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A bubble machine is a device that creates bubbles by blowing air through water and soap. The resulting mixture of soapy, foamy liquid can be used to entertain children at birthday parties or other special events. Bubble machines are also commonly used in theater productions as well as for photography shoots where the bubbles add an extra element of fun and excitement to the scene being photographed.

Bubble Machine: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best bubble machine in the UK: Our selection

The Panacare Bubble Machine: Make Your Event Even More Magical

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Looking for a way to make your special occasion even more magical? Look no further than the Panacare Bubble Machine. This automatic bubble maker will generate over 1500 bubbles per minute, creating a dreamy bubble world for your guests to enjoy. The child-safe materials and design make it a great choice for any event, while the easy-to-use controls mean anyone can operate it with ease. Plus, the portable design means you can take it anywhere you go – perfect for outdoor parties or picnics.

The B500 Bubble Machine: Make Your Event Pop.

The B500 Bubble Machine is perfect for any event, whether it be a summer garden party or an indoor function such as a wedding or mobile DJ disco. With its high output of bubbles and 24rpm speed, the B500 will fill the air with endless fun. It’s easy to use and clean, with a front access reservoir tank that makes refilling and cleaning simple. Just tilt the machine at an angle after use to drain any unused fluid back into the container.

SogYupk Bubble Machine

Looking for a fun and safe way to entertain your kids (and pets)? Look no further than the sogyupk automatic bubble machine. Made of high quality, nontoxic ABS plastic, this bubble machine is durable and rust-resistant. With official CE, CPC, FCC, and ROHS safety certifications, you can rest assured that your children (and pets) will be safe while playing with this toy. The upgraded brush motors create less sound than other models on the market, and the constant large output of bubbles is sure to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. You can even control the machine remotely with the LED screen/remote control panel – perfect for those times when you want to surprise your guests with a flurry of bubbles.

Bubble Machine

At this moment the product mentioned is not available from the supplier. That is why we have replaced it with another one with similar characteristics. Report a problem.

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This professional bubble machine is perfect for kids and outdoor gatherings. It blows out 4000+ bubbles per minute and has 8 high-density bubble wands to create a dreamlike bubble world. The child-friendly material is safe, durable, and lightweight. The USB charging cable and batteries make it easy to use indoors or outdoors. 2 speeds are adjustable to meet different needs.

Bubble Machine: Frequently asked questions

What types of Bubble Machine are there and what determines a good product?

There are two main types of bubble machines. The first is a battery powered machine that can be used anywhere, and the second type needs to be plugged into an outlet for power.

There are a few factors that determine the quality of Bubble Machine. The first is motor power, which determines how many bubbles it can produce at once and for how long. Another factor to consider is bubble solution capacity – if you want to use your machine for parties or other events, having enough bubble liquid on hand will be important. Finally, look into what kind of features come with the machine; some have timers so they turn off after an hour’s time while others include lights and sound effects as well.

Who should use a Bubble Machine?

Anyone who wants to add a little extra fun and excitement to their event. Bubble Machines are great for kids’ parties, weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Bubble Machine?

The first thing that you should look at is the quality of construction. You need to make sure that it can handle continuous use and won’t break down after a few uses. It also needs to be easy for anyone in your party or event, regardless of age, to operate. Finally, you want one with enough capacity so that it doesn’t run out during an important part of the celebration.

The power source of the Bubble Machine is an important factor to consider. For instance, electric machines are more powerful than battery-powered ones. Also, you should check out how long a machine can run on one charge and whether it has any additional features that could be beneficial for your needs (such as timers).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bubble Machine?


Bubble machines are a great way to add excitement and fun to any party. They can be used as entertainment for kids or adults, depending on the type of bubbles you use. You can also choose from many different styles including battery operated bubble machines that will allow you to take your machine anywhere.


The main disadvantage of a Bubble Machine is that it can be quite noisy. This will not bother you if your party is outside, but indoors the noise may become an issue for some people. Another problem with bubble machines is that they require electricity to work and this means there are no bubbles when the power goes out.

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