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Brown sugar is made from sugar beet and tropical sugar cane. By crushing, boiling and pressing the plants, a thick syrup is produced. This resulting sugar syrup is then dried, which causes crystals to form. This is then the brown sugar as we know it.

In the following article, we will answer frequently asked questions about brown sugar and introduce you to different types of brown sugar.

The most important facts

  • Brown sugar cannot run off.
  • Before buying, think about what you want to use the brown sugar for and pay attention to the ingredients and also the taste, as this can vary greatly.
  • Prices for brown sugar can vary from €0.99 to €30+. The average price for 1kg of brown sugar is 2 euros.

The Best Brown Sugar: Our Picks

In the following, we will list different brown sugars and give you some information about them.

Buying and evaluation criteria for brown sugar

To help you choose the perfect brown sugar for you, we have listed the most important buying criteria:

These are the most important buying criteria, which we will explain to you again in the following.


It is important to note, for example, whether the brown sugar contains something to which you are allergic. The ingredients will normally always be listed. Either on the back of the product or online on the site.


Of course, taste plays an important role when choosing brown sugar. There are, for example, slightly spicier or slightly sweeter brown sugar varieties.

Intended use

You should definitely think about what you want to use the brown sugar for before you buy it. Some varieties are better for sweetening drinks and others are better for cooking or baking.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about brown sugar

We will then answer the four most frequently asked questions about brown sugar.

What can I substitute brown sugar with?

You can replace brown sugar with various other types of sugar, such as white sugar, but the taste will also change somewhat.

Brown sugar is a healthier alternative to regular table sugar. (Image source: GabiSanda / Pixabay)

Is brown sugar and cane sugar the same thing?

No. Both types of sugar may be the same colour, but brown sugar is derived from sugar beet and cane sugar from sugar cane. They also differ slightly in taste.

Can brown sugar expire?

Sugar, and therefore also brown sugar, cannot normally expire and is therefore edible forever. This is because sugar does not contain any unbound water and the bacteria die of thirst.

Price range Available products
Low-priced Südzucker Brown sugar
Medium-priced Real premium cane sugar from Colombia
High-priced Xucker Bronxe Erythrit

These are examples of brown sugars in each price range.

What are the healthy alternatives to brown sugar?

Stevia, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar are healthy alternatives to brown sugar. However, the taste may also change slightly. You can find these products online and in shops.


In summary, not all brown sugar is the same. There are important differences in the possible uses and of course also in the taste. So think about what you need the brown sugar for beforehand and also pay attention to the ingredients.

Brown sugar cannot drain because sugar does not contain unbound water and the bacteria therefore die of thirst. This also prevents the bacteria from multiplying.

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