we will name the most relevant ones.

Caps are compatible with any style. (Photo: Spectral/

What is a cap and what are its advantages?

A cap is a piece of clothing, invented to protect both the head and face from the sun’s rays, as well as providing better visibility. It is mostly made of fabric. It is recommended for use when playing outdoor sports, although it is also often worn as part of uniforms, such as police uniforms

It is important for us to let you know the most important characteristics of caps so that you can be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of this item of clothing. We have summarised them for you in the following table:

  • Protects your eyes from the sun
  • Improves visibility in open spaces
  • Prevents you from combing your hair
  • Helps you look fashionable
  • Prevents pollution in your hair
  • Makes your head sweat a lot
  • Can cause dandruff

Closed, adjustable cap or trucker with flat or curved visor – what should you pay attention to?

In order to get the most out of your cap, you need to identify what you want to use it for. This product is suitable for all kinds of public due to its characteristics, and because it can be used in different scenarios. For this reason, we show you the cap alternatives according to the model.

Adjustable cap. This type of cap is designed to be adaptable to all head sizes, as it has an opening at the back, so it can fit anyone. Consider that the adjustable part at the back can be made of hard plastic with perforations, Velcro, or an elastic band that allows a comfortable and ideal fit.

These types of caps are usually used for any daily activity, as they are very comfortable and easy to combine with any type of clothing. For this reason, they are more common in a fashion environment, and are even the most commonly used model for “customising”.

Closed cap. This product is suitable for all outdoor sports such as golf, baseball, among others. What it looks for is to have that personalisation in each player although they are elaborated for all types of athletes. Within this type of caps we can find polyester caps and stretch fabric caps, which generates flexibility.

As for the polyester caps, it is important to mention that you need the exact size of each person in order to avoid disappointment if they do not fit. For example, this type of caps use the American sizes 7¼, 7¾ among others. Later on we will detail all the sizes and their equivalence in Mexico.

While the ones made of stretch fabric, have general sizes such as small, medium, large or extra large, as they have flexfit bands, which allow the cap to stretch and with this parameter it adapts to any head that is in the selected size.

Trucker cap. These caps were created to be used by drivers, as they are always battling with the sun, and the heat is a constant problem when driving long distances. That’s why this model of cap was called “Trucker”. The difference lies in the material and shape of the cap.

The trucker caps are made of fabric on the front and visor, while the sides and back are made of mesh, i.e. an embroidered mesh style that allows ventilation of the scalp and prevents perspiration. All caps are adjustable and the fit is mostly made of hard plastic.

Adjustable cap Closed cap Trucker cap
Visor type (usually) Curved Flat Curved.
Flexibility No Yes No.
Use Uniforms Outdoor sports For drivers.
Type of fit Plastic, Velcro, spring Fixed fit Plastic.

What is the difference between a curved visor and a flat visor?

In this section we focus on visors, it is important to mention that there are caps with curved and flat visors, and the characteristics are different from each other. So it is necessary to have clarity of where they are used and what benefits they have, so next we will detail each one. These are:

Cap with curved visor. The subject of the visor is adaptable to any type of cap, whether closed or adjustable. As for the curved visor type, it has a slightly inward curve and is ideal for sports as it allows to isolate the sun from all angles, keeping the view on the ball, as in baseball.

They are also ideal for a bike ride, as the visor keeps the air out directly, keeping your eyes on the track at all times. Or simply for going for a walk or a day’s work such as construction, keeping dust and sun out of range of the eyes.

Flat visor cap. Caps with this type of visor are especially for people who like extreme sports such as skateboarding or rollerblading. They are used for styling, i.e. they are not worn for their intended purpose but only as a fashion statement, as part of their outfit.

In addition to the above, players of different teams and sports use them before and after games as an accessory, which is why many teams have manufactured this type of visor with mostly closed caps. This has led to the rise of caps for all fans, regardless of location or method of use.

The cap is of utmost importance in any baseball uniform (Photo: Wang Tom/

Purchasing criteria

At first glance, buying any cap may seem like a simple decision. However, if you are one of those who need to have your favourite cap at all costs, there are important factors that you need to consider to ensure that your purchase is a success and you get that much sought-after cap in the end. These factors are:

Recognised brand

Nowadays it is important to consider that the most popular brands of caps inspire quality and good taste, as well as prestige and guarantee of the different caps manufactured. Cap enthusiasts in most cases are brand loyal, so they get the satisfaction they need from their favourite brand.

Meanwhile, those who are not immersed in the great variety of cap brands and models, their first thought will always be about which is the best brand on the market as an initial purchasing criterion. So that in the end, when they compare it with their experience, they will find that favourite brand, which will be difficult to change.

The most recognised brands at national and international level are: Hurley, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, and the most popular nowadays is New Era. So, as you can see, brand will always be a factor in the consumer’s mind.


The size of your cap, especially when they are closed, usually becomes a problem because not only is it the right size for your head, but the stock in the shop varies so much that you may not be able to find it. Keep in mind that cap sizes differ from country to country. We recommend you check their sizing guides.

If we make a comparison of size guides between Mexico and the United States, the variation is only in the nomenclature used, as you will see below:

Centimetres Mexican Size American Size Size.
62 / 61 62 / 61 7¾ / 7⅝ Extra large.
60 / 59 60 / 59 60 / 59 7½ / 7⅜ Large.
58 / 57 58 / 57 7¼ / 7⅛ Medium.
56 / 55 56 / 55 7 / 6⅞ Small.
54/53 54/53 6¾ / ⅝ Extra small.

Cap model

This factor is delimited in your intended use and goes hand in hand with your tastes and preferences, resulting in the perfect cap on your head. As mentioned in the product variables section, there are 3 different models. Plus you can have all models and use them in specific situations.

Adjustable Cap. They are the fashion model and the most used. It is recommended for daily activities and tennis, particularly for women because they can fit their hair in the gap between the cap and the adjustable part.

Closed cap. Recommended for outdoor sports such as baseball and golf. Basketball and football teams use this model before and after every game.

Tucker cap. Although they were created for heavy transport drivers, they are recommended for use in very hot and sunny places such as the beach. Sand volleyball also uses this model.

You have to keep in mind that you can look for the perfect combination between type of cap and visor, because even though it is usually predetermined, the customisation of them is more alive than ever. For example, you can customise your open cap with a flat visor or a closed cap with a curved visor.

Equipment (if applicable)

Nowadays most teams in all sports have versions of caps that are extremely attractive to all kinds of fans, so if your favourite team is Golden State Warriors for example, you can be sure that they will have caps of various models and colours.

What you have to consider is that all these teams that have caps come in specific models, so if your model is not the team’s model, you won’t find it unless you customize it and that will be expensive. Also, the colours of the caps will only be made in the team’s emblematic colours.

As part of the annual update of team uniforms, caps are no exception, so many fans are looking forward to the changes and updates that are made every year, resulting in a collection of caps of your favourite team, a concept that is very much appreciated by the fans of the different teams.

Manufacturing materials

Nowadays there are different materials with which caps are made, the important thing is to compare what each one offers you so that your choice is the right one for you. We will explain the characteristics of each material below:

Polyester. They are comfortable for those who use caps of this material, they are focused for the sportsmen since they also offer benefits like little sweat in the head, little ventilation, flexibility by means of elastic bands, diversity of colours and designs.

Cotton. They are designed for those who use caps as an outfit, for going out for a walk or for those who need a cap on the beach, as they offer greater protection for the eyes and comfort. They are also used in uniforms due to their low manufacturing cost.

Mesh. This type of material is used for Trucker caps, they are easy to clean, offer good ventilation for practically the whole head, and help truck drivers to avoid sun rays in their eyes.

Your cap, your best sunscreen. (Photo: Dean Drobot/

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