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Blowing bubbles is one of the easiest ways to entertain yourself, yet it still retains its charm. Adults love it, but it is children who enjoy blowing bubbles the most. In this opportunity, we will show you the best ways to make bubbles and the products for it.

Water, soap and blowing very hard, with that we will have beautiful bubbles floating in the air. We can enjoy them, play with the kids, our pets or in the company of our friends. But there are so many bubble products on the market that choosing one gets complicated.

That’s why we are going to help you. Shopping is easier when you have a loyal friend to help you choose the best product. That’s what Monederosmart wants to be for you, an ally when purchasing a product. Our reviews have detailed information, pros and cons, product variants and more, all to help you make the perfect purchase.


  • Bubbles are the combination of two thin layers, one of soap and one of water. These are beautiful hollow spheres with iridescence that amuse both children and adults. There are thousands of products on the market for blowing thousands of soap bubbles.
  • There are three variants of bubble blowing instruments, each with different qualities that make them better for one thing or another. Blowers give you thousands of bubbles in a short time; bubble guns are great fun for kids; while blowers are inexpensive and beautiful.
  • To choose the best bubble product you should take into account the uses you will give them, the amount of bubbles it makes per minute, the types of connection, as well as the size of the spheres and the liquid soap you use to create them. This will give you a better buying criteria.

The Best Bubbles: Our Picks

Buying Guide

With our buying guide you can make sure you buy the perfect bubble product. Here you will find everything you need to know about it, from important details to the advantages and disadvantages of bubbles.

Bubbles are not just for kids, adults love them. (Photo: Anna Bizoń / 123RF)

What are bubbles and what are their advantages?

Bubbles or soap bubbles are the union of two thin layers, one of soap and one of water. They are hollow inside and show iridescence, i.e. their colour can vary from wherever you look at them and due to the light. The beauty of these bubbles attracts the curiosity of the little ones who love to play with them.

The toy market is full of these products everywhere, as they are so colourful and offer a playful moment. Even adults still enjoy playing with them and use them at events as part of the show – even pets love to play with bubbles!

This is why non-toxic products were created. Not only is the bubble blowing solution sold, but also a variety of devices or products that help you blow bubbles without the need for you to blow for a hole. Some of these come in fun shapes, from animals to fans to make bubble tornadoes.

  • Healthy and safe fun
  • Very cute
  • Inexpensive
  • There are several bubble blowing toys
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
  • Not all solutions are toxic free, you should check

Bubbles with a fan, gun or blower – what should you pay attention to?

Blowing bubbles is no longer limited to the traditional way of taking a bubble blower and blowing through the hole to create bubbles. Nowadays there are different products that have revolutionised this market and that undoubtedly offer an unparalleled experience. Discover them below.

  • Bubble blower. The fan to make bubbles is a product that has different designs, but its operation is the same, a propeller turns and creates a lot of bubbles. It is one of the products that makes the most bubbles per minute and, of course, one of the most expensive on the market.
  • Pistol. Of all the bubble blowing products, the one with a gun is the most interactive; you just point and press a trigger and the magic happens and a bunch of bubbles come out of the tip. Kids love it and it’s much quicker to blow bubbles with this one than with a traditional bubble gun.
  • Blower. Blowers are the traditional bubble toys, where each person has to blow or blow until they make lots of bubbles. There are two types of traditional blowers, circular and string blowers, the latter are often used to create the famous giant bubbles that children love so much.
Fan Gun Blower
Amount of bubbles per minute More than 1000 bubbles/m More than 100 bubbles/m More than 10 bubbles/m
Mechanism A propeller produces bubbles on contact with the soap At the touch of a button the bubbles come out Blowing through an orifice
How to use Electric Electric Manual
Price Expensive Regular Cheap

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate bubble models

Any toy that makes soap bubbles is fun, but we can make a superior purchase that provides maximum fun without putting too much effort into it. To choose the best bubble product we recommend you consider the following factors.

  • Uses
  • Number of bubbles per minute
  • Connection types
  • Other factors: size and liquid solution


The main reason for purchasing bubbles is the function we can give them, usually for entertainment purposes. This is why the use of the product is the main purchasing factor. Here are some ideas of what you can do with them.

  • Children’s toy. The first use of bubble products is to play with the little ones in the house. At any age children enjoy bubbles flying and popping all over the place. You can buy any of them, with a blower they will be delighted, with fans and guns playtime is the best.
  • Pet toy: Did you know that pets, especially dogs and cats love to play with bubbles? Yes, bite or scratch, your faithful friends will want to pop as many as they can. Get a blower or a gun and have the time of your life without having to spend a lot of money. Remember to choose a non-toxic soap.
  • Celebrations. The setting of a birthday, wedding or any kind of celebration can be given a magical touch if thousands of bubbles are blown at crazy or dance time. For this we advise you to buy the fan variant, it is the one that can make the most bubbles per minute and you only have to connect it.
  • Souvenirs and crafts. A bubble blower can be the perfect souvenir for children’s parties or to complete a great craft. Kids will love it and adults who are happy with the little things will love it too. Give bubbles a try and fill your world with colours!

Number of bubbles per minute

Another important and little thought about factor is the amount of bubbles these toys or products can make in a minute. If you have already read the previous section on “uses” you will know why we say this. Each moment requires a particular amount of bubbles and you will see it below.

  • Little. The cheapest products to make bubbles are blowers. They make the least amount of bubbles per minute, as they depend on the blowing ability of the user. But you can easily make 10 to 20 bubbles per minute. Use them for playing with small children or making giant bubbles.
  • Regular. Pistols are special for making more bubbles than blowers, because you only need to pull a trigger and the device takes the soap and turns it into beautiful spheres. The simplest gun is capable of making 100 to 1,000 bubbles/minute. They are great for an afternoon of games or a bubbly bath.
  • A lot. Fans, whether for children or professionals, are the products that produce the most bubbles per minute. In fact, a fan can produce up to 1000 bubbles per minute without any problem. Ideal for children’s parties or any other type of celebration, you want the best party, buy one like this!

Connection types

When it comes to bubble machines it is necessary to take into account the type of electrical connection or plug they have, as well as knowing how they are powered in order to work. If you want to buy the right product for you you need to take this into consideration.

  • Power cord. The great thing about buying a bubble machine that is powered by a power cord is that you can run it for a while without the fear of it shutting down due to lack of batteries. Equally, you don’t have to worry about it not being strong enough to blow thousands of bubbles. Perfect for indoor use.
  • Batteries. Batteries are not only an extra cost, but they do wear out, but it’s not all bad. If you want to use fans and guns in outdoor areas you will ultimately need a product that uses batteries. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks if it makes you and your loved ones happy. “I bought these bottles as a gift for my daughter’s birthday and all the kids loved them. They are scented and they make the bubbles perfectly. Excellent quality. – Erika Alfaro (Jelly Bellly user).

Other factors: size and liquid solution

There are 2 other elements in the bubble products that are not normally taken into account but are an important part of having a beautiful experience as well as beautiful and strong spheres. The size of the bubbles and the liquid solution.

  • Size of the bubbles. If you have seen different bubble toys you will notice that the size of the bubbles change from tiny to huge. This influences the activity you are doing, e.g. for a party, regular or normal colour bubbles are better. For playing with children, small and huge bubbles can be lovely.
  • Liquid solution. The liquid to make bubbles is important, because it depends on it that you can make them and that they are long-lasting. An important detail to take into account with the liquid solution is whether it is toxic or not, because nobody will want to use it to play with their children or pets. Check the packaging of the product.

(Featured image photo: ulkas / 123RF)