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Whether you’re a beginner photographer, a pro or a videomaker, a Canon camera has a lot of good things to offer you! Throughout this article, we’ll give you all the information you need about the cameras from this Japanese company that is one of the leaders in the photography and video production market. Stay with us to know the main lines, see a comparison with the competition and much more!


  • Canon is one of the most successful brands in the camera market and makes models of enormous quality. It is ideal for both beginners and professionals.
  • The Powershot line is Canon’s compact cameras, perfect for casual photographers and beginners. Who wants to advance in the world of photography should opt for models from the EOS line.
  • A major differential of Canon is the quality of their cameras for videos, which makes many youtubers and videomakers opt for a model of the Japanese brand.

The Best Canon Camera: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best Canon Camera

It’s normal not to understand every detail about cameras, photography and video. Stay tuned through the topics in our buying guide and understand everything about Canon models!

 Imagem mostra uma câmera Canon sendo usada para gravação de uma entrevista.

Canon cameras are great for videos too. (Source: Pexels /

Why does Canon stand out in the camera market?

Canon is a brand with nearly a century of experience in the photography business. It was founded in 1937 with the intention of improving the technologies available in the field. Since then, it is a brand that stands out for the meticulousness of its products. With each new launch, it brings small innovations that transform the user experience.

The drive for innovation is constant. It is a company with branches all over the world and has pioneered many of the advances in photography over the last hundred years. Today, there is great versatility of models. Both beginners who cannot invest much in a camera and professionals of the highest level can opt for Canon. The brand is present in Brazil and has excellent customer relations and technical assistance.

What are Canon’s main camera lines?

As we have already mentioned, Canon has cameras for those who are just starting out in the world of photography and for professionals. Learn more about the lines of the Japanese brand:

  • Canon Powershot: It is the line of compact cameras from Canon. They are ideal models for casual photographers who want to have a quality camera or for those who do not understand much of the subject and want to start developing their skills.
  • Canon EOS Rebel: The videomakers’ favourite. The Rebel line is very good for people who want to perfect their photography skills, start a professional life in the field or make quality videos and short films.
  • Canon EOS D: Suitable for professionals, Canon’s D line is one of the most advanced in the photography universe. The models have the XD nomenclature, and the bigger the number that replaces the X, the more modern and full of resources they are. The prices are also important.

Canon or Nikon: Which is the best option?

Advanced and professional photographers looking for DSLR cameras basically have two brand options on the market: Canon and Nikon. Both are well established in the market and have advantages and disadvantages compared to the competition. Canon, however, wins in the item-by-item comparison.

 Imagem mostra uma lente Canon em destaque.

Canon lenses are of exceptional quality. (Source: stux /

What made this advantage arise was the fact that Nikon shut down its operations in Brazil in 2018. This made the value of their newer cameras more expensive and made it harder to access technical support. As for photo quality, Nikon and Canon are quite similar. Each presents superiority in some aspects and types of images, but there is nothing that the other does not do in an equally competent way. See a table with the comparison between brands:

Canon Nikon
Quality of images Very high Very high
Lenses Versatile, can be used in different models Specific for each model
Strongest point Closer pictures, details Landscape pictures
Technical assistance Excellent More difficult since the brand left Brazil

How does Canon’s customer relationship work?

Canon is a brand with a good rating on the Reclame Aqui (complain here) platform. The average score is 7.2, with 98.2% of complaints answered and a 78.3% problem resolution rate.

Canon cameras and lenses rarely have problems

It is important to note, however, that most complaints relate to other Canon products, particularly printers. Cameras and their accessories such as lenses and flashes rarely experience problems. Canon’s official website is excellent and has a specific area for support.

There is a virtual assistant that helps you diagnose possible problems and, if necessary, facilitate the referral to one of the authorized workshops of the brand in one of the major cities of the country. Choosing Canon gives you the certainty of having an extremely durable camera that rarely presents problems even after more than a decade of use, but at the same time have a good assistance available in case it is eventually needed.

Purchase Criteria: Factors When Choosing a Canon Camera

Already know your next camera will be from Canon? Excellent! But you still need to know a few criteria to help you choose your model.

Photographer’s level

It’s no good investing a lot of money in a professional camera and not knowing how to use it. For a model to be ideal for someone, it must be suitable for that person’s level of photographic knowledge. If you do not have technical knowledge of photography and do not intend to study on the subject, buy a Canon entry-level camera, preferably from the Powershot line.

Most of the adjustments at the moment of clicking happen automatically. In the same way, who knows how to photograph and can handle a professional camera will not be satisfied with a compact model and with few resources. The EOS Rebel line is the starting point.

 Imagem mostra uma câmera analógica Canon em destaque.

Canon analogue cameras are still popular with professionals. (Source: coyot /

Video recording

Canon cameras are excellent for video. The EOS Rebel line can produce them with great quality and models like the T5i are often used for this purpose.

Canon cameras are excellent for videomakers and youtubers

Anyone who wants to break into the industry as a videomaker, boost their YouTube channel or start making short films frequently can opt for a Canon camera. The price can be scary, but the quality is certainly worth it. Check specifications on built-in microphone quality and inputs for new microphones, recording resolution and compression quality to choose the model best suited for your videos.

Compatible lenses

A good photographer should know that each type of lens is suitable for different situations. Using only what comes with the camera (when this happens) limits your possibilities too much and can prevent you from growing in your profession. Before buying a camera, check which lenses are compatible with it and what types of photographs it allows you to take. If there are more serious limitations, it is better to choose another model. Professional equipment usually has a wide range of accessories available.

Analogue cameras

Analogue photography is still preferred by many professionals in the field. Going through the whole photographic process can be exciting and, in addition, the colours and contrasts of the paper are unique, allowing for a different and complete experience. As much as Canon ended the production of its last analogue camera in 2018, you can still find several models on the market. There is also great versatility here, with both equipment for beginners and professionals. In case you want a high-end analogue camera, know that Canon is also a great option!


It’s normal to think of Canon when it comes to quality cameras. The higher your level as a photographer, the more the Japanese brand becomes a leading option in the market. Its lines are versatile and cover all levels of professionals.

Besides manufacturing excellent cameras, Canon is a brand with a great relationship with the consumer and with high-level technical assistance. Their models are often preferred by videomakers and youtubers and it is possible to opt for an analogue equipment.

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