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This time we want to introduce you to a product that will change your life and above all save you a lot of money. We are referring to the cable protector, the one you want so much and that you know you (and your chargers) need. Join us to discover everything you need to know about this product.

Tired of seeing your chargers wear out and leave sensitive cables exposed? How many times have you had a cable break due to wear and tear? And worst of all, it only happens with the tips! We know this is a problem for many of us and so we decided to bring you a quick, effective and above all affordable solution.


  • The cable protector is a product designed to cover and protect USB and similar cables and prevent their rapid deterioration. The main advantage of having one is that you can make your cables last longer and use them without worrying about them getting damaged.
  • There are two ways in which cable protectors cover the cable in question, first there are those that wrap around the entire cable protector space and others that partially cover the most important portions.
  • There are criteria and factors that you need to consider before buying your cable protector. These include the shape and design of the cable guard and the material it is made of. The size of the protector also influences how you can best use it.

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We will now move on to explain what exactly a cable protector is and what its main features are. Likewise, we are going to take some time to analyse its advantages and disadvantages as well as how much it costs to buy one and where to buy it. In other words, everything you need to know to make the best purchase.

The cable protector will help prolong the life of the cable. (Photo: Monica Wisniewska / 123rf)

What is a cable protector?

The cable protector is a product designed to cover USB or similar cables used for charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers to name a few. As the cables are so sensitive, the protector wraps around them to prevent them from coming into contact with materials that could damage them.

What are the advantages?

Well, cable protectors provide a basic advantage which is the prolongation of the life of your chargers. We all have chargers these days and it often doesn’t take long before we start to see cracks or tears in the charger and we are forced to buy a new one sooner than we had planned.

As well as extending the life of our cables, this product also helps to easily identify which ones are yours. How many times have you had a fight with someone in your family because you got your chargers mixed up? Well, with the protectors you’ll not only protect them, but you’ll be able to identify them and even style your stuff.

  • Protects cables from cracks and rips
  • Prolongs the life of cables
  • Helps you easily identify your cable
  • Gives your stuff a definite style
  • Some models can accommodate dirt
  • Easy to lose due to size
  • Dangerous if left within reach of babies or small children

Full or partial cover protectors – what should you look out for?

Before we go any further, we need to explain that when looking for cable protectors you will find two different types, at least in the way they are covered. After looking at various models, you will notice that there are cable protectors that cover the cable completely and others that cover it partially. But what is the difference between them? Now we explain.

Full cover protectors. Basically the protectors that cover the cable with the total portion of its space. In other words, they are those that completely envelop the cable, preventing it from having any contact with the outside. This helps to preserve it better, however, it also allows dirt to accumulate easily.

Protectors with partial cover. On the other hand, there are also protectors that have a partial covering of the cable. As the name says, they do not cover the cable in its entirety and although in a way they allow the cable to have more contact with external materials, they are also much easier to clean. One for the other, right?

Full cover cable protectors Partial cover cable protectors
Shape Wraparound Open covering important areas
Design Figures Spirals
Length 2 cm – 2.5 cm 5 cm – 10 cm

How much does a cable protector cost?

Cable protectors are a fairly affordable product so you don’t have to worry about spending your entire fortnight buying your own. Of course, there are factors that make some more expensive than others. Among them is the type of material they are made of (silicone or plastic) or the number of pieces per package.

If you are looking for a cheap price, then you will find pads starting at 100 MXN. Generally these models come in packs of six pieces. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a larger number of pieces then the price can go up to 600 MXN. It should be noted that this is already considered high priced and the material is usually made of silicone.

However, you don’t have to go to extremes, you can get very good protectors from 200 MXN – 300 MXN which is the average price. What we can assure you is that when you buy yours you will see how the life of your cables will be considerably extended.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of cable protectors

Now we come to the final part of the review and we do so to analyse perhaps what we consider to be the most important thing about cable protectors. We refer to the criteria and factors you need to consider before buying your own. This is the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase, so take note.

  • Shape or design
  • Material it is made of
  • Size
  • Number per pack

Shape or design

Ok, point number one and the most important: Before buying your cable protector you need to consider what shape, design and colour it has. And we say this for your own good, nobody wants to arrive at an important meeting with an elephant and a pink or purple cable protector. It may look very pretty, but it may not be the right thing to do.

Figurines. There are many of these, from the classic animal figurines to your favourite superhero. And we have nothing against these designs, in fact, we have some superheroes in our newsroom, but we definitely recommend them for casual or personal use rather than executive use.

Spiral. If you are in constant contact with people in your business or attend meetings on a regular basis then you will need a pad with a sober and elegant design like the spiral. These pads are usually white, grey and black which gives them a sober style that you will feel very comfortable to wear at work.

Material used

The material matters a lot. Not only will it determine the price of your cable protector, but it will also make it easier or harder to use. Some materials are more flexible than others and therefore more resistant. Generally cable protectors are made of either silicone or plastic, so let’s take a look at each one.

Silicone. Extremely flexible which will allow you to move and accommodate your cables in any way and in any place. This material stands out for being very resistant to shocks thanks to the fact that it absorbs any impact, however they are very delicate when it comes to cuts as one can completely tear the protector.

Plastic. There are two types of plastic, one completely rigid and the other more flexible. Regardless of the type of plastic you have to consider that this material is very weak to shocks as it does not have much impact absorption capacity.


Size is important to consider before you buy your cable guard, and it is important that you do so taking into account your workspace. Believe it or not, there are some very cramped workplaces. Think of those outlets where the entire office plugs in their mobile phones and your cable protector won’t allow others to plug in.

Tight. If your home or office has a tightly packed socket then this size will be great for you as it fits snugly around the cable allowing the other cables to plug in without a problem. Trust us when we say you won’t earn the hatred of your colleagues.

1cm to 2cm wide. If you have space or don’t plan to use your cable protector for your phone charger but for your computer then wider cable protectors will not be a problem for you. This way you can buy the design you like the most and show it off properly.

Number per pack

Finally, another factor you need to consider is how many protectors are included in your package. This will help you know how many cables you will be able to use them on or how many spares you have at your disposal. If you only have one charger, you may not want to buy a package with a lot of protectors, right?

Pack of 6 protectors. This is the minimum number of pads you will find per pack. As it is such a small product, it is not usually sold in singular (of course you can also find them). This type of pack is suitable for users who don’t have a lot of wired devices.

Pack with 12 protectors (or more). You can also find packs with 12 protectors, which are the most sold and most known. But in addition to that, you can also find packs with a larger number. This type of presentation is very practical, for example, for those who have a family and want all members of the family to have their protectors.

So now you know, the next time you want to buy a cable protector, remember what you learned in this review. We’ll say goodbye before we invite you to keep reading. We hope you have a happy shopping experience and see you next time!

(Featured image photo: Author: Antonio Guillem / 123rf)