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Camping blankets are an essential part of any good camping trip. Camping blankets are underlays made of a special fabric that are particularly suitable for the outdoors. Camping blankets, also called picnic blankets, can be made of a wide variety of fabrics and have several uses. For sleeping under the open sky, picnicking with friends or snuggling up in the tent, the camping blanket is versatile. Camping blankets are comfortable, keep you warm and what is especially advantageous for short trips, they are compact and easy to transport.

With our big camping blanket test 2022, we want to make your purchase decision easier and find the right camping blanket for you. We have selected different camping blankets for you and compared the most important factors. We also show you the advantages and disadvantages of camping blankets. Enjoy reading.


  • Camping blankets, also called picnic blankets, can be used in many ways. They are used as a base for uneven areas, as a blanket or even as an outdoor awning. The use ultimately depends on the material of the camping blanket.
  • Thanks to their compact size, camping blankets are easy to transport and can be taken along on any trip.
  • Due to the versatility of use on a wide variety of surfaces, the camping blanket is not only suitable for camping, but for any leisure activity. No matter what the weather or activity, the camping blanket is an absolute hit on any outing.

The Best Camping Blanket: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for camping blankets

When researching camping blankets, you will be confronted with a multitude of features that often make it difficult to make a decision. In the following, we will show you which aspects you should pay particular attention to and which camping blankets and their features you can choose from. In summary, these are:

After you have taken a close look at these criteria, you will know which features are most important to you.


Camping blankets can be made of different materials. Which material is best depends on your preferences and the time of year.

Material Feature

Polyester Polyester is a fabric with very fine fibres. This material is considered particularly versatile because it is waterproof, insulates heat and dries quickly. These are properties that can be advantageous for camping blankets.

Fleece Fleece material is an ideal fabric for camping blankets because it is soft and cosy and keeps you warm. If a sleeping bag is not available, the fleece camping blanket is an ideal alternative.

Cotton What makes this fabric so special is its durability and skin-friendliness. Cotton camping blankets are particularly warm. However, they absorb moisture more easily and are more difficult to dry.

Polyacrylic Many camping blankets are made of polyacrylic because they dry quickly and provide a lot of warmth. This can also be a disadvantage, because at high temperatures a blanket made of polyacrylic gets very hot.

Basically, any material is extremely suitable for a camping trip. Before buying, you should ask yourself which properties are most important to you before deciding on a material.

Size / weight

The size and weight of camping blankets can vary. However, the most common size is the XXL camping blanket, which is about 200 by 200 centimetres. This blanket can comfortably accommodate 2 – 5 people.

Smaller camping blankets have a size of about 200 by 100 centimetres. The advantage of smaller picnic blankets is that they are easier to transport and store.

The weight of camping blankets is of course also related to their size. Generally, you should choose lighter blankets because they are easier to transport. Camping blankets weigh between 0.5 and 2 kilograms on average.


If the camping blanket is a faithful companion on every camping trip, it can happen that one or the other stain becomes visible on the blanket. Cleaning is then necessary. Wool camping blankets can easily be put in the washing machine on a wool washing programme. Blankets with an aluminium coating should be treated with care. These camping blankets should never be put in the washing machine, as this will damage the coating. They can be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth and detergent.

Not every camping blanket is suitable for the washing machine.

If stubborn stains such as red wine or grass stains end up on the picnic blanket, a time-honoured trick is to put carbonated water or curd soap on the stains and clean the blanket with slow, circular movements. Basically, cleaning is different for every camping blanket. Here it would be best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the best cleaning.

Weather resistance

Camping blankets are basically exposed to all weather conditions. Whether this is rain, wind or the morning dew that gets your back wet. Camping blankets should be able to withstand all weather conditions to guarantee a pleasant night’s sleep. Camping blankets that have an aluminium coating are waterproof and insulating. This is ideal for camping trips in all weather conditions.

Waterproof camping blankets also usually protect against dirt, sand and liquids. This is especially helpful if the camping trip is at the beach. Cotton camping blankets keep you incredibly warm, but are not waterproof. These blankets are ideal for camping trips in cooler but dry weather.

Aluminium-coated camping blankets are especially useful in cold and wet conditions.

If you are planning a camping trip to the beach or at a time of year when rain is more likely, a camping blanket with an aluminium coating is recommended. If the temperature is low, go for a cotton camping blanket. They keep you warm and also store your body temperature.


Many camping blankets already come with a suitable carrying bag when you buy them. This means the blanket can be quickly stowed away and easily carried. Since most camping blankets can be rolled up very small, this small practical carrying bag is ideal for travelling. There are also camping blankets that do not have a carrying bag, but have a carrying handle sewn on and buttons for practical folding. So you never have to think about the carry bag, but the carry bag is the camping blanket itself.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a camping blanket

Before buying a camping blanket, there are a few factors you should consider. We have researched these for you and answered them for you. This should make your purchase decision easier and help you find the right camping blanket for you.

What should I look for when buying a camping blanket?

Before you decide on a camping blanket, you can compare a few products with each other and pick out the features that are important to you. Make sure that the camping blanket can withstand different weather conditions, that it is made of a good material and that it is thick enough so that it does not feel worn out immediately. Another important tip might be whether the camping blanket is suitable for allergy sufferers, easy to clean and easy to transport.


Of course, a suitable camping blanket is a must for every camping trip.
(Image source: Jack Sloop / unsplash)

To find the ideal camping blanket for your needs, it’s best to look through all customer reviews carefully, pay attention to the features that are important to you and don’t buy the first best one you see. Good research certainly pays off.

What types of camping blankets are there?

Due to the countless possible uses and the wide variety of materials, camping blankets can be divided into two main categories. We have selected the two most popular camping blankets for you and listed their advantages and disadvantages.

Insulated camping blanket

The insulated camping blanket is particularly suitable for sitting or lying on cooler ground. Thanks to the heat-insulating material, it is easy to sleep on this blanket because the material repels the cold. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, the insulating camping blanket is an ideal substitute. It provides warmth and is comfortable.

  • Waterproof
  • Stores warmth
  • Very comfortable
  • Difficult to clean
  • Awkward to carry

If you are looking for a camping blanket that is suitable for cool surfaces and versatile, then the insulated camping blanket is a good choice.

Padded camping blanket

The padded camping blanket is especially popular for uneven surfaces, as even sitting on stones or roots is comfortable. These blankets are usually stuffed with foam or cotton wool and offer a comfortable sleep even in the most unusual places.

  • Very comfortable
  • Warming
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Not waterproof
  • Difficult to transport

If you have a sensitive back and don’t like sleeping on a hard surface, you should get a padded camping blanket. Thanks to the soft material, a comfortable place to sleep can be created anywhere and at any time.

What else can I use camping blankets for?

Camping blankets are not only suitable for camping trips. Due to the robust material and the comfortable surface, these blankets are an absolute must for any leisure activities. Camping blankets are often taken to the beach or the lake as a base. Aluminium-coated camping blankets are particularly popular at the beach because they absorb water and sand well and the sand can simply be shaken off the blanket.


Camping blankets are versatile. Not only suitable for camping trips but also for nice picnics.
(Image source: Kimberly Mears / unsplash)

Camping blankets are also popular as picnic blankets for parks. They offer enough space to lay out all the delicacies and still be able to sit comfortably on them. Since the grass is usually wet or full of insects, the camping blanket is an ideal base. The camping blanket is also a welcome guest at barbecues and garden parties. A camping blanket can be used to provide several seating options or to create a cosy atmosphere.

How much does a camping blanket cost?

It is not easy to determine an all-inclusive price for a camping blanket. The price of camping blankets can vary depending on the brand and function. Depending on how thick, padded, waterproof or handy the blanket is, the price also varies.

Type Price
Simple model 5-20 euros

Standard model 20-45 euros

Luxury model 45-200 euros

Some blankets are already available for less than 10 euros. However, these are very conventional and usually not waterproof either. They are suitable for an afternoon of play in a meadow, but not for a camping trip in all kinds of weather. Standard camping blankets cost around 20-45 euros. The more functions the blankets have and the higher the quality of the material, there is no upper limit.

Are all camping blankets waterproof?

Not all camping blankets on the market are waterproof. Before buying, it is important to find out what the camping blanket is made of and whether it is water-repellent.

Whether camping blankets are waterproof depends on the material.

Most camping blankets that have an aluminium coating are waterproof. Blankets made of cotton are usually not waterproof, but only heat resistant. In online shops or in the package insert, it always says what coating the camping blankets have and whether they are waterproof.

How big is an average camping blanket?

The size of a camping blanket can vary. The standard size is usually the XXL camping blanket, which is about 200 by 200 centimetres. Of course, there are also blankets that are much smaller.

Smaller picnic blankets are also available. The size is 170 by 140 centimetres. This would be large enough for 2-3 people to sit comfortably on this blanket.

Smaller camping blankets have the advantage that they are much lighter and easy to store. When buying an XXL camping blanket, it is important to note that it takes up a lot of space on camping trips, where space is usually limited.

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