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Candy bars are a big hit at celebrations such as a wedding, christening or a big birthday party. They are both a decorative element at these celebrations and an ideal way to provide guests with sweets and all the trimmings between long meal breaks.

With this candy bar guide, we want to help you find the perfect model for such an occasion. We have looked at the different types and uses of candy bars and have put together an overview of the topic and the most important things you should know.


  • Candy bars are a great way to keep your guests happy and entertained between long food breaks.
  • It doesn’t always have to be a candy bar. Depending on the occasion, you can also get a Salty Bar or a Booze Bar for your party.
  • Candy bars are very easy to build yourself if you have at least one piece of furniture on which you can place all the treats. Then all you need is some matching decorations and the candy bar for your party is ready.

The Best Candy Bar: Our Picks

In the following section, we will introduce you to models of candy bar that may be exactly what you are looking for. Since there are different types of candy bars, different models are also presented here.

Candy bars: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you what you should look for before you decide to buy a candy bar.

The criteria you can use to compare different types of candy bars are as follows:


Generally, candy bars come in many different colours, shapes and appearances. Depending on the occasion and the desired use, a candy bar is made or there are different models to choose from. As a rule, the material depends on whether the candy bar is to be used as a table, ladder or trolley.

Normally, candy bars are made of sturdy wood. This is often either left in its natural appearance or painted to match the occasion. If your own tables or other furniture are converted into a candy bar, materials such as glass, metal or concrete may also be used.

As wood is the most commonly used material for candy bars, we will give you a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this material below:

  • natural flair
  • can be painted
  • available in different looks
  • easy to maintain
  • susceptible to scratches and stains
  • matter of taste

If, for example, you decide on a normal or your own wooden table and use it as a candy bar, you can place any treacherous or coverings on it to decorate it to match the style you want.

Intended use

Usually, a candy bar is used at any kind of party or event where the hosts do not want to have their hands full during the festivities and the guests can help themselves.

  1. An absolute favourite is the candy bar at the No. 1 celebration, namely the wedding. Guests usually spend many hours here, which is why a candy bar is the ideal solution to provide them with sweets or snacks in between and thus keep them happy.
  2. The candy bar is also very popular at birthday parties. Whether it’s the 3rd or the 80th birthday, a candy bar always goes down well with people, especially children.
  3. If you feel like preparing something yourself, but don’t want to constantly take care of it during the festivities, a candy bar is the best choice. This can easily be converted into a booze bar during the course of the evening.


Depending on the type of candy bar you have in mind to enhance your party, there are different sizes available. The size of your candy bar should also be chosen in accordance with the scale of your event and the expected guests. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy the candy bar.

Basically, a rectangular (dining) table works well as a candy bar.

If you are thinking of building or designing the candy bar yourself, it is up to you which piece of furniture and which size you choose. It also depends on how much space you have and whether the celebration takes place indoors or outdoors.

Candy bars are usually available in sizes ranging from “S” to “XL”. A distinction is usually made here between the number of people for whom the candy bar is to serve. There is a choice of candy bars from, for example, “S” for 20 people and “XL” for over 100 people.


The equipment of the Candy Bar is the be-all and end-all. It makes the Candy Bar what it is and, depending on the style, also adds a certain atmosphere. The accessories used for the candy bar more or less set the tone for the theme of the festivity, which is why the selection here is wide-ranging to meet every possible taste.

The equipment depends partly on the types of “candies” you would like to offer. The range of containers in which you can place your sweets goes from jars, tins, bowls and dishes to etagères and bonbonnières.

It’s best to choose smaller and larger containers to add variety.

To keep things hygienic, you should make sure that guests do not have to carry their chosen sweets around by hand. Small plastic or paper bags can be used for this. You can also use muffin tins or small bowls.

Candy Bar: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

In the following section we have listed the most important questions about the Candy Bar and answered them to the best of our knowledge so that you have all the information you need.

Who is a Candy Bar suitable for?

Basically, a candy bar is suitable for anyone who has an occasion that calls for one. Candy bars are usually used at any kind of event where more than a handful of people are invited. It is often used when a party is planned for a longer period of time and the organisers use it to help themselves.

The occasions why you might want to get a candy bar can range from children’s birthdays to weddings. Candy bars are also popular for private parties, as it is also possible to convert them into a booze bar with alcohol and drinks after a certain time.

Candy Bar-1

To ensure that there is something for everyone, you can go wild with the sweets and offer many different varieties.
(Image source: Vinicius “amnx” Amano / unsplash)

A candy bar, in whatever form, suggests to people that they can help themselves to whatever they want. It brings good vibes, as there are always snacks to keep guests happy. There is quite a bit of preparation involved, but then you don’t have your hands full during the festivities and can enjoy them.

What types of candy bars are there?

Depending on personal taste and the given occasion, there are different constellations of candy bars to choose from. The following table gives you an overview of the most common types:

as a table as a ladder as a trolley
suitable for large parties looks extravagant more for small parties
easy to make yourself also possible only as decoration can easily change place

The choice you make depends on where you want to place your candy bar and the style of the party. Before choosing the right candy bar, you should think about which sweets and similar items you would like to offer on it in order to make the best use of the space.

What are the alternatives to a candy bar?

A candy bar is usually the most popular choice for a self-service bar at events. However, it doesn’t always have to be sweet nibbles to feed people. Both the savoury alternative and those with fruit or drinks offer a self-service option.

Salty bar fruit bar booze bar
salty snacks different types of fruit as snacks drinks to get yourself
savoury snacks healthy alternative usually used at late hours

The type of bar you choose and, above all, what you want to equip it with, depends entirely on the occasion for which you need it.

Candy Bar-2

As an alternative to a candy bar, you can also set up a booze bar to suit the occasion. This provides guests with popular drinks throughout and is very popular.
(Image source: elevate / unsplash)

A classic candy bar is very suitable for weddings or children’s birthday parties, where both young and old are catered for. A booze bar probably comes into its own best at parties and consorts.

What is the best way to build a candy bar yourself?

Since candy bars are not so easy to buy in our part of the world, and you often have to spend a lot of money on them, the option of a homemade candy bar is a good one. Of course, you can’t make everything yourself, but the basic framework shouldn’t be a problem.

Before you start working on it, you should think about the configuration of your candy bar, i.e. whether you would prefer it to be set up as a table, ladder or trolley.

When choosing the sweets, make sure you add variety.

You can also decide this based on whether you have a matching one of these pieces at home. Then it’s time for the decoration and the highlight, namely the sweets.

This way, you can make your candy bar even more appealing. You can choose the decorations according to the location and the occasion of the party. If you need special decoration elements, you will definitely find what you are looking for online, because there is a huge selection of decorations for every possible theme.


A candy bar is a great way to spice up any type of celebration and bring in a means of sustenance that may be unfamiliar to some. People are consistently offered the opportunity to get something for between their teeth as the mood takes them.

Especially for large-scale celebrations like a wedding, where there are longer intervals between meals, a candy bar is ideal for keeping guests happy for a longer period of time. The versatility of a candy bar makes it a MUST at your next party.

Image source: Makarenko/ 123rf