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Candlelight not only creates a certain romantic mood, but also transforms any place into a small oasis of well-being. In order to set the candles appropriately in scene, however, a certain helper is needed.

The candle holder is the ideal addition to place candles stylishly in your home. The selection of candle holders is as individual as the candle shapes themselves. The candle should not only be held neatly, but also be a great decorative addition. For our following product comparison, we have therefore compared different types and gathered the best models for you to cover every taste.


  • Candle holders are available in various designs and can safely and decoratively integrate tea lights, pillar candles or stick candles into your home
  • There are no limits to your design preferences. They are offered in all possible sizes, colours and shapes. Every price segment is catered for.
  • With the right cleaning, you can easily remove candle wax residues and ensure that your candle holders can serve their purpose for a long time. Some holders are also ideal for outdoor use.

The Best Candlestick: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for candle holders

To give you an overview of the large selection and variety of candle holders, we have summarised some buying criteria. With the help of these, we want to show you what you should consider before buying in order to find the perfect candle holders for you. We have divided the whole thing into the following criteria:

In the following paragraphs, we explain in detail which points you should consider before buying your candlesticks.

Area of application

Candle holders are available in many different designs and can be used for many different purposes. Among other things, some candle holders can be mounted on the wall, others can be clamped into the Christmas tree and still others can simply be placed on the table, cupboard or chest of drawers. Therefore, you should be clear before buying where and for what purpose you want to use and place the candle holder. Not every model is intended for all locations.


Normally, a candlestick needs suitable candles to fulfil its purpose. However, it also depends on which candles you would like to place. Stick candles have a much smaller diameter than pillar candles and are therefore not suitable for every candle holder. There are also holders designed for tea lights, for which a tea light has the ideal diameter. Therefore, you should know beforehand what diameter your future candle holder has to cover.

Weather resistance

To create a beautiful atmosphere on your balcony or terrace even on cooler evenings, you can also buy candle holders for outdoor use. However, you should make sure that the holders are weatherproof and perhaps also offer a windbreak so that you are not permanently occupied with relighting the candle. Alternatively, you can use LED candles, in which case you only need to consider the material of the holder. If it is to be placed outside permanently, you have to make sure that the material does not tarnish, rust or mould.


Candle holders are available in all kinds of materials. Among others, they are made of metal, ceramic, glass or concrete. Your preferences and design wishes are important. Some candle holders are covered with a silver or gold-coloured lacquer, others come in a cool wire look. So you have to think about the weather resistance, the look and the material at the same time and consider these aspects in combination in your decision-making process. However, there are almost no limits to the choice.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about candle holders answered in detail

To ensure that you are fully informed about candle holders, we would like to answer the following questions to alleviate any concerns you may have. In this way, we clarify open questions for you and help you to be clearer in your future purchase decision.

What is a candlestick and what is it suitable for?

Candlesticks are, by definition, either the metal devices used to attach candles to the Christmas tree or holders for one or more candles. Simply put, candlesticks are any device in which or on which a candle is held.


These holders are suitable for anyone who would like to place candles in their home or outdoors. For outdoor use, either candle holders protected by glass or LED candles are suitable. (Image source: Annie Theby / unsplash)

It doesn’t matter whether they are to be fixed in a wreath or are to be a decorative element on the table. There is a suitable holder in every shape and size for every desired application.

What types of candle holders are there?

Because candle holders are so versatile, we have summarised a few types for you, which can be used to specify candle holders.

  • Classic candle holder: The classic candle holder is a single device that holds and stabilises a candle of any kind. These are available in different lengths and designs and are the classic way to present a candle decoratively.
  • Stick candleholder: A stick candle holder belongs to the classic candle holders, but differs in that they are usually offered in a combination set and offer space for more than one stick candle. These can be arranged as a circle in a wire frame or in a line structure. Another special feature here is that these candle holders are only suitable for stick candles, as the name already suggests, and usually have a standard diameter.
  • Candle pick: The candle pick is one of the holders used for Advent wreaths. They are available with and without a spike. The ones without a spike are inserted into the wreath and hold the candle on a small round plate, with or without a rim. The ones with a spike ensure that the candle is placed firmly on the candle pick. The candle to be placed is put on the spike, so slipping is almost impossible and guarantees a certain security in the Advent wreath.
  • Wall candle holder: This is a device that can be attached to the wall or other straight surfaces. The candle is thereby decoratively set in scene. The wall holders come in all kinds of shapes and colours. With decorations, such as mirrors or pictures, or simply in metal without any accessories.
  • Tealight holders: The real classics of candle presentation are the tealight holders. These can be small vessels in which a small tea light can be beautifully displayed. They are available in different colours and shapes and add an individual touch to candle lighting. They can be integrated and integrated in practically any decorative direction.

Each different type can be bought in numerous colours. The size and material can also be very different. Nevertheless, there is certainly a suitable piece for every use and taste.

What does a candleholder cost?

Candleholders are very individual and a very wide range is offered. There is hardly a design wish that remains unfulfilled. Accordingly, the prices can vary greatly. We have picked out the average price range for each type.

The classic single candle holders can be bought for a very low price, which increases depending on the design and workmanship. The price for individual candlesticks is also low, but the more unusual the design or the more a set is desired, the higher the price. Candle picks are not particularly expensive due to their simple processing.

Wall candle holders are much more sophisticated in design, production and mounting and therefore justify a higher price. For the classic and simple models, however, there are already some models in the low-price segment. Similar to candle picks, tealight holders can also be purchased from a small price. The selection is almost limitless and so there really is something to suit every budget.

How do I clean a candle holder?

Since candle holders naturally get some wax stains over time and, depending on the design, can also become sooty, we have summarised four simple tips and tricks for you on how to get your decorative candle holders nice and clean again.

  1. Put them in the freezer: Particularly stubbornly dirty candle holders with candle wax can be placed in the freezer for about an hour, after which the candle wax is much easier to remove.
  2. Heat: Some candle holders, in which wax residues collect in some slots or grooves, can be heated and the wax residues can drip off. Others place their candle holders in the oven on a sheet of baking paper, kitchen towel, aluminium foil or similar and heat the holders in the oven. This makes the wax liquid again and it also drips out of the holder.
  3. Oil: Wax residues can be removed with a cloth soaked in oil. However, these must be cleaned afterwards with a mild detergent, as the oil cannot be rinsed off with plain water.
  4. Water and cleaner: Certain materials that can become sooty can be wiped clean with a mild cleaner and a microfibre cloth, but you must make sure that the material tolerates the cleaning agents or use a special cleaner for each material.

Make sure you also check the candle holders you put up or hang outside regularly. Some of them can become tarnished, mouldy or discoloured. Regular cleaning and care will ensure that they last longer.


Candles and their beautiful glow are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere at home. However, candles should never be placed just like that, as the heat can cause burn marks on walls and furniture. To place candles safely, we recommend candle holders that not only hold the candle safely, but also serve as a great decorative element. There is a suitable holder for every candle shape and size.

Incidentally, some holders can be hung on the wall, suspended or integrated into a wreath. Those who like to do their own handicrafts can use candle holders to integrate them ideally into bowls, vases, bottles and more. In fact, there is something for every taste and budget and nothing stands in the way of that cosy candlelight feeling.

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