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Today we will talk about a substance that serves both to improve the quality of life as a food supplement, and to make the day to day in the kitchen even more delicious: The brewer’s yeast!

Able to regulate the intestine, avoid the feeling of physical and mental fatigue and strengthen the immune system, brewer’s yeast can be present in your life in several ways. Stay with us to clear all your doubts about the substance and to learn how it can have an impact on your well-being!


  • Brewer’s yeast brings a large number of benefits to the human body, mainly to the digestive system and to combat diabetes and cholesterol.
  • It is possible to consume brewer’s yeast in capsules and tablets or in powder or flakes, ideal formats for gastronomic use.
  • You can use brewer’s yeast in a wide range of dishes, especially in pâtés, cakes, juices and vitamins.

The Best Brewer’s Yeast: Our Picks

To help you when buying brewer’s yeast, we have evaluated the best products on sale in Brazil in various formats. This way, you will already have an initial notion for the moment of acquisition!

Buying guide

We have reached the buying guide, the section of our text that will answer all your questions about brewer’s yeast!

Sit comfortably and prepare to be an expert on the subject by completing the reading!

Imagem mostra um homem segurando um pote com levedo de cerveja.

The taste of brewer’s yeast is quite distinctive. (Source: Ludmila Yagovitina/

What is brewer’s yeast and what is it used for?

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is one of the most useful fungi in the world. It is mainly used in the fermentation of beer, but it also serves in the process of making many foods such as breads, cakes and pastas. It is even possible to modify it for the production of biofuels!

During the beer fermentation process, what is called “inactive yeast” is formed, a component that is separated and is no longer used in the next stages of brewing. This is exactly the brewer’s yeast, which is used in so many areas!

Besides its usefulness in gastronomy and in the chemical industry, brewer’s yeast also stands out for its incredible nutritional value. It can bring great benefits to the body and mind and has been gaining more and more value as a food supplement.

Did you know that Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been known to mankind for at least 7,000 years? There are records in ancient Egypt of the production process of beer and drinks that used similar fermentation.

What are the health benefits of brewer’s yeast?

Used as a food supplement or as a culinary element, brewer’s yeast generates many benefits to human health.

Brewer’s yeast is very rich in B-complex vitamins, such as B2, B3 and B6. It also brings great loads of minerals such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus, important for the human body.

It is able to help in several systems, such as respiratory and circulatory, but its main benefits are noticed in the digestive system, since it helps digestion and regulates the intestine.

Other important details of brewer’s yeast are the help in controlling diabetes and cholesterol and the improvement in the immune system. It is also recommended for those on vegan diets, since it has a large number of proteins.

Remember that in doses greater than recommended, brewer’s yeast can cause problems such as nausea, diarrhea and gas. It also has a large amount of uric acid and is not recommended for people with kidney problems and pregnant women.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of brewer’s yeast:

  • Improves all aspects of the digestive system
  • Helps control diabetes and cholesterol
  • Beneficial for the immune system
  • Great product for vegans
  • Can be used in cooking
  • Causes nausea, diarrhea and gas when in excess
  • Has a high amount of uric acid

How to consume brewer’s yeast?

There are several ways of consuming brewer’s yeast. It is possible to choose the simplest, which does not take time and does not interfere in the diet, or others for those who want to include it with more affection in their daily lives.

Capsules and pills are the simplest forms of consuming beer yeast

You can consume brewer’s yeast via capsules or tablets. In this case, just follow the recommended dosage and take the supplementation every day, thus taking advantage of the benefits in an easier way.

However, there are also the powdered and flake versions, ideal for cooking. They can be simply dissolved in everyday dishes, offering an added flavour, or used in a more elaborate way. Your creativity is an important ally!

Is brewer’s yeast good for cooking?

When consuming brewer’s yeast, you will notice that it has a very characteristic and distinctive flavour. It can be pleasant for some people and unpleasant for others.

If you are part of the group that likes the taste of brewer’s yeast, you can let your creativity run wild! There are recipes for it in pâtés, snacks, cakes, breads, various sweets, vitamins, juices and much more.

It is worth mentioning that brewer’s yeast has no value as yeast: it is the product of beer fermentation, and not the opposite, and therefore it already has its inactive properties. If you intend to produce the alcoholic beverage or use it in the production of breads and cakes, you should look for another product.

In what formats is brewer’s yeast found?

You will find brewer’s yeast in capsule and tablet, powder or flake formats. The first two are ideal for those who want to take it without complications, the others are indicated for those who want to insert it in cooking.

Brewer’s yeast in capsules or tablets has the advantages of practicality and speed of consumption, as it can be taken at the indicated time. It is also recommended for those who do not like the taste of the supplement.

In powder or in flakes it gains value for those who like the taste and have a greater relationship with the supplement. As it can be used in various dishes and recipes, it stimulates creativity and can generate an even greater sense of well-being.

It is easier to control the nutritional value of brewer’s yeast when consumed in capsules, since it comes in the ideal dosage.

We have prepared a table comparing the main presentations of the supplement:

Capsules and tablets Powder and flakes
Advantages Practicality and speed in consumption, greater nutritional precision Special flavour in food, greater relationship with the supplement
Disadvantages It does not have any flavour and is only a mechanical consumption Some people may find the taste unpleasant, more laborious consumption
Indicated for Who only wants to consume the yeast as a food supplement Who wants to use the yeast as a new culinary ingredient

Does brewer’s yeast lose weight?

There is conflicting information on the internet about whether brewer’s yeast slimming or fattening. The correct answer is that it does not directly do either.

Brewer’s yeast alone is not able to generate weight loss or weight gain

Brewer’s yeast alone is not capable of generating weight loss or gain. It is the auxiliary in a healthy feeding, which helps several systems of the body. For more good effects to be seen, it needs to be allied to a routine of physical exercises and a regular diet.

The presence of chromium in brewer’s yeast, an element that helps burn fat, makes it a great ally for those seeking weight loss. But, we repeat, without physical exercises it has no effect.

Purchase criteria: Factors to choose a beer yeast

Among the brands that sell brewer’s yeast, how to choose which one to buy from? We have selected four technical criteria that can help you with this doubt:

Below, you can find out more about them!


For what reason do you want to use brewer’s yeast? Are there any specific medical recommendations, such as supplementation for not eating meat or cholesterol control, or is it a personal idea?

Depending on that answer, you can choose the ideal brand. This is because there are some that use not only brewer’s yeast in their capsules, but also mix it with higher doses of other elements such as chromium or iron. This way, the results can be even better!

Imagem mostra um recipiente com levedo de cerveja em flocos.

Brewer’s yeast flakes are great for culinary use. (Source: Nedim Bajramovic/


Between one manufacturer of brewer’s yeast capsules and another, it is common to have differences in composition. Therefore, we recommend a careful reading so you understand which can bring more benefits.

Items such as zinc and folic acid can be added to brewer’s yeast

Many of the brands that sell brewer’s yeast include in the capsules not only chromium and iron, but also enrich them with many B vitamins, increasing even more the dose, and add items such as zinc and folic acid.

It also happens frequently the insertion of corn starch to increase the yield of the yeast. You should be careful not to buy lower quality versions of this product!


Note when comparing different packages of brewer’s yeast that the capsules have different dosages. There are variations, for example, between 450 mg and 1000 mg.

If you have consulted with a doctor and have an indication of the dose you should take, it is easier to make the right purchase by reading what each package offers. In the powder or flake versions, this dosage is usually more complicated.


The variation of prices between pots with beer yeast capsules is great, but it is always necessary to make the calculation taking into consideration the quantity of capsules sold in each package.

We recommend that, before purchasing, you multiply the number of capsules by the mg of each one, and then divide the result by the price. This is the only way to know exactly which brand offers the best value for money and is ideal for your pocket.

(Source of the highlighted image: Nedim Bajramovic/