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Today, briquettes are one of the most reliable and affordable solutions for heating fireplaces or stoves. They are ideal for the barbecue and offer a long cooking time for any type of barbecue. The fuel is created from different materials such as wood or coal. The material and the quality of workmanship can affect the combustibility. Therefore, you should inform yourself very carefully before purchasing briquettes for firing.

In this article, we not only explain what briquettes are, but also what kind of briquettes are available. We give you the most important information about the shape and size.


  • Briquettes are an important source of energy and can be used instead of coal and firewood. They are manufactured wood by-products from briquetting various materials.
  • Briquettes are environmentally friendly and have excellent burning efficiency.
  • Burns longer, keeps the temperature constant better, cheaper.
  • Important purchase criteria are the ingredients, the burning time, the temperature and the smoke development, but you will benefit from a longer barbecue briquette burning time, between 2 and 6 hours depending on the product.

The Best Briquettes: Our Picks

In the following, we have compiled our favourites. This should help you to simplify your purchase decision and find the best briquettes for your needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for briquettes

To find the perfect briquettes for you, we have worked out some buying criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make your choice objectively.

The criteria that help you compare the different briquettes are listed below:

Let’s start with the first criterion:


There are very many options when it comes to the material of briquettes. It follows that there are advantages and disadvantages of different materials. It does not always have to be a fuel, because ores, waste or even animal feed are also available in the form of briquettes. There are important differences between coal and wood briquettes, for example in their ignition behaviour, but also in terms of burning.

But if you need briquettes for heating or grilling, wood briquettes and coal briquettes are the best choice. The quality of the materials is also important, as it can have a strong influence on the barbecue result.

Burning time

If you want to barbecue a little longer at your barbecue party, you should definitely pay attention to the burning time. This indicates how long the briquettes will burn. Most briquettes can burn from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the type. Briquettes with a particularly smooth surface burn for up to three hours.

The coconut briquettes last the longest at 6 hours. This ensures a longer-lasting glow without you having to add more fuel.

Burning behaviour

The briquette material shows considerable differences in burning behaviour. Briquettes made of wood need a little more time for the heat to develop at the beginning, but then they keep the embers longer. Compared to other fuels, these briquettes are very efficient and therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In larger stoves you will need two to three briquettes to start, whereas in a grill you will need a few more.

Foreign matter

When buying briquettes, especially barbecue briquettes, it is always important to look at the additives. There are many briquettes that usually have a very low price but contain many undesirable additives.

These are not only bad for our health, but also for our environment. Moreover, briquettes with such foreign substances have a poor calorific value.


Do you love barbecuing in summer or the heat of the fireplace in winter? Then briquettes are the best option for you. Fuels are essential for stoves, fireplaces or barbecues. If you value good quality, you will have the best results. Briquettes are not only cheap but also extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, briquettes also offer a long burning time.

They keep the temperature constant so you can grill easily. The briquettes are also a clean choice as most briquettes have a low ash production.

(Cover photo: Danny de Jong / Unsplash)